Highlights on dark brown hair

If you are tired of your monochrome hair color, but you don’t want to spoil your natural beauty, you can try for yourself the highlights. Highlights – this is staining of individual strands of hair in various shades. But natural hair color remains as a base for paint.

The procedure highlights

Those beauties who love their hair but want to change something in his style, highlights how the color version will suit you most.

Furthermore, such staining can even be very gentle when using paints that do not contain ammonia, especially when you consider the fact that the roots of the hair in this method the paint is applied.

Highlights very nicely as long-haired and short-haired. At all about all the color this way will take about two hours.

Note that when going for highlights, leave the unwashed head. When you decide you want a weave, preferably some time apply to hair mask, containing the basis of ceramides, oleic acid and tocopherol.

Looks like a classic dyeing? All the hair wizard divides into strands. For each of them to put a sheet of foil with the paint a few inches long strands. Circuit, incidentally, is also smeared with paint. Foil rolled into a pocket. This will ensure the safety of the dye within the foil and the strand. After that, the foil should be folded in half and proceed to staining the following strands for a few inches. This is a classic weave. There are other types of bleaching, which we now consider.

Highlights on dark brown hair

The types of highlighting

For dark hair colors often used in addition to classic highlighting still California (Shatush). It highlights the shades, where the roots darker and the ends of her hair – light. Transitions are obtained by a strip of special paper, where there is a contact between strands. This way you get the color transitions of 5-6 tones.

Another kind is an American tinted. It is most often used Cumulus beauties with hair of different lengths. By such a rendering as a result you will get a follow from one another in color and visually increase the volume of hair. Often dark hair miniroot in dark colors and get pyshnotu and Shine.

There is also a weave, named after the country of love – Venice – Venice. Will look gorgeous on long hair. With this highlighting the growth of your hair will not be very noticeable as it begins painting somewhere in 3 inches from the roots. Each strand of lights to the bottom of the shades. Thus, it all starts with your natural color gradually and smoothly into the white tips. Beautiful play of iridescent colors from one tone to another is guaranteed.

Can also polirovat your dark hair way to Ombre. It can be asymmetrical, vertical or horizontal. Short hair will gain volume and long – thickness. Typical of such weave smooth transitions of shades. Should start 10 cm from the roots, the transitions are right and the waves.

When highlighting Balaj dyed ends and bangs. Allowed staining in bright trendy colors (pink, green). Very well that highlighting (even just a dark color) on curls, long hair, cropped short cascade and Bob and Kara.

For piskoti and preserve the natural color of your hair, use brondirovanie. It uses dye close to the natural color shades.

So in conclusion, I would like to note that the care melirovanyh hair need special. To make the color stay vibrant and not fade in the sun, use special tools designed for melirovanyh hair. Sometimes use decoctions of herbs and hair masks. Do not dry your hair and eat plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables! The last two rules apply to all types of hair, regardless of whether they are painted or natural. Thus you get healthy and grateful for the care of the hair!

Highlights on dark brown hair

Highlights on dark brown hair

Highlights on dark brown hair