Photos and videos ways to tie a tippet on the neck and the head

stole photoTo make your look more romantic or, on the contrary, more elegant, with a variety of accessories. Among these important things is a special place for tippet. A stole is a trendy accessory that came to us from ancient times. If earlier ladies used this tool only as a great protection from the cold, in real life tippet is a great addition to almost any outfit.

What is tippet? The most common and classic tippet is a small piece of fabric that can be completely different colors. Is the tippet and monochrome and colour. Depending on how tied this thing, the lady becomes elegant or other remarkable appearance.

the photo shows how beautiful tie a tippet on the neck

Photos and videos ways to tie a tippet on the neck and the head

Photos and videos ways to tie a tippet on the neck and the head

photo of tying a tippet on the neck
Photos and videos ways to tie a tippet on the neck and the head
First of all, it is important to note that the material of which may be made the subject may be quite different. It can be cotton, knit, fur. The tippet material is selected based on the goal of the modern fashionista. It is important to remember that the stole can be worn in daily life, that is, with the most common items items. And it can be worn on a romantic evening or a celebration with friends.

How to wear a stole?

Most often, a fur stole is selected for attachment to upper garment. Well in this case to tie a tippet to a bulky scarf. But choosing an accessory, you need to combine the height and the volume of fur products.

In the same way knotted and knitted or woolen tippet. Prettiest it would look on a fall coat or a fur coat.

But special treatment requires a tippet instead of a cap. Is nothing the greatest secret that many women and girls are unable to pick up a dignity hat. Tippet on the head can be replaced and a summer Panama, and warm fur hat for the winter. The main thing you need to create the perfect image, is to know how to tie a tippet on the head.

There are several common ways to tie a tippet. But with the same success you can own to figure out a way to tie this accessory different.

How beautiful tie a scarf-the scarf-stole on your head?

When as a Supplement to the garment or as a headdress used tippet how to tie it — this is the main task. Consider the most common ways of wearing this piece.

the photo step-by-step diagram of how beautiful tie a tippet on the head

tie a stole

  • The most simple but very beautiful way will serve as another way of wearing the stole: it takes in the head, the tippet needs to go around the head, but the ends should be brought forward. Then the ends of the tippet twisted like a tourniquet and wrapped around her head remains lowered all must fill in the resulting bundle.
  • With the help of tippet, you can create an image of Oriental beauty, this item jumped on his head, the ends start forward, but one end of the tippet should be considerably longer than the second. Then, using conventional studs long end of which is attached to under the chin of the woman. Left the long end you can throw behind your head, but you can pull along the body is found.
  • Tippet on the head in winter, you can tie the following way: just throw a scarf on her head, the ends to take him back, and then tie them in a knot. To the subject brought not only grace, but also the beauty, it is necessary that the stole was made of warm material.

How to tie a scarf on the neck, see this link /kak-zavyazat-platok-na-shee/, and ways of tying a scarf on the head here.

Clearly, as the tippet is tied on the head look at the video:

Share with our readers in the comments, what other ways and methods to tie an unusual accessory — a tippet.

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