How to apply eyeshadow on eyes step by step with photos

Eye makeup is the most important stage of creating the perfect image. Learn how to apply eyeshadow, you can visually enlarge the eyes, emphasize the color, change the shape to give the look of expressiveness. The details of this procedure there is a huge amount — from the selection of optimal colors in the shadows, textures, and finishing with a choice of brush for each application stage. Nude makeup, everyday, festive make-up, eyes — they all have their own characteristics, once you’ve mastered that, you will get the opportunity to compete with professional artists.

Principal of the shadows

There are several varieties of eyeshadow: dry, liquid, creamy. They vary in texture and consistency, with individual properties. They are combined with each other and used separately. Each type is optimal for specific situations and techniques of makeup. Consider the basic types of this cosmetic products.

The types of shadows


Can be produced in compact or loose form. Due to the lack of moisture in the composition, the shadows are long saved and perfectly suited to owners of oily skin age. Compact-handy to have around to touch up makeup as needed. Buying the shades separately dry the shadows from the professional manufacturers level Mac, Nars, Artdeco, you will be able to collect their palette, which will help to create the perfect makeup on weekdays, and on holiday. Dry shadows are full of pigment, they are more economical in consumption.


This species is considered the most sustainable due to the presence of plant waxes. Contact with liquid shadows carefully, because they almost instantly stiffen on the skin, which is difficult to control the color intensity and area of application. The advantage of such shadows is moisturizing agents, essential oils. Having experience in handling with liquid form means it is easy to create a striking proof makeup. This is perfect for parties when you need to be in shape throughout the day.


A compromise between liquid and dry shadows. Cream remedies are easy to apply, well kept, have an intense color. Impose such shadows even with your finger. They can slide on oily skin, but using a special primer solves this problem. Eye shadow with a creamy texture present in the segment of the mass market, for example, in the line of Maybelline.

How to choose the shade

When choosing eye shadow, you must rely not only on visual characteristics. The eyes and the area around them is one of the most sensitive areas. Cosmetics must be hypoallergenic. When buying eye shadow carefully study the composition, make sure they have no harmful components or substances to which you are allergic. Pay attention to the expiration date. When choosing try using some shadows on the back of your hand. The line should be smooth, clear, uniform. It indicates the high quality of the product and that it will be spent sparingly, and stored for a long time.

For brown eyes

Color eye shadow for brown eyes

Brown-eyed ladies fit shadow brown, black, lilac, purple, grey, blue, blue hues. Iris brown eyes has such a bright color that is expressive in itself and goes well with different shades. Do not neglect the bright pearl shades which when applied in the corners of the eyes can visually enlarge them. This technique is particularly suitable for brunettes.

For blue-eyed girls

Color eyeshadow for blue eyes

Girls with blue eyes should pay attention to sun yellow and shades of orange, gold, beige, gray and brown tones. Effectively sets off the blue color of the iris, ivory, sand color, silver-white, steel pigments. Avoid pink eyeshadow, it can create tired eyes.

Owners of green eyes

Color eyeshadow for green eyes

The green color of eyes will help effectively to accentuate a purple, yellow, brown, pale pink shade. Not to be redundant in the beautician dark colors, green, coral, brick, purple. Green-eyed girls is eyeliner pearlescent or dark, to wet the inner side of the lower eyelid. Perfectly accentuate the green shade of eye shadow olive tones.

Rules of applying eye shadow

A girl in search of the perfect algorithm of eye makeup lessons are turning to foreign help, self-making translations into Russian language. Use the basics of good drawing shadows to at any time make it suitable for the situation, the makeup that transform you for the better. Here are the top tips for training the eyes to Macapa:

Eyebrow makeup

  1. Take care of eyebrows. Remove the excess hairs, put eyebrow gel and if necessary move them hard with a pencil.
  2. To make up stayed in all day, get a special primer for eyelids. Such a framework will make shadows persistent and will not allow them to slide.
  3. On top of primer, apply a little powder. This will facilitate the application of shadows and increase the volume of eyelashes.
  4. Carefully prepare the brushes and applicators to work, remove from them the rests of shadows.

Step-by-step technique of applying eye shadow on eyes with photo

To get the desired result, you need to be clear about how to apply eyeshadow on eyes step by step. The correct sequence of execution of all procedures to provide make-up perfect and long lasting, and your look charming and fascinating. There are 6 main stages of applying makeup to the eye area. Consider the features of each of them in detail.

Prepare the skin

Contouring the face

  • Before applying makeup thoroughly clean the skin, then apply a nourishing cream and remove the excess with a dry cloth.
  • Then, use the makeup base — matte Foundation, light-reflecting cream, etc.
  • Before applying shadows indicate the contours of the face by using blush, shimmers / highlighters, and other tools.
  • Under eye circles concealer mask the corresponding tone.

Select two or three shades of eye shadow

An important condition to create a harmonious makeup is the simultaneous use of multiple tones and shadows. The best set of shades to create the perfect look — the base color that is applied to the mobile eyelid, a lighter shade with pearl effect is applied in the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrow. It is possible to use a third darker shade that gives the look depth.

The design of the upper eyelid

The application of eyeshadow on the upper eyelid

  • On the whole movable region of the upper eyelid using the applicator or medium brush to apply the main shade.
  • If you want to create a smooth transition, causing the half that is closest to the inner corner of the eyes, a lighter shade, and on the other, which is located near the outer corner, the darker tone.
  • If you have drooping eyelids, do not apply to them shadows with a pearlized glossy tone — prefer funds with a matte effect.
  • Shadows must be applied to movements from the lashes to the crease.

The place under the eyebrows

Lighting century under the eyebrows

  • The lightest shade of eye shadow when makeup is applied under the eyebrows. It reflects light, visually raising his eyebrows, and this effect is all.
  • If you let down your eyebrows with a pencil or a special powder, make sure that the shadows didn’t ruin the shape. To correct this you can use the concealer and brush with a beveled end.

The eye contour

The definition of the eye contour - drawing arrows

Proper design of the contour of the eye with makeup is a great way to adjust its shape. Here are a few of the secrets of perfect contouring:

  • If you draw arrows, use a gel eyeliner, it possesses the highest sustainability indicators.
  • So the arrows were symmetrical prior to their drawing, put two dots in the corners of both eyes, where you plan to draw the tip.
  • The pattern of an arrow depends on the shape of the eye.
  • A good version of the design contour — cut around it with a pencil or wet with a thin brush using eye shadow to match the iris and shade.

The design of the lower eyelid

  • Performing makeup, lower lid shade or color of the outline, or the main shades.
  • To visually enlarge the eyes, you can draw the inside of the lower eyelid white pencil.
  • Impressive combination of light pearl eye shadow and black eyeliner on the inner line of the lower eyelid. This option is more appropriate for evening makeup.

The final stage

The applying mascara

  • At the final stage of makeup, apply mascara. If necessary, it is better to pre-twist using a special device.
  • First apply the first layer of mascara, which should be well dried. Then – the second, more dense.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to the lashes in the inner and outer corners of the eyes.
  • Remove excess mascara and shadows, adjust if necessary, form liner, texture is not very smooth transitions and perfect eye makeup ready!

Advice from professional stylists and makeup artists

  • If in everyday makeup you often use arrows, it is better to resort to the procedure of tattooing. If it is more forgiving than when applying the tattoo paint. Because of this permanent makeup does not lose its aesthetic properties for a long time.
  • If you wear contact lenses, discard the dry shadows, the particles may get under the lens and cause irritation.
  • Using eye shadow, apply on the eyelid powder. She blended with the shadows and it will look sloppy.
  • After applying the liquid eye shadow, you need to sit for a few minutes with closed eyes to let them dry out.
  • To fix the shade makeup artists suggest a layer of transparent loose powder.
  • Owners of close-set eyes should do the accent color on the outer corner of the eye and the inner shade to the lighter shades.
  • Deep-set eyes, it is recommended to paint the shadows with mother of pearl.

Video tutorial: how to apply eyeshadow on eyes

Armed with recommendations, easily become a real guru, eye makeup, and every day to create a charming and unique look. But that’s not all. Explore below for videos on how to make the perfect eye makeup. Professional stylists will help you to learn different ways of applying eye shadow, learn how to do a bold, expressive makeup style Smokey Eyes, perfect for special occasions. After watching the video master classes, you will gain new useful skills makeup.

Methods of applying shadows to the eyes

Expressive Smoky Eye with matte shadows

Photo of a beautiful eye shadow application

A great source of inspiration for those who want to master the skill of make-servo – photo examples of beautiful shadow. After reviewing the images below, you will be able to implement as a neutral day of makeup, and the most daring ideas, which are suitable for special occasions — holidays, theme parties, etc.

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