How to braid a French braid

How to weave a French braidWeave French braid adds a feminine touch to any look. In addition, it has a lot of advantages. First, this hairstyle can be done on hair of different lengths. Secondly, if you get used to «fill the hand» in weaving such braids, it will take a minimum of time, and you will always look fresh. And thirdly, a French braid, you can weave in different hairstyles and make on its basis the various combinations.

How to weave French braids

French braid is not necessarily an independent hairstyle. It can be braided round, diagonal, etc., but to master the technique it is better to start with one braid or two braids on the sides.

Before you do a French braid, you need to comb your hair, but wash the head optional: pussy quite able to hide the fact that hair has already not the first freshness. Consider how woven French braid that goes from the neck down.

  1. Highlight a wide strand near the crown, divide it into 3 equal parts. The more each of these strands, the thicker it will pigtail.
  2. The left strand put on top of the Central. Now the strand of hair which was at first the left was in the center, and the center became the left. Similarly, move the right strand on the center. In other words, start to weave a normal braid.
  3. Hold the hand center, and right strands, and with his free hand, take the left strand and add to it a certain amount of free hair. Ready wider a lock put on the Central and then repeat the same procedure on the right side. Repeat the weave until then, until there is no hair involved.
  4. When you reach the neck, you can braid from the remaining hair in a ponytail or continue to weave a normal braid.

Before braiding French plait yourself, it is necessary to stock a large mirror. It is desirable to have two mirrors placed in front of the face and back, so you can control the process of weaving from all sides, but of course, it’s not necessary.

Hairstyle French braid can be executed in completely different variations, one even braid at the center, you can braid different:

  • If attaching the strands, you take the hair, located next to the braid, the braid will be softer, and the right and left of the person can be beautiful to release the curls.
  • If at first you begin to take hair located on the face, the scythe will be more collected and high.
  • Braided braid can be made more broad and bulky, if after weaving a little to get the hair out of each «curl», moving up from the bottom and holding the lower free tail braids.

Two French braids on the side weave in the same way, but before that you need to do parted in the middle and divide hair into two equal parts.

In order to obtain the morning small curls, before going to sleep braid French braid 4, then the waves will start almost from the roots of the hair. The more KOs you make, the smaller will be the curls to flowing hair.

Braiding French braids on the contrary

This hairstyle looks very unusual and elegant at the same time do it quite easy. To some it may seem that it requires a thick and voluminous hair, but it is not so. Looks a reverse French braid is a bit longer, as it lies on top of hair, not woven of them. The technique of weaving does not differ from that described above, with the only difference that extreme strands placed under the Central bottom, not the top.

Before you can weave a French braid on the contrary, can learn the standard French braid, or use step by step instructions just for her.

  1. Comb your hair, pay special attention to the ends, they should not be confused.
  2. Peel a wide strip of hair on top. The wider the bar, the thicker the braid will be.
  3. Divide the primary band into three equal strands.
  4. To braid French braid on the contrary, put the left strand under the center, right under the left, which already was in the center.
  5. Each time increase the side strands have not braided your hair and also place them under the Central strand.
  6. When the hair-free no longer exists, continue to weave braid on the same technique: the left under center, right under center, etc.

As a result, you must be beautiful inside-out French braid. It can weave diagonally along the hairline in front or back, you can do two braids back or side. In General, you can experiment as much as you have enough imagination.

Tips, how to braid French braid

Since reverse and normal French braid only difference between parts, then these tips will be useful for those who have decided to make a any style based on them.

  • If your hair is easily electrified, and carefully weave a French braid, you can, if you put on hair oil, spray or hair cream.
  • In the moment when you pick up the loose hair to weave them into a braid, three main strands easier to hold in one hand: if hair will be added on the left side, rightmost strand hold in the palm of your hand, Central is located between the thumb and index finger, and the left rests between the index and middle finger.
  • Sometimes before how to braid a French braid, you need to straighten the hair so they are not sticking out of the finished braid.
  • Before taking a free strand, smooth it throughout the length of the arm, reaching to the tip, so the hair will look much neater.
  • After each weave a little tighten all three strands together, if you do not want to receive the weak free pigtail. However, this lightweight option is also available for some bulk hairstyles.
  • The question how to make 2 French braids to myself, perhaps the deciding factor is the same amount of hair from both sides. Another important point: ensure that the second KOs was symmetrical first for that start her in the same spot, just on the other side.
  • As long as you only want to learn how to weave a French braid or a reverse braid, you can not focus on, as is hands. Just remember the basic technique: braid provides video overlay of the strands TO each other, and the reverse: to each other.
  • French side braid is woven from upper angle of apex and moves towards the back of the head and neck diagonally. The direction of braids you can adjust, picking up strands on the right side.
  • After successfully obtaining skills, how to weave a French braid on yourself, pull a little hair from each strand and fix the result varnish.

And here’s one idea how you can diversify the hairstyle, based on French braid:

  1. Divide the hair into two parts, braid each side back in a French braid diagonally so that both braids came out from different sides and converge in the center. You can leave the hair like this, and you can make beautiful festive option: get the right pigtail in the lower left side of the nape and clip away the invisible, the right braid up and to the left. Ponytail braids place inside and popliteus invisible in the right places. This hairstyle can be decorated with flowers and fix the varnish.

The scheme of weave French braids can be included in any feminine and delicate look. Experiment and get inspired by our tips on how to diversify your appearance.

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