How to paint eyes with pencil

How to paint eyes with pencilEvery girl dreams to be able to paint beautiful eyes. But the makeup must be correct: tidy, quite noticeable and to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and to hide the deficiencies. Need to know the clear distinction to your everyday makeup is not turned into a «war paint».

Today we will discuss the basic principles and tips on how to draw eyes in pencil, to get a spectacular and charming look. In addition, this article will disclose some techniques for applying a cosmetic pencil for different types of eyes and people.

Pick up a pencil

Before you start to practice different ways of applying eye makeup, you need to carefully approach the selection of a cosmetic pencil. Today, the shelves are a huge number of pencils of different companies that differ in appearance, shape, quality and usage. Mainly include the following kinds of pencils:

  • how to draw eyes in pencilA standard wooden pencil. The main advantage of wooden pencils is that on their surface are less likely to accumulate and breed bacteria and microorganisms that cause various eye diseases like conjunctivitis. However, there are drawbacks. For example, a wooden pencil often broken pencil, especially after falling on the floor. Also of note is a rather laborious procedure of sharpening, especially if we are talking about hard «pressed» pencils.
  • Mechanical pencil. This pencil is very convenient to use, since you can independently adjust the length of the stylus. In addition, it does not need to constantly erode.
  • The eyeliner pencil. This kind of liner is made in the form of a pen for more convenient and familiar to use. Instead of a stylus he has a thin applicator. Generally, arrows with the use of such cosmetic pencil eyeliner, thinner and sustainable. But to learn how to use the pencil with the applicator to completely master the technique of drawing a simple pencil.
  • There is also a pencil for the domestic century, it is called pencil. It consists of natural soot, and substances of plant origin, so it does not irritate like regular cosmetic pencil.

In addition to the form and method of use, the pencils vary in hardness. Experts say that the easiest way to apply a soft eyeliner, but at high humidity (rain, snow, strong sweating), your makeup can simply «leak». Pencils with solid lead holding up much better, but they are a little harder to do makeup. Therefore, the best solution would be to pick up a pencil with medium degree of hardness.

For girls who are prone to allergic reactions should also note that the pencil was hypoallergenic.

Choose the color of the pencil

Once with the firm and the shape you have decided it is time to move on to color selection. Of course, the most popular was and remains a black eyeliner because it is very versatile and suitable for any kind of makeup, will combine well with any eye shadow and lipstick. It should be noted that the black color emphasizes and highlights the eyes, making the look very expressive and open.

Brown eyeliner will work, if there is a need to adjust the shape of the eyes. Also this shade pencil can be useful to emphasize eyebrow line or outline the lips.

makeup with black eyelinerColored cosmetic pencils, such as green or blue eyeliner, most frequently in demand among women with light eyes. Selecting a particular shade, you need to consider your eye color, skin tone, features of the image and the event for which you want to do make-up.

Gray eyeliner will suit you well for every day , if you are light skinned and blonde, because black color frames the eyes, can make makeup is too vulgar.

Many women wonder, why we need a white eye pencil, because it still no one will notice. Actually it is not so. Using the white pencil, can radically change the look. For example, to make it more open, it is enough to apply a little below the brow line and carefully smudge it. To visually enlarge the eyes, apply white eyeliner on the inner century. In addition, many women have figured out that if applied on the upper eyelid white pencil, shadows fall evenly and stay longer. Makeup with white eyeliner looks very natural, fresh and relaxed.

In the summer, young ladies, to create a fashionable and striking makeup, you can afford to use the pencils yellow, emerald, gold and even bright pink.

How to paint eyes with pencil, application technique

Makeup artists say that to make a perfect make-up by using simple steps. In practice, the event takes no more than 10 minutes, and if the hand is already Packed, we can meet in 5.

So nice to draw eyes in pencil, you need to start a little prep the skin with Foundation. A correction is essential, especially to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

Instead of the basics can be applied on the eyelids any neutral shade. If this is not done, then the century will quickly begin to form sebum, which means it will Shine and the shadows and pencil will soon be rolled up in ugly stripes.

Now go directly to how to draw eyes in pencil. Take a pencil and gently draw a thin line from the inner corner to the temples. Try to keep the line passed close to the base of the eyelashes.

Lower eyelids also gently move a thin line. It should gradually go from the inner corner of the eye end can be slightly smudged. Smudge eye pencil helps to achieve some of the softness of the makeup and hide the clear boundaries of the transition.

To complete the eye makeup, type in the brush a little eye shadow and blend the arrows. How to smudge eyeliner? Feather is the direction to head, neat intermittent movements.

Makeup for eyes with a pencil, given the shape of the eye

It is important to be able to choose makeup based on the individual characteristics of the eye.

The owners of the correct almond shape, there is no need to correct the shape with a pencil. It will be enough to draw eyes in pencil to the area of the eyelashes on both eyelids, and apply a lengthening mascara on the lashes.

If you have a round or slightly bulging eyes, it would be appropriate to slightly raise the eyebrows and to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes with a thin arrow on the upper eyelid.

For narrow eyes Asian varieties, the best option would be the application of fat dark arrows on the upper eyelid almost to the end edge.

To visually adjust the close-set eyes, makeup artists recommended to draw an arrow from the middle of the century. In this case, it is best if the shadows in the corner of the eye will be lighter than the outer edges.

Now you know how beautifully put make-up eye pencil. Even if you did not work carefully to bring the eye from the first time, no need to despair. In this case, the main practice. Experiment with the length or thickness of the arrows, with hints of pencil. By trial you will choose the most suitable makeup style.

Be impeccable!

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