Methods of acceleration of growth of hair on the head

the acceleration of growth of hair on the headUnit girls fully satisfied with their hair, especially when it comes to their length. The luxurious, long hair never goes out of fashion, always popular with men and cause silent envy in women. To grow hair, you need a lot of time, especially if you are the owner of short hair. But, fortunately, women have long come up with many gimmicks and tricks, how to accelerate the growth of hair on the head. As you get closer to your dream and that may affect the hair growth, talk about it.

Why not grow hair

This question arises as soon as there is a goal to grow the hair. Finding the cause will help soon to remove it and choose the most suitable method for the activation of additional growth. Factors that affect the speed of hair growth.

  • genetic feature;
  • power;
  • disorders of the hair and scalp;
  • the problem with hormones;
  • emotional state;
  • the lack of vitamins.

On the last point I would like to focus, because the deficiency adversely affects the quantity and quality of hair, they become brittle, often brittle and fall out significantly slows their growth. Essential vitamins for faster hair growth, especially group b (B1,B2,B6,B8,B9 and B12). Also important, E-vitamins, they are responsible for blood circulation and oxygenation of the scalp. Where they are, read this article /vitamin-e-dlya-Volos/. Vitamin A and C prevent hair loss and contributes to immunity. It is possible to saturate the body with the help of special complex of vitamins, but it is better possible to include in your diet products accelerate the growth of hair, namely carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, soya, nuts, eggs and bran.

How to speed up hair growth at home

To contact the salon with a request to speed up hair growth does not make sense, the only thing they can offer is a means of accelerating hair growth or buildup. But both are temporary methods. Better rely on yourself, faster hair growth at home — is not a myth. Of course, we can’t change heredity, but you can affect other factors. For starters, you need to ostanavlivatsya inside. To eat more wholesome food, rich in calcium and minerals, fruits and vegetables, greens and nuts. Should abandon fast food and suhomjatka. And don’t forget if you need to drink clean water.

In addition, focus on yourself, exercise, walk, give up bad habits, relax and get enough sleep. Do not worry for nothing, avoid stress and conflicts, long hair may face is sad and she is a girl. If all measures are met, and you are already glowing with health and good mood, it’s time to strengthen the hair outside. To speed up hair growth, you will have to sacrifice many of the usual methods of installation, less use of hair dryers, irons and cosmetics. It all spoils, and is very dry damage hair. The result may be that each month you will cut 5-7 cm split ends and pace hair long will not.

Use a gentle styling methods and give the advantages of natural drying of hair. The scalp massage — the perfect remedy for faster hair growth. A rush of blood and positive after such procedures is provided. The blood begins to circulate faster and after applying the special «annoying» skin masks and lotions. With their help, you can awaken, stir and bring all hair follicles, including dormant.

Means of accelerating hair growth

In order for the hair to grow faster, at least a few inches in a month, it is necessary to provide constant nourishment and stimulation of hair follicles. The most popular means of prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth are based on mustard, red pepper, burdock oil, honey, ginger and cinnamon. Than to speed up hair growth at home that it is better to choose? The best way is to periodically make a mask on the roots. If you have oily and rapidly dirty hair, choose a mask with mustard, it dries well and normalizes the secretion of sebum, it is also an accelerator of hair growth.

The easiest recipe is to mix mustard with sugar and water, the slurry applied to the roots and wait an hour. For additional power you can add the egg yolks, yogurt or oil to choose from. If you have hair that is prone to breaking and splitting, use as the main ingredient Cayenne pepper, it is rich in vitamins and beneficial elements. It will be good to make or buy an oil or alcohol tincture of pepper. Also pay attention to composition when choosing the shampoo to speed up hair growth, it can be based on the above components, beer yeast, hops, eggs, it can contain various oils and acids, for example, nicotine.

More recipes for hair growth, see the links:

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Remember, if a strong desire you can achieve any result. Be happy!

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