How to grow out bangs?

How to grow out bangsIn terms of their appearance, women are very fickle they always want to change something, to try something new. Often especially ladies are experimenting with their hair. Nothing is so uplifting and does not change a habitual way, as a new fashionable hairstyle. It happens that in a fit of lust for change, the woman asks the hairdresser to cut her bangs. And really, the hair looks very stylish with beautifully coiffed bangs. But, over time, a woman may face a number of unpleasant or unpleasant moments connected with the tuft, for example:

  • on morning blow need much more time
  • frequent trips to the hairdresser, as the fringe grows constantly and requires a correction of its length. .

These and other reasons force a woman to ponder the question, how quickly getting bangs. Besides, today it is very fashionable and beautiful when women «open» face, and if you do not want to hide the forehead, and the bangs completely useless.

Today, all experimenters discuss the topic, how to grow bangs, how long this process will take time, and that you can create on the head while he was still in the stage of regrowth.

Tips and recommendations on how to grow bangs

how to grow bangsClearly, if a decision was made on the sprouting bangs, you want it faster caught up with the level of the rest of the hair, not his neck and did not stop when creating new hairstyles. It should be understood that the elongation of the fringe depends on the speed of hair growth, and for some need not one year, so bangs are «hidden» in the General stacks.

But, in our power to help speed up your hair growth, make them more strong and healthy. Want to quickly grow your bangs, then try to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • protect your hair from negative impact of external factors (UV rays, cold, wind, dryness, etc.);
  • Use hair dryers, irons, plates, etc. only when absolutely necessary, and take care heat protect your hair, apply a special product to protect hair from drying out and breaking during styling;
  • Try not to use all kinds of cosmetic styling products (mousse, gels, varnishes, etc.), because of the chemical. The components within them severely harm the hair, making them weak and dry. If I had to use a tool to create long fixing, then be sure to treat your hair restorative or nourishing mask.
  • Correctly select for themselves the comb. Prefer softer materials: natural bristle, wood or plastic. Discard the metal combs, they tear the hair and damage the scalp and provoke dandruff, in this regard, Wolsey practically cease to grow.
  • Painting seriously harm your hair, because as a result of exposure of the chemical. substances (particularly ammonia) destroys the structure of the hair, so do not expect that hair will begin to grow furiously.
  • If you want to quickly grow hair after a bad haircut, start taking vitamins and mineral complexes, because of the rapid growth of hair and nails need to in the body had all the necessary components. It is especially important to enrich the body with vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, R.
  • Another great way how to grow bangs quickly, it is to devote time daily self-massage. It is proven that massage improves circulation and as a result, the hair starts to grow more intense.

These are the basic tips, listening to which you can accelerate hair growth. But, there is also a lot of tools to stimulate the hair follicles to significantly accelerate the growth of hair, and bangs in particular.

How to quickly grow your bangs at home — popular recipes

how to grow out bangs

If you want to grow hair, do not have to spend huge amounts on recovery procedures in salons, to achieve a good result, sometimes it is enough to regularly use natural home remedies for hair growth. Want fast and beautiful to grow out bangs? Then, take note of the following recipes.

  1. For centuries, one of the most popular means to strengthen the hair, it was wort. You may have heard of the stories of your grandmothers or great-grandmothers that beer rubbed into the roots, or rinsed their hair. Today many variations of the beer masks, one of them contain egg whites. Apply this mixture on head and leave on for an hour.
  2. Very effective for hair growth oil. Especially famous castor and burdock oil, for best efficiency, they can be mixed with honey, yeast, cognac, egg yolks.
  3. To speed up hair growth, it is necessary to intensify the work of the hair follicles and awaken the dormant follicles. It can be done, if fully engaged in improving the blood circulation of the scalp. For this purpose, a suitable mask with rosemary, mustard, pepper vodka, coffee and alcohol component. One of the selected ingredients you need to mix with something more nutritious, such as honey or oil, because «Goryachie» components are typically very dry skin.

All of these Wellness and recovery procedure will help you speed up the process of sprouting the once-beloved bangs. But getting bangs for the week you are unlikely to succeed, it will require a little more time, and therefore need to find some version of how to style bangs growing until it merged with the General mass of hair.

Hairstyles with half-inch bangs

Of course, if you have very short bangs, then you should have patience and grow it at least to 7 inches, and then you can start to experiment with various hairstyles.

Stab your bangs when growing, the easiest and most convenient way of styling among women. Options are many, you should only acquire all sorts of hairpins and invisible.

  • як-byistro-otrastit-chelku2Looks nice fringe combed back and fixed with a hairpin. To give a certain mischief, you can gently make the bangs shaggy. The main thing is not to overdo it, so with a cheerful Tomboy doesn’t turn into a slob.
  • You can take the bangs to one side, for example, hiding invisible under the long strands of hair or simply fixing it with the original clip. By the way, this is a great way to grow oblique bangs, because if you constantly put the bangs to the side, the hair will get used and will go in this direction.
  • There are evening options for hairstyles when growing bangs. For example, you can create on the head voluminous «cocoon», raising all the hair to the top and Cycling back the bangs. If the hairs will puff up, you can pin them with Bobby pins, matched to the color of your hair. For fixing you can use some lacquer or other styling products. If a beautiful cocoon did not work, just try to collect hair in a high bun.
  • For women, tradeways bangs, very helpful will all sorts of bandages, headbands, and even silk ribbons and scarves.

Not yet regrown bangs is a part of your image, don’t be afraid to dream and try new hairstyles. Believe me, time will fly by and you will not notice how your bangs will grow back and will stop bothering you short, topotushki hairs.

Create the image that you will feel most comfortable, be irresistible and self-confident!

Maybe you have a feminine secret or tip for how to style bangs that grow? Share your experiences and recommendations in the comments.

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