Highlighter for face

To create beautiful makeup skillfully emphasize beautiful facial features, it is necessary to have on make-up-Arsenal just a few cosmetics. Add skin’s radiance, highlight the cheekbones, eyes, to highlight the dimple on the lips and other areas of the face will help a tool such as a highlighter.

What is the highlighter

Product from MAC

Highlighter for the face is a real lifesaver, with which the skin will always look well-groomed, soft, fresh. This tool has other names – illuminizer or shimmer, due to the fact that gives light light, natural shade of skin. This powder helps to make the «shining» emphasis to certain areas of the face.

Shimmer can be used to highlight beautiful relief person to perform contouring or to hide minor cosmetic flaws. However, one should not expect that makeup can help to disguise a larger skin defects, for example, inflammation, acne or rash. The main task for lighting faces is to highlight the cheekbones, nose, lips, forehead.

What are the different types of

The palette of shades

Military to face a different consistency, texture, represented by a palette of different shades, easy to apply on the skin. A variety of these cosmetic products will help each girl to find the perfect option for yourself:

  1. Liquid convenient to use, after the application creates the effect of moist skin. Shimmer spreads easily and rests like a thin veil. For the application of highlighter for the face will need a special brush. Using illuminizer stresses relief, returns to fresh skin tone.
  2. Cream highlighter for the face will help to adjust the oval, and gives expression and definition. This kind of remedy is presented in the form of stick. Cream illuminator provides delicate and moisturized. It is recommended for sculpting specific areas. A creamy highlighter helps conceal minor imperfections.
  3. The compact option means that similar to the usual powder gives the face a subtle shimmer and a nice shade. Makeup artists recommend using a brush for the light, to distribute it.
  4. Crisp comes with a handy brush that simplifies application. Due to the small particles, the tool fits well on porous or skin irregularities.

How to choose a sculptor for the face

Need to know how to apply shiny powder on the face and how to choose based on the natural skin tone:

  1. Owners of pale skin should choose medium shades of silver or gray color.
  2. Doing your eye makeup, it is recommended to choose a shimmer pale pink, white.
  3. Girls with dark skin should choose a pencil eyeliner Golden bronze hue so the complexion will become fresh and bright.
  4. Owners of thin skin it is recommended to use a shiny powder blue, pink or purple hue.
  5. Shining powder peach colour suits olive or yellowish skin after applying the face is much fresher. In this case, you cannot use a bronzer.

How to apply highlighter on face: rules and diagram

Scheme application

To create the perfect makeup, you need to know where to apply highlighter and how to use it properly. This will help simple guidelines:

  • Shimmer is applied just after using Foundation.
  • The tone of the coverage needs to match a shade of Foundation.
  • How to apply highlighter liquid? You need to take 1-2 drops on the wrist, good shade, then distributed with a brush on parts of the face.
  • If you put a lot of money, it will not absorb and will clog in creases or wrinkles.
  • On top of the glittering powder is allowed to apply blush will give cheeks more expressive.

To use a cosmetic product must be given the following schema:

  1. Cheekbones. To visually make them expressive, shining powder or illuminizer is applied to the highest point.
  2. Lips. Using this tool, you can adjust the shape of the lips, making them smaller. Shining powder is applied in the corners and gently shade. To give extra volume is necessary to note the top lip, put a small dot in the center under the bottom and easy to blend.
  3. Nose. With the help of cosmetics you can visually make the nose smaller. The highlighter is a thin stripe from the tip and up the nose. If the nose is very small, shining powder is applied to the wings, creating light glare on the sides.
  4. Eyes. To add drama to the eyes, to make them longer, it is recommended to apply shimmer powder under the brow arch, then gently smudge. However, this method should stop the girls from hanging over the centuries, otherwise the look will seem too heavy. If the eyes are deep set or small, then shining powder is applied on the middle mobile eyelid, then shade. To make the look open, shimmer applied to the inner corners of the eyes and evenly distributed.
  5. Eyebrows. If you apply a thin line under the brows, visually they are slightly raised.
  6. Forehead. Causing a shimmer on the border of the forehead and hair, you can slightly extend this area. For the expansion of the forehead shimmering powder is applied to whiskey, then shade.

Products which manufacturer to choose

  1. Products of the brand Avon is perfect for any skin type. Illuminizer this brand presents a wide palette of colors, easy to apply and shade, gives skin a healthy look and Shine.
  2. Catrice high mineral glow is a mineral shimmer powder that is applied with a brush or fingers, gives the face a pleasant light, helps to disguise minor flaws. Cosmetics of this brand are of high quality.
  3. Nyx liquid illuminator liquid texture, gives skin a discreet and natural radiance. Emphasizes the beautiful line of the cheekbones, shoulders and décolleté, it is recommended to use as a base for makeup.
  4. Highlighter brand Mac changes color, easy to apply, fades and dissolves. Popular shade from MAC illuminizer champagne color with a slight orange, gold and blue highlights.

Where to buy and how much it cost

The price of lighting can vary in the range of 500 – 4 000 rubles. You can select a budget and inexpensive option cosmetic, but it’s up to you whether to save for their own beauty. Buy shining dust is possible in the stationary cosmetic stores, or ordered online stores, where a wide assortment of shimmers / highlighters.

Video: why we need a highlighter and how to use it

Photos before and after sculpting of the face

Girl before and after sculpting

With correctly selected cosmetics it is possible to adjust the shape of the face, increase or reduce the eyes or nose, to mask minor defects. Shimmer with each passing day it becomes more and more popular, because it helps to achieve perfect skin and get rid of many cosmetic defects, adding makeup.

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