How to tie a scarf on the neck

How to tie a women's scarf on the neckThe scarf is perhaps one of the most versatile accessories from the wide variety. It is equally relevant for men and for women. Used not only as decoration but also to hide the flaws (age-related skin changes of the neck, double chin, too protruding collarbones, etc.). With the help of a scarf can vary a relatively small closet. Finally, it is multifunctional: it is possible not only to tie on the neck, but to use as a summer top, beach dress or pareo, decorate them with hats and handbags, to use instead of a belt. A lot of options on what the imagination will suffice.

How to tie a scarfScarves are warm «winter», usually used for warmth and light and airy «summer», which is often worn to create a particular image. The same scarf tied in different ways can dramatically change your look, give the severity or playfulness, practicality or romance. Properly selected and tied a scarf is appropriate always and everywhere: white lace scarf covering the shoulders of the bride, simply silky knot in the neck of a business lady, knitted scarf, enveloping playful toddler or a scarf football fan with your favorite team’s logo. As nicely tie a scarf on the neck every day to look good and fashionable? Consider a few ways, they are not so difficult to master, and the effect is stunning.

Ways of tying scarves around the neck - photos

Ways of tying scarf on the neck

1. Trendy way to tie a scarf around the neck.The most basic way to tie a scarf on neck, simple single node. Here, special skills are not necessary. Toss the scarf over your neck so that both ends look forward and tying them with a knot. The degree of tightening of the knot can vary depending on what effect you need to do: freezing the citizen or a casual adventurer.

2. To give elegance and refinement will help the site «Ascot». This way of tying a scarf is used only with square scarves. Fold the handkerchief diagonally. Wrap around the neck of the obtained triangular scarf so that the ends are on the back, and the top of the triangle on the front, crossed the ends and throw them forward and tie or a simple knot or small bow. The scarf should not be free to hang out, strictly adheres to the neck.

3. To give extra warmth and volume effect will help double knot. Double-wrapped the long scarf around neck and tie loosely hanging ends of the knot. Scarf you can tuck under your clothes, and you can leave the ends dangle as you like.

4. to tie a scarf double knotThe square knot is perfect for collars and put reserved and modest accents. Fold the scarf a neat rectangle and transfer through the neck under the collar so that one end was longer than the other. Tie the ends in a knot, and the length must be at the top, then a long portion extending back short and is threaded in a loop. Gently pull that scarf follow the contours of the collar and optionally hide the ends under the clothes.

5. How to tie a scarf on the neck of the snake. An excellent option for sophisticated and refined natures. Made of light long scarves. Tie ends of scarf knots and loop it into the harness. Wrap several times around the neck, thread the ends under the top near the front, cross it over the top of him and miss under the rest of the series.

6. Node «bandana» perfect for lovers of sports style and casual wear. To perform such a node takes large square or triangular silk scarf (a square folded on the diagonal to triangular). Triangular cloth wrap on the wide edge to the middle, leaving triangle free. Then the scarf is laid on the shoulders of the negligent folds, and tied in the front with a simple knot.

7. Make a necklace out of a scarf. This original accessory is perfect for creating summer and fashionable image. Made of lightweight rectangular scarves. Throughout its length approximately equal intervals tie off the knots, leaving the ends free. And then these same tips tie a knot in the neck.

zКак to tie a scarf on the neck

8. European (Parisian) way of tying a scarf are very popular and simple. It is suitable to all without exception and can be performed in any scarf or even a long scarf, folded to a rectangle. Fold the scarf in half, you can leave one end longer than the other. Loop it by the neck: on one side are free ends, with the other formed a loop. And here in this loop and threading the ends of the scarf. You can tighten under the chin, and it is possible to leave free the ends you can tuck under clothing, and can be left to blow. This method not only answers the question how to tie a scarf on the neck, but how to do it simply, safely and effectively. This option is very suitable for babies, the scarf is not untied while running and games, so you don’t need to pull up your favorite child to correct the scarf.

How to tie a scarf European site

9. Glamorous Bohemian way of tying scarf will make you feel at altitude. Looks especially good with large scarves from expensive fabrics. Just freely loose, wrap it around your neck and leave the ends freely hanging. Lay the beautiful folds.

How to tie a scarf on your head

Watch how to tie a scarf on your head in this video:

These are just a few ways of tying of many invented. And how many more options have to invent! Who knows, maybe you will become the Creator of one of the ways of tying scarf on the neck? Experiment!

Here article, which tells how to tie arapatka to read and how to tie a scarf on your head go.

Video that shows the beautiful ways to tie a scarf on the neck:

25 ways to tie a scarf on the neck:

How beautiful tie a scarf on the neck video:

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