How in the home become beautiful?

Every woman should follow their appearance, which consists of healthy skin, hair, nails, internal organs and systems, clothes, behavior, manners of speech. Beauty is a well – groomed, and well – groomed- constant improvement of what has given you nature, self-development in terms of appearance. Every girl, a girl and a woman is obliged to deal with them. How in the home become beautiful? It’s easier than you think. The main thing – to nurture your beauty on a regular basis. But here are a few secrets and tips to help you with this.

How to become a very beautiful and well-kept for 30 days

If it is correct to approach the problem, then you can achieve tangible results. How to become beautiful and well-groomed in a month at home? Ponder the question, what stands in the way of beauty? This could be a bad closet, extra weight, cosmetic problems. Ugly, scary people, there is only lazy. On the basis of these points it is necessary to make a strategic plan and to act. The following tips will help you become beautiful:

  • A healthy person is always beautiful. No problems with the internal systems, organs will ensure you hygiene, without which you will not be able to maintain your state of mind. To become beautiful, you must create a health, because the cause of that effulgence. This means that you must have a strong immune system, no diseases, extra weight, polished set, flexibility of joints, muscles, absence of bad habits, the presence of physical energy.
  • To become a beautiful at home, you will need to do various treatments. Nail care, hair, body, face should be fun to pass effortlessly.

The girl cares for the person at home

  • Always use only your own items to become a beautiful at home: comb, washcloth, brushes, sponges, etc.
  • Get rid of your cosmetics, the shelf life which ended to be beautiful and not to cause harm.
  • Eat your vitamins at home to become beautiful. The body needs certain substances which – depending on the time of year. However, each time to be tested in order to find out what vitamins you need, difficult. So it turns out that while taking multivitamin preparations some substances we saturate the body, and the other is perenosimom, that is poison. To avoid this, follow this scheme: week of taking multivitamins, make a break and drink 7 days mineral water, which removes unwanted substances from the body. After you repeat the course again until the whole package.
  • The most favorable time for skin care to become beautiful in the home, is the period from 19 to 21 hours. You need to focus on this gap.
  • Pay attention to the composition of cosmetics, because you don’t need a rash on the face from low-quality components to become beautiful in the home.
  • Always try to keep your posture to be beautiful, because it is not only beneficial to your appearance but also on health.
  • Keep clean not only the body but also the mind to become beautiful in the home. You at the moment – it is the result of your thoughts yesterday. Try to think positively, to learn new things every day to develop, learn new crafts and Hobbies. It will make you interesting, intelligent person and a person that will have an impact on self-esteem. After all, outer beauty without inner impossible.

Beautiful woman sleeping

  • Observe the mode of wakefulness and sleep to become a beautiful at home. You need to go to bed no later than 10 PM, as the nervous system rests, from 21 to 24 hours. Sleep should last at least 8 hours and not more than 10.
  • Correctly determine your skin type and hair to be beautiful, according to this pick up care on their own or consult a professional beautician.
  • Be sure to visit the cosmetician, cure the teeth that require to become beautiful.
  • Pick feminine clothing that fits your figure, complexion, inner self, character, way of life, to become beautiful in the home.

Effective ways to become the most attractive

Every girl can become beautiful in the home, if you really want it. For result you need to make efforts, spend time, have patience. There are some effective ways that will help you to find the desired attraction:

  • Learn to love yourself to be beautiful without a visit to the salons, at home. You should be able to apply themselves, know their worth. Every day tell yourself that your body compliments, gently slather themselves with creams and various lotions after a shower.
  • Try every day to do something nice to make yourself look beautiful even at home: view your favorite movie, read an interesting book, making small gifts, chat with nice people, organize days of relaxation.

The girl draws a beautiful portrait

  • Pick the makeup that suits you, without a stylist in the home to be beautiful. Watch the videos and learn to do it correctly.
  • Make it a rule to always look attractive, even if you go to throw away trash, in order to become beautiful without any extra costs at home.
  • Develop yourself flying campaign, an easy smile on the face, nice soft erotic voice.

The solution to the problem of excess weight

Proper nutrition, exercise is the only sure way to get rid of the accumulated pounds. To lose weight, become beautiful, you must spend more calories than you get. Increase the consumption you can by active work, and reduce control over the calorie content of food. However, it is important for the quality of food as 1000 calories gained from sweets are no better than 1600 kcal from vegetables and fish. Every day should be aerobic activity to become beautiful, and a hard workout three times a week.

You need to consume more protein, which is considered the building blocks of tissues, muscles. Along with training, this trick will help you quickly build muscle and the bigger it is, the more energy is burned. Do not forget about drinking regime, because at small fluid flow slows down metabolism. In addition, water removes wastes, toxins, helps to lose weight and become beautiful. Not be amiss to flavor food with ginger, cinnamon, all of which have fat burning properties.

Woman decides

Give preference to fats rather than carbohydrates, as the former give a feeling of fullness for a longer time contain fewer calories. The diet should consist of five meals to be beautiful: three main and two snacks. For effective relief of excess weight you need to take at least 10,000 steps daily. Ditch unhealthy eating habits. Do not neglect Breakfast, which will give you the necessary energy. These tips will help you without harm to health lose weight, become beautiful.

How to be younger and more beautiful without makeup

To home to be beautiful, to look younger, not necessarily to put a ton of makeup, what you will see with photos of celebrities. The rejection of decorative cosmetics involves attention to the clean, fresh look of your skin. It is necessary to do daily facial massage, which tones, prevents wrinkles, helps to be beautiful. At home high efficiency show a face with ice cubes, drawing masks. It is important to regularly exfoliate your skin, return it to its former luster.

More youthful, beautiful appearance contribute well-groomed eyebrows. They should not be plucked too: give preference to the natural width. Follow the correct shape, remove the hairs that stand out of the crowd. To eyebrows well-groomed look, apply a mixture of burdock, castor, almond oil. Important components of natural beauty are nails, hair. Follow hair who always needs to look neat to be beautiful.

Beautiful young girl

To give hair health and Shine, use special masks, balms, conditioners. Don’t forget every month to freshen up my haircut, saying goodbye to split ends, which do not add beauty to your appearance. Learn to make beautiful manicure, to monitor the condition of nails. Regularly arrange strengthen and baths. Hands can show your age, so use sunscreen with ingredients that improve the skin structure.

If you want a home to be beautiful, to look younger, then give up sunbathing. Tan visually makes the older ultraviolet rays dry the skin, which age has problems with moisture retention, collagen production. Do not go outside without sunscreen, headgear. And the last important point is hormone therapy. Because after 50 years of declining production of female sex hormones, in the absence of contraindications prescribe special drugs. It helps to keep internal, this nature beauty.

Magic, charms and spells to become a beautiful woman

Each woman dreams to become beautiful and attractive in the home. There are various methods of the women’s Arsenal to achieve the desired goal. To follow their appearance at home is necessary for everyone. As an additional means can make use of magical rituals:

  • The conspiracy of water on a full moon to become a beautiful at home – fill a small container about 2/3 full. Place it so that it reflected the full moon. Three times read the following words: «As you month, white, round, and I’ll have soft skin, beautiful face. Share your light with me, give with the brow pearl. Go to the bathhouse to relax, soak in the foam, warming the bones, thrilled by the heat. You drench me water key». Water leave overnight and the next morning drench it yourself after taking a bath or baths.
  • Morning ritual to become a beautiful at home – a month every morning you must recite the prayer. This will help you to be more attractive to men. Better to make the ritual became a habit to run daily. Type in a bowl of water, read a prayer: «white Swan drank the water, I left a little bit. Yes, water is not easy, and rejuvenating, the key to be beautiful but the people are nice.» Wash your face with this water.

The plots on the beauty

  • Beauty for a month at home – born first hours of the month are considered to be the strongest and most effective. Say the following conspiracy at that time so often as desired: «New moon was born, the beauty shared with me. My face is white, soft leather, slim waist, long hair. Mouth like the sun, cheeks, zorenka at sunrise. On the white light dearer to me.»
  • The plot to the beauty of the body in the home. Stand naked in front of the full-length mirror, read at night by the light of natural candles: «From toe to top I’m good. The disease vanished. Arrives the day in my body health, harmony, flexibility and beauty. And let’s always be».

Video: How to be beautiful and slim at home

Imposed by glossy magazines, the standard of beauty is very rare in real life, so many girls are unhappy with their own appearance. Few people are comfortable with that meet the standards is not possible. For this reason, women always manage to find faults and flaws. Each girl is able to flourish, having learned the science of how to be beautiful at home. After all, cleanliness is a pledge of confidence. Shown in the video tips will help you improve your appearance.

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