How to go to the Solarium

how to visit a SolariumThe Solarium is a specially equipped small cabin where you can get dosed irradiation from the UV lamp. The lamp is equipped with a special delimiter, which does not pass dangerous to the human skin by short wavelength UV spectrum. Many people know that after visiting the Solarium, the skin gets a beautiful peach shade. However, few people is aware of how to go to the Solarium. Artificial UV rays can bring to the body not only benefits but also harm if to neglect such rules.

How often can I go to the Solarium

The question of how often you can visit the Solarium, worries many women. Frequency of visits to the Solarium should depend upon skin phototype. Sessions must be determined individually. So women with pale translucent skin and red hair are not recommended to visit a Solarium. Celtic skin type is very susceptible to UV irradiation, so instead of a beautiful tan you can get skin cancer.

Women with fair skin and blond hair are very difficult to get beautiful and even tan. Scandinavian skin type burns very quickly. So for the first session it will be enough three minutes. The second session, you can spend two days with him four minutes. The woman of the Nordic type recommended maximum of 12 sessions of five minutes each. During this time, it is possible to obtain beautiful delicate skin tone.

Girls European type with light skin and dark hair color much more fortunate. Their light skin fairly quickly acquiring a nice tan. However, caution must be exercised. The first session should not last more than five minutes.

how to go to the Solarium without getting hurt

Girls Asian type with dark complexion, nature skin sunburn is not contraindicated, however the duration of the first session should be no more than seven minutes. Many women are concerned with the same question, whether to go to the Solarium every day.

It should be noted that the artificial UV rays are able to more deeply penetrate the skin than with natural sunlight. In the tanning booth UV exposure on the skin much more intense. This means that the destructive effect on the skin at the same time as increases. The question of how often you can visit the Solarium, it is very important to women’s health. Why doctors do not recommend to visit the salon every day. If the skin is already tanned, you can get the dose of UV radiation two or three times a week, but not often. Otherwise you can get the opposite effect. Therefore, the question of how often to go to the Solarium, is not idle.

How to visit a Solarium

In order for UV radiation in solariums is that a woman, namely a beautiful and even tan without harm for health, it is recommended to perform a number of simple rules:


  1. In the Solarium, it is desirable to use a mandatory UV protective cosmetics for skin.
  2. The skin of the breast must be protected from harmful to her UV-radiation, so the breast is better to close the leotard.
  3. To visit a Solarium it is best to purchase swimsuit from a soft cotton fabric compresses the body.
  4. Before a session should exclude the use of decorative cosmetics, perfumes and deodorants.
  5. The Solarium is contraindicated in persons who have recently undergone any treatment with the skin, e.g., cleansing exfoliating or cleaning your face.
  6. The Solarium is contraindicated in pregnant women, seedlings up to 16 years of age and people with sensitive skin.

Many women ask themselves the question, can pregnant women go to the Solarium. This question has no definitive answer. The Solarium does not apply to necessary procedures. The effect of artificial UV rays on a growing fetus are still not fully understood. A pregnant woman in front of the Solarium it is necessary to consult your doctor or gynecologist. In case people have found that natural sunlight will bring much more benefit to the pregnant woman’s body than artificial irradiation. So the question, is it harmful to go to the Solarium, a pregnant woman is one of the most important. Tan is a protective reaction of the body to radiation, in consequence of the instability of the hormonal pregnant woman in the tanning bed instead of even tan, the risk of pigment spots on the skin.

Monthly and Solarium — a sensitive topic

Fitness as a means to acquire beautiful skin tone appeals to many women, they get used to the Solarium from time to time. Some people are interested in the question of whether month to go to the Solarium because sometimes the time of visiting the salon coincides with the next cycle. Obstetricians and gynecologists do not recommend to visit a Solarium in the midst of menstruation. Let’s get a little UV exposure in the last days of menstruation, when the body has already undergone the hormonal changes caused by menstrual cycle.

To visit a Solarium during menstruation is not recommended because the body at this time, there are changes associated with declining hormone levels. Began menstruation can go into profuse bleeding when exposed to high temperature. Therefore, it is not advisable to visit the saunas, baths and steam in the critical days. In fact, it is not known how the body will react next time, if one day the girl was in the Solarium in the period of mestruali with her and nothing bad happened. Next time, it could turn out differently. In this context, with monthly go to the Solarium is not recommended.

General guidelines

Many women do not know how to go to Solarium for the first time. Regardless of skin type, first visit to the Solarium, it is desirable to reduce to a minimum. For the first time to sunbathe no more than 3 minutes. Then gradually you can increase to two, three minutes with each session. How much you need to go to the Solarium to get a tan, you need to decide on an individual basis. Some missing a few sessions, others require no less than ten days.

The Solarium is contraindicated in women with diseases of the endocrine and reproductive system, in painful menstruation, also for inflammation. Many people wonder whether the lenses go to the Solarium.

Some contact lenses have UV protection. Remove contact lenses immediately prior to session does not necessarily, however, in order to protect the mucous membrane of the eyes and thin eyelid skin, it is recommended in the tanning bed to wear special glasses.

After reading the basic rules, you can speculate on is it harmful to walk to the Solarium at all? What do you think about this woman? We welcome your comments about this.

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