How beautifully put make-up eye shadow makeup features

Tips on how to paint eyes shadows

How beautiful and the right thing to do eye makeup shadowsThe calling card of a woman is her eyes, in the eyes of people staring at their first contact and communication. It is therefore important to be able to profitable and skillfully emphasize your eyes with makeup. And here the important thing is not to make mistakes and to find a middle ground, because the eyes without makeup may seem faceless, its excessive application it may seem to others vulgarising, and made a make-up shades is substandard and unscrupulous manufacturers, you may create an impression of untidiness.

Many women like to copy celebrity make-up, but sometimes the end result is very different, not in favor of women. It should be understood that the makeup of the stars involved a highly professional makeup artists, they have mistakes can not be. When the self-same performance makeup, you need to learn how to pick and use cosmetics, given the reason for the creation of makeup, time of day of its application, its General image, as well as the type of skin and many others.

This is what we will talk today. How to paint eyes shadows, which features eye makeup, consider in detail and step by step.

How to prepare for the eye makeup?

Every ladies should have all the necessary supplies to create a flawless make-up, namely, sponges, brushes (wide and thin), applicators. The quality of related devices depends not only your comfort and even application of cosmetics, but also reducing the potential risk of damage to delicate eyelid skin.

Before you apply shadows on eyes, you need to properly prepare your skin for the makeup. We are talking about applying a moisturizer to the eye area, and then on the correct disguise dark circles.

After a light moisturizer is fully absorbed (about 10 minutes), proceed to eliminate the dark circles under the eyes and other imperfections.

To «disguise» the tender and delicate skin, better suited to concealer. After using it, achieves the same effect as after concealer, but the concealer has a light and soft texture, it moisturizes and perfectly applied. This cosmetic product is usually in the form of a pencil or a tube with a brush. To prefer the better option, with a brush, such tools are more convenient to use as well as the product is applied with a brush does not stretch the skin. Concealer it is recommended to choose lighter at least in tone than the main Foundation.

How beautifully put make-up eye shadows

A secret dream of almost every girl, learn to paint eyes shadows so that men could not look away, and the women asked how it was possible to create such flawless makeup. We will tell you some secrets and tips cosmetologists and makeup artists, and you read, memorize and practice.

Many professionals in the field of makeup, I advise you to begin the makeover with a summing-up of their outline. But it’s not always convenient, since after applying eye shadow (especially if it is dark shades), the line is completely erased and becomes invisible, we have to draw the arrow again. Therefore, it may be easier to first paint the eye shadows, and only then to draw their contours. But, time allows, you can do it before and after applying eye shadow.

We recommend you to watch:

  • How to draw eyes in pencil
  • How to draw arrows on the eyes

Another rule that you must remember: if you want to apply beautiful eye shadow, in any case, do not leave clear boundaries makeup. In other words, clear color «semicircle» with shadow on the eyelid, it will look ridiculous. Therefore, it will be correctly painted with the shadows, performing intermittent strokes, starting from the lashes and moving towards the flanks.

Now consider some points of how to apply shadow on the eye:

  • If you use a light, dairy eyeshadows, they can be applied to the eyebrows, using as the base color;
  • If you use several different shades of shadows, light apply under the eyebrows, thus the look will seem to be more open;
  • The transition between the different shades must be well feathered with a brush or sponge;
  • If you want to stability the makeup was maintained for as long as possible, then after applying eye shadow, apply on the eyes a little transparent powder;
  • To makeup eyes seemed to be completed, also emphasize the bottom line shadows of the same tone as that of upper eyelid, but the touches should be very light, thin, careful and well-feathered.

How to apply shadows based on your eye

Every girl should be able not only to paint beautiful shadows, but also profitable emphasize your eyes or to hide minor flaws.

For example, little eyes need visually enlarge, and this can be done by using a peculiar play of color. Makeup need to use two shades, light to use on the inner eye area, and the darker should cover the eyelid and the lower boundary, from about the middle. Read more in the article «How to increase eye with makeup».

To properly apply eye shadows, which are widely located, internal corners, it is better to paint dark shades of shadows, and for a basis we take the average tone. Yes, visually it is possible to reduce the space between the eyes.

Close the eyes, you can zoom out using the white shade in the inner part of the century until the mid.

To correct deep-set eyes, it is recommended to put the eye shadows 3 different shades, blends well together. Underneath the eyebrows should apply a light shade, the upper eyelid can be covered with shadows, mid-tones, and the inner corners to paint the dark shadows.

Choosing a basic tone for eye makeup, focus on the place and time for which you prepare makeup, and don’t forget to consider your complexion. For an everyday look, choose the natural, pastel colors and apply them is not too intense. For evening or formal event, appropriate makeup dark shadows. But, in any case, it is necessary to begin always with the application of bright color.

If you periodically study all kinds of advice and tips, and actively experiment with makeup, and yet you can’t learn how to use shadows, or the result is not as I would like to see, schedule a few visits to a professional makeup artist who will tell you how to paint the eyelids with shadow, what color scheme is best used to create a bright image, attracting the admiring glances of others.

Irresistible you makeup and unique look!

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