Popular ways to straighten hair at home

straight hair photoIn the famous joke about female logic that says «if the hair is straight from birth – reel, if curly – straighten it!», there is considerable truth to it. How to straighten hair without a flat iron, we will cover in this article!

How NOT to properly straighten your hair?

  • Pad

Why do so many girls refuse to use an iron? The reason is simple and sad: the thermal impact is very detrimental effect on the hair. Constant use will cause the hair loses its attractive appearance, are fragile, brittle and lifeless. That is why, many are asking how to align hair without a flat iron or Curling iron.

  • Hairdryer + comb

In addition to Ironing some ladies prefer to use the Hairdryer and brush. There are also a few tricks. For example, a comb should be selected based on the length of the hair: the longer, the greater must be the diameter of the brush. Secondly, not every standard is to straighten hair. Most likely, if the device has no special features and accessories, the result will not disappoint you.

Besides, despite the fact that this method affects the hair at a lower intensity, still negative the effect is clearly there. This is again the influence of temperature of hot air from a hair dryer. Just some girls use a hair dryer with cold air flow to dry your hair is much longer.

  • The chemical procedure of straightening

In the pursuit of straightening your hair long, a curly by nature ladies are turning to the salon for a chemical straightening. Yes, most likely they will get their way: their hair will look straight for a month or even two. But even experts do not recommend to use this method, because it radically changes the structure of the hair and endangers every follicle. Solid chemical reagents are not brought health any hair!

How to straighten hair at home?

We can say that straightening for long term in the home is almost impossible. However, if you use the following tips regularly, the problem curly hair might leave you with the nearest shampooing.

straighten hair without a flat iron
So, how to straighten hair without a hair dryer and Ironing? We will offer you several ways to do this. You can try them all and focus on what you like more.

  1. Cosmetic masks for hair straightening

These include also creams, serums, oils, masks and sprays. Usually these products contain ingredients that weigh hair down: chemical additives, oil and even harmful silicone. But often the effect of their use is greatly exaggerated. You will undoubtedly be easier to deal with hair, if they have been naughty, and will take less time for their rectification.

Each product has its own characteristics and must be considered individually, we will focus on straightening at home.

  1. Rinsing

in the photo straightened hairIf, after each shampooing, pour the hair with herbal decoctions or infusions, you can achieve dramatic, but still valuable rectification.

As herbs are recommended chamomile, nettle, burdock, oak bark, etc. in advance, Prepare a decoction: 1-2 table.spoon herb or mixture of herbs pour boiling water and leave to infuse and cool. Strain the broth and pour evenly over hair after washing, without washing with water.

Lemon juice or vinegar is another components that contribute to the rectification. In addition, it dries and lightens hair, so be careful and consider: the suitability of this method. Per liter of water in this case we have 1 table.a spoon of lemon juice or vinegar. Learn how to use lemon for hair, see the link /limon-dlya-Volos/

  1. Tea with sugar

Are you surprised that this public tool can straighten hair? And it really is! Brew a strong tea with a half tsp.sugars, rinse their hair. Do not add sugar in larger quantities, it can glue the curls.

  1. Colorless henna

Yes, this also exists. Henna promotes the thickening and, consequently, heavier hair. So they become straight.

There are opposing views about the benefits and harms of henna, but only you can decide on the use of this tool for straightening hair.

  1. Mask for hair straightening at home

This subject is so vast that it deserves an entire section of this article!

Homemade masks for hair straightening

mask for hair straightening
Usually their composition is based on oil, which not only fills the hair with small scales, but also aggravate him, thus rectifying. But unfortunately, large quantities of oils in the mask is not very happy owners of a hair, prone to fat. So we tried to consider all types of hair, so you can choose something suitable.

  • A mixture of oil = power for dry hair!

Burdock, castor and burdock oil, mix in equal quantities, slightly warm in a water bath (so to speak, to accelerate the action) and spread evenly over entire length of hair including the roots (especially if you want to grow long hair in no time or suffer from dry scalp). Cover with a shower cap and a towel for warming.

Also read what oils accelerate hair growth.

Wash off the mask after 40 minutes with lots of shampoo. Will help to wash off a solution of lemon juice: 0.5 liters of hot water + a few drops of lemon juice.

  • Olive oil is useful not only for salad!

The cooking method is similar to the previous mask with one condition: to keep the head under the influence of the oil should be 40 minutes, and all night, then the effect will be spectacular!

  • Vinegar for irresist and curly hair

Moistened in Apple cider vinegar with a cotton pad, you need to get wet their hair over the entire length (you may need a decent amount of drives, they can also be replaced by a simple shawl, so will be even faster).

More information about the use of Apple cider vinegar, read on here /yablochnyiy-uksus-dlya-Volos/

This recipe can complicate: add vinegar to oil in the ratio of 1:2. As oil you can use olive, burdock, almond, and even peach. Each oil has unique properties and is struggling with various problems, but that’s another topic.

The mixture should pour a small amount of warm water, mix well and distribute on all length of hair, leaving for 40 minutes. The greenhouse effect produced by a swimming cap and a towel will come in handy. Wash off the mask best gentle shampoo.

  • Hair straightening at home gelatin

Mask with gelatin and some even compared to the lamination of hair salons. But we will give you the opportunity to make an impression on this method.

Recipe: 2 table.spoon gelatin pour 6 table.spoons of warm water, leave for 10-15 minutes to swell (if it is possible to leave the mixture on for an hour or two, it doesn’t hurt!). Add the swollen gelatine in a tablespoon of your favorite beauty products for hair (mask or balm). Thoroughly lubricated with a mixture of all the strands, avoiding the roots at 4 cm. If you put the composition on the roots, will be very difficult to clean them.

Almost final step: insulation with polyethylene and towels.

With the mask you go in for an hour wash it thoroughly with warm water. The observed effect.

Making a hair mask at least once a week, you stop to think about how to straighten hair for a long time, because after all, they will look shiny, straight and luxurious.

If you want to straighten your hair for 3-6 weeks, do lamination hair with gelatin. This procedure can be done even at home.

  • Mask for hair straightening at home with milk and honey

This recipe not only promotes the straightening of the hair, but also moisturizing and nourishing.

Milk and honey are mixed in different proportions, to the mixture, you can add a banana or a strawberry.

The mask is applied across the length of the hair for an hour and washed off with running water.

As you can see, straightening hair in the home – not such a complicated process, if done regularly, you can forget how to use an iron. But I should say that neither one remedy to straighten hair without a flat iron are not able to change the structure of the hair permanently, making it straight.

I hope after reading this article, you will no longer seek an answer to the question how to straighten hair without straightener. If you overcame «curly» in the past, and you have an effective method, which was not stated in the text, please leave comments below.

About salon hair straightening keratin read in this article.

Perhaps your advice on how to make hair straight at home, like someone of our readers!

Remember: you are beautiful!

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