Highlights for short hair

In matters of colouring the views of women differ: some prefer to choose a single hue, others – supporters of the illumination and darkening of individual strands. Highlights for short and long hair different. Not to say that the result of staining cropped haircuts are bad, sometimes, on the contrary, the hair becomes more stylish.

What is a hair weave

Trendy haircut of the girl

Dyeing hair strands using two or more shades has long been known. In the presence of a variety of techniques, the essence remains the same: using the game colors result is a beautiful overflow of hair. If you will accept the result of staining depends on how the wizard is gaining locks: specialist in the cabin can capture for procrasti rare hide-and-seek, and can often streak. In the second case, especially if you are the owner of thinning hair, you risk to go similar to a watermelon. Ask the master to make the margins smaller, or use multiple shades.

May highlights at home

In the past departed the times when girls on their own at home dyed my hair white with the help of special hats by means of extraction from them of the strands. For short hair, this method worked rather well, but long-haired beauties had to painfully wait for home treatments. Often, the shade in this painting comes out ugly yellow, and streaked hair looked traumatized.

In place of such a strange way came the technique of using foil applied so far. At home you can use, including for short strands. However, keep in mind that not every foil suitable for procedures such as cooking foil, available in the Arsenal of Housewives, would be unsuitable because of its softness. Divided into sections that will be subjected to the influence of the dye mixture, it is necessary very carefully. The composition is better to test on a small area to see what color it is.

Styles and types highlighting

Venetian style

With time and the advent of new fashion trends, techniques in hair coloring gradually improving. Many salons refuse from the usual foil, mixing a few tones of color directly on the strands in the sink. To cropped hair approach, as a rule, more seriously, because the slightest flaw is immediately noticeable. Highlights on short dark hair is more common, but the blonde girl is also resorted to this type of staining.


If previously sun-bleached hair made girls urgently to paint strands in a different color, now it is a fashion trend. Salon Venetian craftsmen perform highlighting without foil, with the possibility of air access. The effect of burned hair needs to occur only on the Central part and at the ends, without affecting the roots. The wizard uses several close tones and mixes them with light strokes on a spinning wheel. This highlights for short hair too, but it looks less advantageous, due to the lack of length and inability to utilize the roots.


Highlights, which have received the name of the American state, involves obtaining the same effect as the Venetian. Coloring, usually done in brown and blond hair. The technique is a bit more complicated than that of Venetian highlighting:

  1. The first thing a specialist of parallel horizontal partings allocates the strands no more than 2 cm.
  2. On the highlighted parts apply lightener. It is important not to overdo it, not to spoil the hair and not to get a yellowish tint.
  3. After lighting using a softer tinting compounds. All you may need 5-6 shades. The mixture is applied to the strands chaotic, but nevertheless smooth, without sharp transitions.

Highlights on Kare

Square with multi-colored strands

Haircut in which the hair slightly shorter than shoulder level, for staining is almost universal. It is possible to try out any technique, achieving a soft iridescence, similar to the natural Shine and add volume. Caret a weave looks more interesting than the strands, painted in one color. The only mistake in painting such a length can be called, perhaps, the allocation of the painted strands of vertical parting in a strict sequence. In this case, the natural can not be achieved, and the hair will look old-fashioned.

A good hair coloring, Balazs

How to do weave with a beautiful French name, it is possible to spot the technique in Ombre. The only difference is that Balaj implies a smooth vertical transition from dark to light. Colorists likewise color the top layer of strands, dragging the color down and cover it in a different tone, achieving the softness of the transition. This option is available for long haired girls and the owners of hairstyles medium length for example, four of a kind. Very short hair will not allow you to pull the color and to demonstrate the diversity of colors.

Balaj on blonde hair

Beautiful weave blonde hair

Korotkovata blondes are lucky because the weave on short hair will look no worse than owners of long hair. In addition, the brunettes hair more injured when illuminated, the light can also just tinted. How many shades will be your hair – you decide. A greater number of colors will allow you to create smooth transitions regardless of the application method: vertical or horizontal.

Color highlights

When you want to add to the boring image of something original, that comes to the aid of staining of individual strands in bright colors. This highlights for short hair also do, and it does not have clear rules: you can paint a few strands near the face, or bangs to highlight the tips, and you can paint the hair colors of the rainbow. Black and dark brown hair to a beautiful shade need to lighten up, blondes also have to control the brightness of the tone.

Photo: trendy short hair highlighting

Fashion ideas 2016

Stylish options for coloring strands there is a huge number, most of them are available korotkovata girls. Highlight short haircut is a variety of ways, which eventually lead to different results. View pictures of highlighted models and celebrities in 2016, they will help you evaluate the color and submit it on his head.

Video: highlighting hair at home


Julia, 26 years:was the experience of bleaching at home using foil. I have dark short hair, slightly curly. As a stylist played a friend. Not only that, the color turned out ugly yellow, and laid in some spots. Had to dye my hair back. This lesson I remembered for a long time, so now paint only in salons.

Anna, 32 years:I tried highlighting Balaj, because friends praised this technique. Not cheap, but it was worth it. The shades are so smoothly into each other, giving a naturalness that is absolutely no feeling for color. Never thought that changing the color of the strands is able to change the image as a whole.

Maria, 24 years: Never liked the bleached strands running parallel to each other and accurately from the parting, therefore, to the suggestion of my stylist to do the highlights were skeptical. She explained that she will do the coloring of the Venetian technique. The result pleasantly surprised. Hair shimmer looks nice.

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