How to draw arrows eyeliner

how to make up eyes eyelinerIt seems that the makeup with the arrows on the eyes will not cease to be relevant. To him resorted the girls of the 60’s, and modern beauty. The question how to draw arrows eyeliner for beginners, is one of the most difficult. Not only that, the arrow you want to draw nicely on one eye, you’ve got to repeat the picture is completely symmetrical. Do not despair if you failed to draw beautiful arrows. We’ll show you a few tricks how to draw arrows eyeliner, and will also teach you to pick up a handy cosmetic.


Depending on the result you want to get, and your skills, you should choose the right tool before you learn how to draw arrows on the eyes eyeliner.

  1. Liquid

Most often obtained with the help of the bright makeup, because it fits well on the lid and dries fast. But of course, liquid eyeliner of different brands differ in richness, and density in the brushes. You can find very inexpensive liquid liner to experiment with the application and to better understand how you prefer.

  1. Eyeliner marker for eyes

It is also called felt-tip pen, pencil and solid eyeliner etc This eyeliner is easier to handle, it does not spread, dries very quickly, no smears, and it can work out even the smallest intricate details. Disadvantage is that the solid liner is not as pigmented, like a liquid, although for daytime makeup and this would be sufficient.

  1. Gel eyeliner

Such hoses are sold in cans complete with brush. This is the new kind of eyeliner that has a number of advantages: stability, bright color, easy to use, able to adjust the thickness by adjusting the brush. Besides with gel eyeliner you can learn to feather the arrow, which is also useful for evening and daytime makeup.

In addition to the texture of the liner have a large assortment of colors. Classic is black, but brown-eyed girls perfect brown eyeliner, and blue-eyed blue. Adjusting the color eyeliner can be a good to emphasize eye color or to achieve the intended image.

How to draw arrows on the eyes eyeliner

For a start it is worth noting that the process of drawing arrows on the eyes is a matter of practice. Don’t worry if you failed the first time to draw a smooth arrow, practice, and eventually you’ll make it all better with a minimum of time.

If you only want to learn how to draw arrows on the eyes eyeliner you give this enough time and put of shade before supply. It would be a shame to wash all the makeup, especially if after 5 minutes you need to have to get out of the house.

beautiful arrows on the eyes with liquid eyeliner photos

Before you make up eyes eyeliner, find a place with a mirror where you can set the elbow on a hard surface. So there will be less chance that you will move the hand at the crucial moment. To do eye makeup better in natural lighting.

  1. Draw the arrow marker

The easiest way to start to learn how to draw arrow line-marker. They draw a clear line from mid-eye to outer corner. From the extreme point of the eye, draw a tail. He may have a different length or angle, but classic makeup is the rule: the inner slope of the brow (the part that is closest to the nose) should be parallel to the tail of the curve.

  1. Draw a thin arrow

This option is the most optimal day for bright makeup. It is necessary to know for all who are learning how to use the eyeliner, because the more pronounced arrow starts from a thin strip. Swipe the eyeliner a thin line along the lash line, as close to the lashes. Try to line have the same thickness throughout its length. When he reached the outer edge of the eye, keep the eye liner line that looks up. In order to determine the angle of the tail, enough to make any straight object from the outside corner of the eye to the middle of it. The received video and will point to the desired continuation of the arrow. Do not draw the line too long, the best option is 5-10 mm.

  1. Draw an arrow in pencil

If you are afraid to draw arrows from a liquid eyeliner, draw a «path» with a black pencil. It is easier to erase and correct the result. In principle, the arrows with a pencil look nice by themselves, but still with the supply it will become more resistant and bright.

  1. Draw arrow points

This trick helps to beautifully draw arrows on the eyes with eyeliner, even if you are very new in this business. The first step draw the eyeliner to the lash line. Then draw the edge of the arrow to the desired angle (of types and forms shooter a huge amount, please be a picture that appeals to you, so you can repeat the make-up). To beautifully complete the area of the arrow before you draw line, dot, which you will in the future focus. Connect the tip of the arrow points with the main line.

Of course, you can draw a straight line from the area of the planned hands to mid-eye, but there is a risk somewhere curled, but somewhere beyond. Landmarks as points of great help in the question how to draw eyes with eyeliner.

Increasing or decreasing the width of the arrow, you can change your makeup from everyday to evening, but if you choose a bright eyeliner liquid eyeliner accent on the lips should not do, otherwise the makeup will look vulgar. From lipstick, of course, should not give up, but give preference to sudovia and subtle shades.

If you have additional questions or tips on how to draw eyes in eyeliner, leave them in the comments.

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