How to apply Foundation cream on face

It is difficult to imagine a beautiful makeup without Foundation. These cosmetic products are designed to smooth out skin tone, hide minor defects (small pimples, redness, dark spots or dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep or fatigue). In order to create the perfect makeup, it is important to know how to correctly apply Foundation on the face and rules of choosing funds: this will help to make the most natural make-up. Choosing the basis, it is important to consider tone, skin type, type of funds. Below is a look at the choices and rules of applying the cream on your face.

Principal Foundation

Almost every well-known firm, engaged in manufacturing of cosmetics, is on the market creams. Funds are not only a manufacturer but also a number of other characteristics: density, number of colors (depends on the tone basis, that enables each woman to choose the most suitable option), the content of additional components (fat, lipids, silicone, moisture). The main types of creams that are popular among the ladies are:

  • Liquid Foundation – perfect for makeup because it falls evenly, does not crumble and perfectly evens out the complexion, making the skin as smooth, beautiful and velvety. The use of this type of Foundation has its own features suitable for normal or combination skin; make-up artists recommend using it for evening make-up and to refrain from everyday use; the number pigmenting components depends on density of medium. Popular cream from Amway.
  • Mousse – a light, almost weightless tool that evens the skin texture, but with the masking device it’s not very good. This framework is perfect for daytime makeup. Due to the light texture does not clog pores, especially for oily, problematic and Mature skin.

The types of creams

  • Cream powder is a popular tinting tool, which can hide small imperfections on the face. The only drawback of using powder is that it is fraying. Suitable cream powder for oily skin, since it has a mattifying effect and smoothes the complexion. To popular firms that produce this cream, apply Mary Kay, Evelyn, Maybelline, Chanel, Dior Skin, Mac.
  • Cream-fluid – optimal basis for the summer period, which is suitable for dry skin. It has a moisturizing effect that is so necessary in hot weather. The disadvantage of this tool is low matting properties, the inability to even hide the minor imperfections on the face.
  • Cream-camouflage – the dense cream with a large amount of dyes, water-repellent base. The tool has the features: applied difficult due to the dense texture perfectly conceals all skin imperfections, age spots; removed from the face only by using special tools.

How to choose the tonal Foundation for make-up

The quality of the makeup affects the correct Foundation, so this issue should be given special attention. A wide range of types, of firms offering funds in the cosmetics market, greatly complicates the choice. Buying cream, professional makeup artists recommend to consider several factors, making possible to choose the best option and to get a perfectly smooth complexion, hiding all the flaws:

How to choose concealer

  • First, it is important to choose the right color Foundation that it was in harmony with the skin color. You can do this in several ways: apply on face and evaluate how the combined tool (you must do it only in daylight, since the lights can give some yellowing to skew the results); to impose a thin layer of cream on your wrist to feather.
  • Type of makeup: day makeup will suit light Foundation – creamy fluid, mousse. These funds will help to even out the tone, but obvious shortcomings cannot be hidden. For evening rendezvous it is necessary to choose a tool with a more dense texture and lots of color pigmentary substances.
  • Kind of Foundation: the most popular is a liquid Foundation suitable for any skin type, imperfections, evens out skin tone well; the flow is perfect when excessive dryness. Powder perfectly hide imperfections of oily skin will help to remove excessive Shine.

Features of applying makeup for oily skin

Ideally skin can not every girl. Age spots, freckles, peeling, pimples and large pores – this is not a complete list of the common problems that women try to mask. In order to get rid of the shortcomings, it is important to choose the right Foundation and apply it on the face at the advice of stylists:

The masked night cream freckles

  • Before you apply toners, you need to clean the skin, dry or sensitive skin to cover moisturizer. To hide the pores will help a product containing silicone or has a matting effect.
  • Disguise freckles will help concealer complexion, with light circular movements is applied to problem areas, carefully masking them, and then blend on your temples, chin and neck.
  • Irritation of the skin of the face, redness and rashes are difficult to obscure ordinary Foundation, on the contrary, it can only exacerbate the problem. Experts recommend to carefully prepare the face for makeup to apply a light Foundation in a mousse or fluid with toning properties. Shade should be with your fingers, lightly, evenly distributing the cream all over his face.
  • To visually reduce the appearance of wrinkles using a cream on a fat basis, and the color should match the natural skin tone. Apply better with a flat brush, this will help hide flaws, wrinkles around lips, eye.

Rules of applying Foundation

To get a perfect makeup is impossible without the smooth the face, smoothing flaws, what can be achieved through the use of Foundation. To get a decent result, but need to follow some secrets of drawing tools, produced by professional makeup artists as a result of various experiments. Read the rules below:

Rules of applying Foundation

  1. Before applying you need to prepare the skin: clean thoroughly with a lotion, milk, foam or gel for washing. If you notice flaking, you should do a light exfoliation or mask. After completing these procedures, you must apply a small layer of moisturizing or mattifying cream.
  2. Cream should be applied with gentle circular motions, rubbing the remedy into the skin.
  3. To balance and achieve the most realistic result should carefully monitor the amount of cream, for this purpose it should be taken slowly.
  4. Create makeup better in daylight, it will give the opportunity to see even the most minor errors, deficiencies and correct them.

The better to apply the cream on face and neck

For proper and even application of Foundation, corrector or concealer on the face can be used a variety of beauty attributes sponges, brushes or fingers. The choice of accessory depends on the texture of the substrate, the variants generated makeup and which option is more convenient and acceptable for girls. Consider the rules of toning using a variety of tools.


In order to cover skin Foundation look as natural as possible and was translucent, many stylists, makeup artists, and just women wanting to look beautiful, use for applying Foundation fingertips. This option allows you to distribute evenly on the skin. To apply Foundation you should lightly, without stretching the skin, excessive pressure or rubbing.


application of Foundation with a sponge

A classic attribute to apply Foundation cream on the face has a sponge with fine pores. This tool allows you to evenly distribute the Foundation to achieve dense coatings. Makeup artists recommend the use of one of two options for application:

  • Spot-applying Foundation to the face at four points, and then distributes funds across the skin with a sponge. The feather should start from the center to the periphery, focusing on the scheme massage lines. Special attention should be paid to the alignment of the boundaries of the hairline at the temples and neck.
  • The application of Foundation on the sponge and distribute the product on the skin. This method provides the opportunity to apply the cream exactly thin layer. During this application it is important to observe accuracy, to sponge the Foundation did not get on the hair.


For proper application of Foundation brush it is important to choose the right tool, its diameter, length hairs. Perfect for this procedure would be to use a flat synthetic brush with elastic bristles. To begin the makeover should be a point of application of the cream for four spots – chin, forehead, cheeks. Shade based on the direction of massage lines, carefully smoothing out all the bumps and limits of application. At the end of the procedure, followed by light strokes to even out the tone to hide the transitions.

Step-by-step technique of applying Foundation and powder with a photo

To achieve a perfect result in the creation of the image and will make a correct application of Foundation. You must first read the instructions for use indicated on the tube or box with the tool, but also to learn more about the technique of creating a make-up, in order to disguise flaws and imperfections. Step by step how to apply Foundation to the face

  • The skin is thoroughly cleaned, apply a moisturizer (especially if skin flakes) and primer (if needed, to make a long held).
  • To select a tool and method that will be applied to the cream: using a sponge or a brush, it is possible to achieve more vivid results.
  • Cover the skin should be light circular movements along the massage lines.

Application of Foundation step by step

  • To start application you should the eye area – under brow and lower eyelid, using a lighter shade of a concealer. Next you need to paint the T-zone, chin, moving towards the periphery.


  • Cover the cheeks, chin area and temples, carefully shading the basis to smooth the boundaries and transitions between the dyed areas and skin. Special attention should be paid to the region at the hairline to avoid color gradations.


  • To highlight certain areas, you need to paint them a brilliant cream.

Video tutorials to implement makeup for beginners

To get an even skin tone using concealer, corrector or concealer. Makeup artists recommend with the utmost delicacy selection means to after using cosmetics, the skin looked more natural and natural, that directly affect the overall appearance of the makeup. No less important is the role and method of application of the cream, the use of special attributes that helps to get a different result using the same tool. View video tutorial for applying Foundation with the help of various cosmetic accessories:

Advice of experienced makeup artists

Girls in any situation want to look perfect from the tips of the hair, colour of face and outfit. To know the nuances of creation of stylish makeup, fashionable women reading magazines with tips on make-up or follow the fashion news and watch hundreds of video lessons well-known bloggers. Using the secrets of toning, it is possible to correct the face shape, selecting the right method of applying and using a play of colors:

  • Trapezoidal or triangular face, apply a light shade of Foundation, and chin, temples and forehead to cover a darker color.
  • Oval – emphasize the ideal face shape may progresiva area of the cheeks from the cheeks to the temples with a darker color than the main tone.
  • Round (full) – you need a little to hide the fullness, this can be achieved using a dark base and tinting her cheekbones, whisky in the forehead, as shown in the picture:
  • Rectangular or square – you should visually hide the «corners», gradually dimming a skin area of a triangular chin and the cheeks.
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