How to apply blush on oval face

If you are a beginner who is just starting to comprehend the art of makeup, then you definitely need to know how to correctly apply blush. This part of the make-up is one of the main in the topic of correction of facial contours, which can improve your proportions, if you know how to do it correctly. Many people do not like their reflection in the mirror with applied blush. This comes from ignorance of the principles and secrets of application of this cosmetic product. Therefore, you should read this article, tips which will help to make the face more harmonious.

How to choose blush

Thanks to properly chosen blush their proper use, provide the face a sculptural element, and makeup complete the look. It is a magical means of decorative cosmetics will make you look fresher, livelier, younger. Slightly colored blush of cheeks is an essential touch to any beauty. Previously, ladies had to pinch myself to add color. But modern girls is available more soft and pleasant means.

Hair color

Choose a blush the color of the hair

Blondes, the owners of light blonde hair it is recommended to use gentle shades of blush – a light beige, peach, pink, coral. Dark-haired girls and brown hair should opt for a muted beige and apricot colors. Brunette, dark-haired ladies should give preference to purple, maroon, brick, plum. Red is very suitable, warm and bright shades with shiny or gold particles.

Eye color

How to choose the blush color of eyes

Brown eyed girls better to prefer berry shades of blush for oval face. They emphasize the eye color, give them more light and heat. Discard the brown, beige shades that will make you faceless and boring. To shade blue eyes, choose for oval face cool pink, warm peach. Plum tones are set aside because visually they will make your eyes less. Green-eyed girls are recommended for pink undertones and forbidden – dark Burgundy. The first will give a view of the emerald color.

The color of the body and face

Light skin perfect blush palette cool for oval faces. Can try purple, light pink colors and for evening make-up more vivid. Dark skin blush needed mainly for festive make-APA. You can use bronzer, darker tones, starting with copper and ending with chocolate. Yellowish skin shade is light brown tones. Very dark color of the skin will highlight the good chocolate, terracotta.

Rules apply blush on oval face

With the right oval face you can paint the blush on the cheekbones or cheeks. However, the ideal is this: apply blush on the apples of the cheeks when smiling, face down. To create the illusion of sculptural relief of the face and need to choose a shade that is 2-4 shades darker than your skin color. For the simulation can be used terracotta shade or bronzer. Scheme of application:

  • Circle the easy motion of typing on the brush a little blush, contour of the face from ears to chin.
  • Swipe a thin line on the bridge of the nose from nose to tip, with the brush border.
  • Pull your cheeks and brush over the hollows.
  • Puff out your cheeks, blend the line upwards and outwards.
  • Under the lower lip in the dimple you have to put out, blend it.

In addition, you must know how to work with blush. They are dry, crumbly, ball, compact, pressed, creamy, liquid. Dry blush is to apply it only on top of the powder. They are suitable for all skin types: oily, dry, oily, normal. Rules apply blush different type:

  • Loose different brands (Mary Kay, Avon, Bourgeois) is applied in a thin layer. They are ideal for beginners, because it’s hard to overdo it.
  • Compact have a fine grind, look natural if properly applied. However, such must be pre-trained.
  • Ball (Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent) look great on any complexion. Their special feature is an adaptation to skin color due to the colored balls. They are applied by brush, sponge.
  • The liquid used mainly by professionals because they are complex and require certain skills. For oily skin, this type is not recommended because they can leak, thereby ruining the whole makeup. They must first be rubbed on the palm, apply to face with fingertips.
  • Fondant and cream are applied on skin that is not covered with dust.

Step-by-step technique of applying the blush on oval face photo

In case of unsuccessful application of blush you can ruin even an oval face, which is considered a benchmark. It is important to feel the measure, otherwise you risk to look like a doll. When applying blush for an oval face you may experience the following errors: improper structure, poor feathering, chose the wrong tone, too much money. Follow the following step by step instructions to make correct makeup. But before that, pick up a round brush for cheeks and flat cheeks. A phased master-class:

The technique of applying the blush on oval face

  • Emphasize the line of the cheekbones. A little pull at the cheeks, broad brush gently apply blush from the ear to the corner of his mouth. Circular motions with the brush.
  • Draw the jaw line to soften it. Apply blush from the outer edge of the jaw, not reaching to the middle of the chin. So you will make the outline more clear.
  • Highlight the apples of your cheeks round brush. In order to properly see the place, smile and determine to bulge.
  • Blend toward the temples. Light quick movements to balance the colors and finish go brush with the remnants of blush on the chin, nose, forehead. Apply highlighter on the cheekbones, center of forehead, bridge of the nose for light accents.

Video tutorials makeup for oval face for beginners

Blush play an important role in creating a perfect make-up. They are able to give the outline more oval shape of the bump, to refresh tired face, to emphasize the youth to add languor. However, poorly selected and applied blush can make all efforts to achieving beautiful makeup. To avoid errors, check out the video from YouTube for beginners that will tell you the basic principles and secrets of creating the perfect make-up. They will help you to visually narrow face, making it more sculptural and bold.

How to perfectly apply blush

Correction of an oval face by using blush

How to define the scope of contouring the cheeks and apply blush

How to look like blush in the stars with oval face shape

Oval face shape is considered the most harmonious. With this addition the slightly protruding cheekbones, the forehead looks a bit wider than the chin. Owners of oval face shapes are among celebrities Julia Roberts, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vanessa Paradis, Winona Ryder, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway. Look at the photo of these stellar beauties, because this is a Prime example of correction of the face using a variety of blush: pressed, crumbly, creamy.

Celebrities with oval face do not require complex correction: they applied the tool to the apples of the cheeks, instantly refreshes the look. In some cases you can see a feathered blush towards the temples, which is more suited for evening or gala make-up. Oval face shape might be lean, elongated with sunken cheeks, as Sarah Jessica Parker. She applies the blush on the chin, middle of forehead along the hairline, just below the cheekbones toward the ears, as seen in the pictures. So the excessive length of the face visually balanced.

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