How to apply gel Polish

Nail design is a beauty industry where you are always welcome original innovations. Among them is this fashionable new: gel Polish – special formula with the innovative basis. To make the surface of the nail plate perfectly smooth, with a beautiful gloss, it is necessary to know how to apply gel Polish. Experienced nail specialist are all necessary, but it is necessary to seek the services of the salons? There is a technology that helps to create a strong coating on your nails at home?

The advantages of gel Polish

If you want to have beautiful nails, natural and groomed, but you don’t like to repaint them through the day, the beauty industry is ready to offer two options: gel Polish Shellac coating. Similar concepts have some fundamental differences. When applying shellac not have to pre-allocate the nail plate, it is only necessary to degrease it. The desire to use the gel Polish when you create beautiful manicure will require the mandatory stage of polishing the nail, but it lasts longer, mixing bases and the palette gives you limitless number of design options.

Gel nail Polish

The next fundamental difference between the two types of coatings for removal. To remove Shellac from nails you can use special tools to remove the polymer coating, which combines the strength of gel and paint, of varnish, you will need to first destroy the top layer. Harmful gel nail Polish? Damage-resistant coating safe if certified materials are used and respected application technique.

Technology of application of gel Polish

Even such a simple procedure requires a careful approach to the study of technology. Before to apply gel Polish, you need to take care of the choice of material. Next, to determine the availability of tools, if you need to buy. To consider the option of buying a ready-made set, the price of which will ultimately help to save money, than to buy the necessary materials separately. Carefully learn the technique on how to apply gel Polish, follow the recommendations below within three weeks of your manicure remained beautiful.

Preparation of the nail plate

Preparing the nail before applying gel Polish

The sequence procedure matters, so work on applying the gel Polish will begin with a nail treatment. The cuticle be removed, and the edge of the nail necessarily shape using the nail file. Ideally, the nail should be smooth, without any traces of dust, appropriate form. If you used the cream or oil in the care before the next stage of the nail plate will have to be degreased to avoid detachment and to make the cover resistant to external factors.

The keratin removing the top cover buff

Grinding of the nail plate – a mandatory stage of the process, how to apply gel Polish. The top layer of the nail is polished with the help of Buffy with a high coefficient of abrasion. You need to remove the glossy layer, then the polymer coating will retain its beautiful appearance for a long time. Touch to the treated nail plate with your fingers is impossible, dust and residue are removed with a brush.

Application of the primer

For better adhesion of the nail plate with the gel Polish applied primer. Weakened nail plate after polishing becomes weak, soft. Therefore there is a need to use a primer as a means for strengthening the natural nail. Since manufacturers produce a modern version of the primers without the content of the methacrylic acid, the use of this tool you will be able, without fear that it will cause harm.

Coat nail gel Polish selected colors

The application of gel nail Polish

The main rule of how to apply gel Polish, instructs to do it in thin layers. With a brush from the free edge up gradually, rubbing motions to apply the base coat. Therefore, the material typed on a brush in a small amount, passing through the entire nail plate, paying attention to the end. The gel should not get on cuticle or skin, and then the nail is coated with a polymer coating to be placed in the UV — or LED-lamp. For drying base will need one minute in the first apparatus, and the other will put the gel in 10 seconds.

Fixing finish

The final stage involves the mandatory use of the finishing means. Unlike base, it is applied in a thick layer over the entire length of the nail plate and be sure at the end of the nail. Topcoat helps you to acquire nail fashion glossy Shine, provided that the gel is well dried. On top of it is recommended to apply a transparent Cleanser with hydrating ingredients to protect the nail from drying out. After drying, the procedure of applying gel Polish is completed.

How to make gel shellac manicure at home

Nail for some time remained the only way to make a beautiful manicure, nail, or drawing a long time retained its attractive appearance. With the advent of gel nail varnishes have changed a lot, but the important thing is that you can even without any experience at home to create a colorful manicure that will last unchanged for a few weeks. Here are step by step instructions on how to do gel shellac manicure, without resorting to the services of the salons:

How to apply gel nail Polish at home

  1. Before the main stage of the procedure need to take care of your hands and tidy nails, choosing according to the preferences of the classic version or the European manicure.
  2. Following step by step technology how to apply gel Polish, the next step will be shaping and sanding the top layer of the nail plate. For these purposes, the instruments must be set, better – buff.
  3. Further, the nail needs to be degreased, thoroughly disinfecting the entire surface, but not to touch the nail with your fingers. The importance of this stage lies in the fact that if properly follow the recommendations, it will help the shellac last longer. Use for degreasing rubbing alcohol or liquid having acetone, which is nail Polish remover.
  4. A thin, even layer – here’s how to apply gel Polish, getting to the main stage of the procedure. Base coat strengthens the nail, color gel gives the desired color and fixing the shellac protects from damage. Therefore, when buying better to give preference to a set that has everything you need. But the secret to a successful application of shellac on nails at home is not only in the gradual imposition of each tool thin, even layer. The nails have a smooth, bought a beautiful matte finish, for the polymerization need a UV lamp, which will reduce drying time and prevent the emergence of bubbles. Experienced master of nail art apply base coat color nail Polish gel thin layer twice, each time have to give them a good dry.
  5. The final stage – applying a transparent top coating which nourishes the entire nail plate. Left overs are removed with a lint-free cloth soaked with alcohol.

How to dry gel nail Polish no lamp

If you are insensitive gel Polish with marking of NO-light gel, then problems should not arise, because the usual suitable option for drying. For photosensitive varnish is better to use a lamp because it helps to solidify the special substance. But do not despair because there are several ways that are considered alternative to the lamp. Replace camera can: monomer cyanoacrylate (special tool), blue lamp, the sun’s rays, cool water.

The procedure of removing gel nail Polish at home

Removing gel nail Polish at home

Get ready to scratch the coating will not immediately, it will take at least an hour. Before you begin the process, you need to buy a special product, take care of wadded napkins and foil. To soften the polymer coating, and then remove it with the help of an orange stick soaked in a special solution wipes, put on the nail and fix it with bits of foil for 10-15 minutes. Then you can carefully remove the gel Polish as film, wash off the special tool.

Video tutorials: how to apply gel Polish on the nails

For the beautiful manicure is not necessary to seek the services of salons to achieve goals, you can at home through video lessons. To know how to apply gel nail Polish the right technology, review the recommendations of experienced nail artists. Necessary materials, instruments available for sale, you will only have to put their tenacity, combined with the desire to indulge in creating beautiful fashionable manicure with a glossy finish. With the right technology, the gel Polish will retain its attractive appearance for several weeks.

Master class professional master for beginners

How to paint your nails the gel Polish Kodi

Single-phase manicure gel lacquer Blyuskay

French gel Polish

How much gel manicure in the salons of Moscow

Everyday chores not only take time but also make women to look for ways on how to keep longer beautiful manicure. If before the nail service could offer only nails, the new gel nail varnishes have an alternative. Fashionable manicure on natural nails will last a few weeks, if you apply the gel Polish as do skilled nail specialist in the salon. Below are prices for the services of Moscow firms:

The name of the salon Address Price (rubles)
The «LIGHTHOUSE» Tverskaya street 29/2 in the garden «Aquarium» 1 800
«8 days a week» M. Novoslobodskaya, ul. Krasnoproletarskaya, d. 9, korp. 2 3 000
«Suzanne» Verhnie polya, d. 36 K. 2 900
Studio nail Taganskaya metro station, Verkhnyaya Radischevskaya str., 9, str 4, office 317 800
«CELEBRITY» MKAD 66th km, Crocus city Mall, 2nd floor 1 300

New hot fashion gel design on nails 2015

Fashion trends nail art keep the gel Polish on top of popularity. The basic idea – natural nails, you need to add almond or slightly rounded shape, to leave a short length, not to choose very bright color palette. Shades polymer coating with bluesky decorative elements (rhinestones, sequins) must create the effect of jewelry on the nails.

Paint a reverse French design is a fashion trend that is perfect for a pedicure. The coating lacquer-gel correspond to the fashion trends, choose a color scheme that will help to paint a three-layer jacket, or the moon. Remain relevant pastel shades, figures, lines, shapes, patterns. In the number of new products that claim to become favorites of next season, has entered the gel varnishes which simulate a matte finish. A lot of photos with new products in 2015 you will find below.

Trendy gel manicure 2015


Svetlana, 27 years: the work of the course and in the gym almost do not leave free time. To increase the nails would not have chosen gel Polish for recommendations. Very happy with the result, for two consecutive weeks manicure is absolutely as good as new, without correction. The procedure for long, the manicure is holding up well, so after a break will definitely repeat.

Anastasia, 23 years: I first tried bio gel, nails after it began to look better. But before you leave I wanted to do a manicure, but kept a long time. I was offered a shellac color coating lasted a little over two weeks. I was surprised, but it is really convenient. Don’t know how often it is acceptable to do, but the effect is worth it.

Irene, 36 years: Discovered this type of manicure as the application of gel nail Polish. Initially I was skeptical about the fact that the coating after washing dishes, cleaning, but who knows what else, are able to retain their form a fortnight, or even more. Decided to try, and then evaluate it. The surprise was not the limit, if I knew earlier! Beauty and practicality with this method will be compared.

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