How to make volume at the roots of the hair

hair volume at the rootsIf you opened this page, it is obvious that you are concerned about the lack of splendor of the hair, lack of volume of your hair. The problem is common, but despair not worth it. In this article you will find many recommendations and useful tips on how to give hair volume at the roots.

Properly choose a haircut

Whatever care and styling you use, you first need to choose the right haircut for your hair, devoid of pomp. An experienced master knows how to make hair visually more voluminous. The best option is a short layers or «layers». Look great on thin hair long Bob, Bob with graduation and a cascade with straight or asymmetrical bangs. On the basis of short wavy strands better to create a three-dimensional square, and for long hair will suit a multi-stage haircut.

Stylists say that the shorter the length of the hair, the better they hold the volume. Today is popular in many countries of the so-called » boyish pixie haircut, the formation of which the hair at the nape and temples much shorter than on top. A very important role in this plays haircut bangs. Lush, asymmetrical, combed to the side, she always looks stylish and unique. What bangs fit, see the link /kak-pravilno-podbrat-chelku/

Pixie knows how to create volume at the roots to give the hair more density, create texture, and with proper care it is just perfect for women of any age. Suffice it to recall that among the owners of such versatile hairstyles were Rihanna, Sharon stone, keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham and many other famous beauties.

It is much harder to do volume at the roots on long hair, but this problem has long been under the power of experienced hairdressers. Traditional option is the haircut «cascade» that allows the shaped hair to scatter light and airy. This step ensures the cut volume even to owners of long thin hair.

«Smart» painting

To flesh it out will help and correct colour. For example, light colors are always visually bigger than the dark. The answer to the question: «How to give volume to long hair at the roots?» will be the use of sophisticated trending techniques for coloring hair: Balazs, laminating, double and Shatush. This painting never looks flat, it creates the illusion of splendor for any length hair. Colorists usually use 2-5 different colors to smooth color transitions supported surround visual effect.

For example, the technique of Shatush allows you to create natural highlights in the hair, maintaining the effect of burned strands. But the technique allows Balazs to make a kind of streamer colors. It is important that use such dyes that are as spare and without the thin strands of hair. This procedure for the hair, like Ombre, is also very effective. Look, how beautiful look the hair Jennifer Lopez after using modern dyeing techniques.

Styling for volume

To make the volume from the hair roots at home will help them correct the installation. Indispensable in this case, as before, are dryer and round brush. With their help, the hair becomes lighter and fluffy, you only need to develop a few simple skills stacking:

  • Tilt your head down so that the hair fell on my face. Dry them first in this position, starting from the roots.
  • Straighten with a brush, do not pull the strand by strand vertically, completing the drying. Try to slightly twist the ends.
  • Do not hold the phone close to the hair, if possible use the cold air stream.
  • The result secure with a hairspray.

Other funds for the volume of hair curlers, perms and banal on the other side. Curler is still relevant, because the minimum harm to the hair and at the same time gives the hair splendor. Perming in its modern interpretation is also relevant. For example, the carving (a kind of easy irons) know how to make the volume of the roots of the hair and get voluminous hair.

Fleece, of course, today is quite relevant, especially among young women. But some fans of retro style just don’t realize how to increase hair volume at the roots without brush. Just a few rhythmic movements and using a thin, flat combs hair raised, hair took on the form and splendor.

The use of makeup and special means


What shampoo to wash a thin, deprived of their natural hair? Especially those, say cosmetologists, which include substances that increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Thanks to them, the hair elastic, voluminous, strong, well-combed. The curls are lush and thanks to the panthenol and cationic polymers. If in the shampoo composition of these substances is, he not only gently cleanses hair, but also nourishes them with useful microelements.

Cleansers for hair volume at the roots that contain silicone, «the effect of the back-up» hair. They lift strands at the roots, thereby providing the volume of hairstyle for the whole day. Unfortunately, most of them weigh down your hair, so you have to wash my hair every day. Shampoos for the volume should be individualized in consultation with experts. It is important not only how to make the volume of hair in the home, but also how to keep them healthy and strong.

Mask for hair volume

Professional shampoos good shampoo for volume. But they are cosmetic, not therapeutic effect. If you regularly do a hydrating mask, you can understand how to increase the volume of hair in the home. Some of these masks are very easy to prepare, very carefully examine the proposed recipes.


In a glass container with one Cup of salt (200g) mix with the same amount of honey. After complete dissolution of the salt, add 70g of brandy, carefully mix everything, cover and place in a dark, cool place (not the fridge!) for 2 weeks. Typically, masks for hair at home with honey, salt and brandy for everyone.

The ready mix is recommended to put on hair and keep for about an hour. Hair get need to hair volume and become soft to the touch, silky, easy to comb and styled.

Other effective recipes masks of cognac, see the link /maska-dlya-Volos-s-konyakom/


Another effective mask for hair at home – gelatin. For its preparation you need to pour two tablespoons of gelatine 100g cold water. After swelling the gelatin, add 2 tbsp. spoons of shampoo and heat in a water bath until the mixture is smooth. Apply the mask on hair for 1 hour and washed off with warm (not hot!) water. This hair mask for volume maybe a few weeks stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator.


To solve the problem of how to give volume to the hair at home, will help mask of mayonnaise. To do this, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise (low-fat) should be mixed with 2 thoroughly beaten eggs. Then pour in a mixture of 25g refined olive oil, shake well. The mask is ready.

Any proposed mask for hair at home is a good therapeutic agent, but that the effect was persistent, you need to use these tools regularly. Don’t be lazy, learn how to prepare the masks yourself, experiment and the positive result you achieved. Your beauty is in your hands.

In this article we have tried to answer the question that worries many women: How to add volume to hair at the roots? Hope our tips are useful to you. Be healthy and beautiful.

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