How to apply blush step by step photos

Correction of an oval, and complexion – important components of a beautiful makeup. For this purpose, the stylists use blush. If they correctly choose and effectively apply, the contour of the face will become more expressive and beautiful form. There are several varieties of blush. How to choose and apply? How to correct with this cosmetics square, triangular, long face?

Principal blush

Cosmetic companies produce different types of blush: dry, in the form of a cream, gel, mousse. Some of them are suitable for makeup absolutely any skin type, while others are used only on dry or combination. The right choice of the makeup plays an important role in creating the ideal image of women. Consider the main types of cosmetics for correction of facial contours and features of their application to the skin.


Women often prefer dry cosmetics for correction of an oval face. It can be compacted and crumbly. The advantage of such remedies is that they fit the girls with any skin type, and easy to use for makeup. In the dry blush includes: talc, mineral, organic dyes. Before using this tool, the face is applied a layer of powder. Then a special broad brush is applied to dry skin. Excellent quality, have these cosmetic products for the correction of off the mark Bourgeois.


In the manufacture of cream blush use talc, vegetable oil, hydrating, wax-like components, so they are perfect for women with dry or aging skin. Applied with fingertips or a special sponge on a pre-coated with powdered face. It is not recommended to use cream blush for combination or oily skin. Often, such cosmetics are sold in sticks.

The types of blush


To give the skin a natural, smooth, matte shade without Shine ball blusher use. Their advantage is that in one package are a few shades which when connected can give a unique color. Superimposed blush ball point motion using a special brush. High quality distinguishes this cosmetic from Mary Kay, which is suitable for different skin types.

Liquid blush in the form of a mousse

Blush in the form of a mousse from Chanel and other companies crumble, do not roll or shatter. They are light, fluid texture. With the makeup stylists create fashionable natural makeup. To uninstall the tool from the face using a special liquid. Unlike other cosmetics for correction of an oval face, blush in the form of a mousse applied to the skin, previously moistened with cream.

How to choose the blush for make-up

In order to choose the right blush, you must consider the type of appearance, skin color type and season of the year. On frosty days the person is exposed to low temperatures, so in winter, cool in the autumn it is better to use creamy remedies. But in the heat under intense sunlight makeup is recommended to use the powder type of the cosmetics. Here are a few tips that are important to consider when choosing a blush for makeup:

  • For oily skin, use a dry makeup.
  • Means cream with moisturizing ingredients – great for contour correction of the face with dry skin.
  • For oily skin cosmetics in the form of a powder, it can remove unwanted glossy sheen from oily areas, moisturize dry.
  • To give freshness skin use the cosmetics with the liquid structure.
  • Girls with blond hair to adjust the face and his color is better to use liquid, creamy means.

Color blush choose hair color

  • Blondes pink suit, pale pink, red-pink hues.
  • Brunettes, dark brown hair is recommended to choose a shimmery or dry cosmetics for a flush of color in the copper, crimson, coral, beige-pink palette.
  • Brown for correction of an oval pink suit-brown tone.
  • For redheads will look perfect tools for color correction and facial contour terracotta, brick, peach color.

Rules of applying the blush

Each type of blush is applied in a certain way. Dry cosmetics applied to cheeks, chin, forehead with a special wide brush. Powder makeup is applied with a brush, short strokes. Similarly use blush in the form of balls. To work with creamy means this type of brush will not work. The makeup is applied in small strokes to the base Foundation, blending with fingertips. The excess removed with a cotton sponge and the skin powdered. The fluid medium is applied to the Foundation and blending it with your fingers.

Consider the basic steps of creating the blush with a brush:

The order of applying the blush

  1. At first blush walk along your cheekbones. To do this, pull your cheeks and apply a broad brush cosmetic tool to adjust the oval on the line from the ear to the corner of his mouth. Then blend in a circular motion.
  2. Draw the brush jaw line, drawing from its outer edge to the middle of the chin.
  3. To highlight the cheeks, take a round brush and the cosmetic product 1 tone lighter. Then smile and apply the product to adjust appeared at this convexity.
  4. Blend this kind of cosmetics sharp movements in the direction of the temples.
  5. Brush walk on the chin, the forehead, the bridge of the nose.

Step-by-step technique of applying the blush depending on face shape

To correctly apply blush is to consider not only their texture, type of skin and your face shape. Stylists easy adjust oval when creating the makeup, because I know the secrets of makeup. The correct kind of blush and a special application technique will help to make the face a triangular, square, round or oblong shape is more harmonious and attractive. How to do it?

For round face

Features round faces are the same size of width and height, smooth jawline. So nice to pull oval, blush not to impose on the cheeks, and at an acute angle in a triangle from his temples to his lips. For the process use dark and natural shades. Here are step by step instructions of applying blush on round face:

How to apply blush on round face

  1. Apply Foundation powder, Foundation.
  2. Smile, walk with the brush on the blush had formed on the convex areas on the cheeks, moving diagonally towards the temples.
  3. Select the heat places on the cheeks, to visually narrow a face. For this purpose, a darker tone, but they should not overshadow the main. They blend the trough that form when you smile.
  4. Dark tones blend well on the nose. To make it a little shorter, a small amount of this shade to cover the tip of the nose.
  5. Gently blend makeup.

On oval or oblong face

Oval and oblong face shape are characterized by the fact that she has a width smaller than length. But rectangular type oval stands heavy chin and lower jaw. Have oval face opposite, narrow hem. This type of circuit is ideal and requires no adjustments. But sometimes the blush is applied with the purpose of refreshment of the image of women. If oblong oval, you may need a small adjustment according to the following scheme:

How to apply blush on oval face

  1. To highlight cheekbones, jaw reduction prepare light and dark shades in the same range.
  2. Apply on the apples of the cheeks horizontally light layer of makeup, blending it to the temples.
  3. Draw the chin, forehead darker shade.
  4. On the cheeks blend in a darker tone than any in the field of apples.

For square face and high cheekbones

Type of face with prominent cheekbones, which is equal in magnitude to the width, length, oval and angular forehead, is called a square. To make it more harmonious and brighten bulky protruding parts can correction using blush. How to do it at home, view a step by step instructions below. Makeup is better to choose a medium Nude with a shade slightly darker than natural skin tone.

How to apply blush for square face

  1. To remove the focus from the sharp angles of square faces, darken the cheekbones and the ridges of the chin.
  2. The apples of the cheeks cover bright tone, rastushevok it to the chin.
  3. If the oval is too wide, apply blush from the cheeks to the ears to blend.

On a triangular face

Correct application of blush for a triangular face

If the person has a narrow chin and wide forehead, it is considered small. To visually make the face close to the ideal oval shape, it is necessary to perform correction using blush. How to do it? For this correction you will need a highlighter and this detailed step by step instructions:

  1. From the apples of your cheeks and draw a vertical line to the temples.
  2. If there is a need to distinguish depression (not necessarily), then dim them.
  3. Blend well. Use highlighter on the nose, under the eyes.

Video tutorials: how to apply blush and powder on the face

Often girls when applying makeup pay special attention to eyes, lips. However, without a flush of color you can’t make a perfect makeup like from the picture of the magazine. Proper use of the means for the correction of face shape can transform the image of the girl, making it magic. How to visually reduce round oval, making it more elongated? What are the benefits of using makeup cosmetics bronzer? Find out all the details of applying the blush to correct face shape with video workshops from the company Avon, Oriflame, posted below.

How to use blush and bronzer to highlight the contours of the face

How to apply blush to narrow the face

How to apply blush to make face look thinner

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