How to apply and how to wash oil mask

How to apply and how to wash oil mask

When using oil masks, it all depends on hair type. For example, it is not recommended to add lots of oil in masks for hair, prone to oily, but for dry hair an extra spoonful of problems does not create. To calculate the required amount of oil is not difficult, it all depends on the length and thickness of hair.

Homemade mask, apply to dry hair before washing.

1. In order not to violate the water-lipid balance of the hair should be washed as infrequently as possible.

2. Since wet hair is more fragile and prone to damage, massage and rubbing tools is not recommended.

3. Oil funds are absorbed poorly into wet hair and skin.

4. Sebum and oil are similar in their structure, therefore it can’t be washed off prior to mask natural humidifier.

5. Sebum does not prevent the flow of oxygen and the penetration of the skin with essential substances.

Apply the oil in the following way. First you need to comb her hair, then dipped his hands in oil and hold them in the hair (massage your scalp and then along the entire length). Hair you can comb with your hands or to divide into small strands. Remember that excess grease is not needed (the excess oil is absorbed, and the product will be wasted). After having applied oil paint, the hair will look dirty. They can be a little bit to comb with the comb with a few teeth large and when the length of the hair, braiding it. Optionally, the hair can be wrapped in foil and before applying the oil can be heated. Duration of treatment someone can take several hours, and who leave her for the night.

How to wash off oil paint? Definitely, shampoo. And if the mask was applied correctly (in moderation) to wash off, need 2 times to wash out the hair shampoo. Shampoo should be distributed the entire length of the hair, not on roots.

Even with regular use of oil masks, rinse them in different ways. It is therefore recommended, washing off the mask, apply shampoo in small portions and to distribute it throughout the hair gradually in order to assess the degree of purity of the hair to the touch. So you can determine how many will need the shampoo to wash mask. After the mask you can apply a balm (this is optional). However, if you touch your hair smooth and easy to separate, you can do without it. It is recommended to use products that do not contain silicones (e.g., mask with rose oil).

To achieve an effect by applying an oil mask, it is important to do them regularly and pick an appropriate oil. «Fashion» advises to try and choose the best option for themselves.

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