How to apply blush on round face

An important step of makeup is the creation of the blush. The ability to correctly apply them will help you to be transformed, creating the desired image. This expressive «tool» the beauty of women’s cosmetic use for correction of an oval face. Blush is used by many women. Some of you know that this type of makeup gives fresh look that emphasizes your face shape, but not all do it correctly. With blush you can hide flaws, visually accents to create a beautiful, unique image.

The types of blush

To transform your appearance using when applying makeup blush, women learned many centuries ago. In different eras this kind of decorative cosmetics was assigned to one of the leading roles, the use of blush has been reduced to a minimum, but complete oblivion they did not budge and successfully survived to the present day.

What only did not blush, wanting to correct the shape of the face: juice toffee, ochre, wine yeast, juice of red berries. This often led to premature aging of the skin. Now they have become safe cosmetic product. Among the list of famous brands that produce this type of cosmetics, there are Chanel, Guerlain, Avon, Mary Kay. On the shelves you can see the following types of blush:

What are the types of blush

  • Dry (compact, friable, spracovanie). These blusher are the most common texture of such cosmetics due to simple application and instant effect. With their help, oval face can be easily corrected, strokes are applied with a brush, the makeup goes smoothly on the skin without leaving spots.
  • Cream or nourishing. This is a boon for owners of dry skin. The composition of such blush is vegetable oil that has moisturizing properties.
  • Blush-beads help to create the effect of a natural blush, making the makeup more natural. Manufacturers combine several shades, which is easily obtained a smooth transition of tones. Another benefit of this blush – economical consumption, which ensures a long period of use.
  • Liquid blush in mousse form is the most stable kind of cosmetics that suits almost all women, except the owners of oily skin. Hold these tools for a long time, but they need to be applied on cream Foundation, not dry powder.

How to choose the blush color of the hair and skin

Fashion dictates its own rules, the manufacturers offer a different texture and the blush palette, but the choice of decorative cosmetics women need to be guided by your skin type and hair color. Only these two factors determine how well it is able to adjust the face, revive him, make-up flawless. So when applying blush came natural:

Choose from blush hair color

  • Girls with fair skin, blondes should opt for a peach or coral shade. They use a pink tone as universal.
  • If the skin is pale, freckled, and red hair, select cosmetics or Sunny orange shade to beneficial to shade pigmentation.
  • If you’re a brunette or have dark skin, use dark palette of copper, brown or rust color. They help the red harmoniously to emphasize the natural beauty.

The opinion of the professional make-up artists on the choice of blush are reduced to one: if it is difficult to determine the best shade, the woman needs to go for a walk. Come home, go to the mirror and look at your natural glow. This color cosmetics and need to pick up. He just can’t ruin my makeup, but enhances the natural beauty of the face.

Rules apply blush on round face

Choosing the right texture, the palette is only part of the artful application of blush. To do makeup, to create a beautiful image, feel comfortable, women need to learn how to apply blush on the face given its shape. Rectangular, square, oval or round type oval has the value not less than the hair color, skin tone.

Girls with round face should adhere to the following rules:

How to apply blush on round face

  1. To find out where to apply cosmetics, it is necessary to involve the cheeks, sunken places and will need area.
  2. For a skilled creation of blush will need a wide brush. So as not to cause skin irritation, the pile should be natural.
  3. Light touch brush cosmetic applied to the cheeks and is in the direction to the temples. This should be done to reduce strokes and to highlight the cheekbones. If blush is applied at an acute angle, helps to visually draw out a round face.
  4. Chubby girls should refrain from using Rouge in the chin and forehead, not to spoil the makeup excessive use of such cosmetics.
  5. If you want to visually stretch your neck, moving the brush vertically, apply a light touch on her center, that will help to create the desired effect.

How to highlight cheekbones

Towards perfection can not do without makeup. A faint blush, his square jaw, beautiful cheeks – this is a required points in creating a flawless makeup look. Skillfully using the secrets highlight cheekbones to achieve the desired effect, you can easily make the image harmonious. To highlight this area of the face, makeup artists:

  • use blush, powder (bronzer) highlighter;
  • determine the correct site of application;
  • select the best methods of application (loose, pressed, blush or bronzers are easier to apply with your fingers, all other types – brush).

Makeup is used to accent cheekbones, apply a thin layer and shade. If the desired effect is not achieved, then it is better to put on top of another layer, than to make an attempt to remove the excess. To overdo it with blush, bronzer, highlighter easy, and clean – no. Not to start a makeover first, it is better to move gradually.

Step-by-step technique of applying the blush for round faces photo

To make the face expressive and to emphasize the natural beauty, chubby girls need to use the step-by-step technique. Light — or dark-haired girls with this type of person can narrow it down, to refresh, to give relief or languor, acting according to the following scheme:

The technique of applying the blush

  1. Before using blush on the skin applied to the main tone, especially if we are talking about dry (compact or loose) types of such decorative cosmetics.
  2. Smile widely to mark the line of the cheekbones. The area under them will be a zone for the application of cosmetics set off.
  3. A light touch of the brush or fingers, apply a thin layer, moving to the temples and barely touching the skin.
  4. When creating a natural makeup can smudge a light layer of blush on the temples.
  5. To round face did not seem full, it is necessary to avoid areas of the cheekbones close to the nose.
  6. Creating evening makeup on a round face, focus on the cheeks with bronzer or lighting. But avoid the chin and forehead to have adjusted, thin face did not look round.

Video lesson makeup for a round face for beginners

To balance the makeup, emphasize the natural beauty of the face or correct the deficiencies – all of this you can do by using blush. To perform the manipulations correctly, in addition to compliance with the application technique, it is necessary to take into account other nuances: the choice of color makeup considering hair color, skin tone and face shape. Expertly crafted blush will give the image of attractiveness, and a bad blush can ruin the whole makeover and transform a person into a picture. It is important to learn to avoid mistakes.

The best visual aid will be a video tutorial which step by step shows you how to correctly use the blush, pencil eyeliner or other cosmetics to give cheekbones definition. Learn how to make the image perfect and what to do for proper correction of round face shape, after seeing a staged master-classes for beginners, posted below.

Visual correction round face shape

Contouring the face and cheekbones using blush and lighting

How perfectly apply blusher will make the face look thinner

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