How to become more feminine

which gives the girl femininityIn our time the rights and duties of women was greatly expanded, compared to the situation observed a few centuries ago. However, some women have lost the ability to be gentle and feminine in the pursuit of rapid career growth and their own ambitions. We are not saying that these things are opposite to each other. When determination and femininity are combined in one girl that is reputable. But most of the men standing on the path of hard work over time, the girl forgets about his weaknesses. If you want to learn how to become more feminine, you’ve come to the right place.

Components of femininity

Each of us has feminine and masculine are present in different proportions. And the first thing I would say is you should not break your character if you are told to do it. The main thing – to live in harmony with themselves and their sense of the world, even if you don’t meet some public standards. But if you personally want to learn how to awaken their femininity, and I think you are missing this line, in this case, it is necessary to begin to change.

  1. Pay attention to the clothes

Internal and external quality are equally important for feminine girls. Style of dress is very individual, and if you want to look feminine, that doesn’t mean that we should abandon the pants and jeans. In order to revise your wardrobe, start with recording your main areas of activity, because if you are a young mother or an office career, the acquisition of several new evening dresses doesn’t affect your image because it is likely they will remain hanging in the closet.

Therefore, you may need some rules on how to be a feminine girl when choosing clothes:

  • Consider your spheres of life;
  • Don’t be afraid to combine clothes with each other in unusual ways;
  • Select clothes based on your sizes and tastes;
  • Make several sets in which you feel most stylish and confident;
  • Before buying a new item of clothing, see if something similar is already there. In this case, it is not necessary to spend money, and better use of available things to the maximum.
  • Try to negotiate a purchase with the available things so that you could imagine at least 3 different image with a new thing.
  • Consider the color of the clothes. There are several classifications of people according to the color types. Even if you saw the dress that’s perfect to the other girl, not the fact that you will decorate.
  • Complement the clothes with accessories, but don’t overdo it and make sure that they match the color with your clothes.

It is also worth noting that the question of how to dress feminine, you can’t solve in 2 minutes. If you are interested in this topic, I advise you to explore the many webinars and courses about the selection of style. However, if you have no time for this, at least know the minimal basics for a feminine girl should.

  1. Use makeup to your advantage

It is believed that leaving the house without makeup – bad taste. Of course, it literally is a rule to take is not worth it, but makeup is designed to hide the flaws of our face and to emphasize its advantages, why not use it?

The last time was the actual so-called «makeup without makeup», which usually includes a means of leveling the complexion, eyebrow pencil, bright eye shadow, maybe mascara and lipstick natural color. With it, you will become feminine, and men will think that it is your natural beauty. Read more in the article «Natural makeup for every day».

  1. Take care of yourself

An integral part of the response to the question about how to be feminine and desirable is a constant care. This includes hair care (masks, conditioners, salon treatments, grooming) and body (fitness, yoga, dance, moisturizing, anti-cellulite creams, scrubs, hair removal, etc.), and face (gels, masks, scrubs, washing my face and cleaning if necessary, etc.), and even a regular shower.

If you have all of the methods are new and have to learn how to learn to be feminine, not go into a panic. Not necessarily to buy the whole cosmetic shop and waste money on a beauty salon. Add some funds to your regular care until you find your perfect set of beauty.

Remember to be feminine every detail is important you are doing for yourself. Imagine if beauty is a piggy Bank that you need to fill in small details of his perfect image.

  1. Pick your way

Try every time leaving home to consciously choose their way. Think how your mood, how you want to look some want to impress others. Based on this, pick up clothes, accessories, makeup and shoes. Even icons of style and beauty before you reveal your femininity, encounters many problems. Do not worry if you do not get it right first time.

  1. Reconsider its March

Pretty feminine walk – the calling card of any girl who strives for perfection. We have dedicated a whole article, but the rules are as follows:

  • Not wag too thighs are gross;
  • Try to walk in a straight line;
  • Do not remove the toe of the foot neither in nor out;
  • Posture – the key to the success of a beautiful gait and how to become elegant and feminine;
  • Strengthen all muscle groups and spine, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the desired moves.

There are a number of exercises that are designed to quickly achieve changes in his March to the better.

  1. Try to radiate femininity in every word and action

As you know, ladies are not born, but made. And even if you’re far from the standard of femininity, there are many ways to learn how to be a woman.

Start small: get rid of rough and even more swear words in your vocabulary, try to take care of not only the beloved, but in close and just acquaintances, say a little muted soft tone, make people sincere compliments, but do not flatter, it immediately becomes obvious.

  1. Learn the etiquette

Some basics of behavior in society is not worth to remember: cover the mouth during sneezing and yawning, not to interrupt during a conversation, not to vysmarkivatsya and not to slurp. However, to be the feminine girl you will need to know a little more: read any book of female etiquette. There is written about how to behave in a restaurant or uncomfortable situations. Consider the advantage you get in high society, if you master this lesson.

  1. Don’t be afraid to be weak

Perhaps you have a sophisticated way of life, and you have to pull on his shoulders, but this does not mean that you will forever remain a draft horse. The woman often needs to be weaker than a man who is next. Even if a character yet, upon meeting a potential life partner, show weakness, and he will feel its necessity and importance. It is very important for men, and you will eventually love the role of the forest nymphs more than strong forest woodcutter.

The secret

The easiest way to be delicate and feminine at the same time the most difficult. Love yourself! Love your body, face, character, gait. Wear them with pride around the world. Be confident, but don’t prefer pride. Self-confidence is not always combined with arrogance.

At the same time do not cease to evolve both externally and internally. Change your image if you so desire at this period of life, read books, watch movies about romantic young ladies, who would like to learn how to be feminine with a man and others.

Remember that you’re one of a kind, take care of yourself, sometimes let the weakness and whims, take care of and love yourself!

Leave comments if you have an opinion about how to become a bold girl.

You are beautiful!

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