Herself how to braid her hair

Braid is one of the most comfortable, versatile, practical and beautiful hairstyles. It is relevant in everyday life and festive event. This romantic and neat hair could become the basis of a very sophisticated, unique styles. Therefore, it is useful to every girl to learn herself to braid her hair. With that hair you will always look decent, neat and impressive. You can take that to weave the braid itself is very difficult, however, it is not. Need to learn a few techniques, then you will be the skilled worker in various types of weaving.

Features of braiding myself

Medium and long hair was always considered the standard of femininity, beauty. The perfect way to spice up your casual style to weave itself different variants KOs: dragon, tree, spike, snail, spit with inversion, twist, inside out bow inside out, zigzag braid, a star, the Crescent, the snail, the reverse weave. If you are just beginning to master the skill, we recommend you to see the master classes and video instructions for beginners that will help you to understand the principle of weaving.

Need to exercise regularly. Start trying with the simplest options. When you succeed, you can take on more complex schemes. The first attempt will be difficult, since your hands get tired from the unusual position. But gradually you get used to it. The first braided yourself braids can be messy, but each time hair turns all the more beautiful. Don’t be afraid to experiment: do hair on the center of the head on either side, several.

Preparation for weaving

As yourself make a braid? Before the braiding process necessary to prepare the hair. They should be clean and neat. Carefully comb them so they are not confused in the process. Can sprinkle with a special spray or water spray to clean the fluffiness. In addition, prepare the necessary products: a comb of several kinds, two large mirrors, rubber bands, Bobby pins, hair pins, ribbons, barrettes, hair spray, nail fixation.

How nice to braid her hair for long and medium hair

Choosing the right hairstyle is a great addition to any outfit, even a wedding. You do not need to spend money on expensive decorations and accessories. Now the spit is a Prime example of beautiful, fashionable styling. There are many methods of weaving, with which you will learn below. Due to the large number of KOs models, they can be part of an elegant, mischievous, romantic, strong, or feminine image. So it’s a win-win expression.

A simple braid of three strands

Start with the development of weaving simple and quick braids of three strands itself. Sit between two mirrors so you can see yourself front and back. Rascalities flat comb. Can pre-spray the hair with a special spray or water to reduce frizz and ease styling. Master class step by step:

How to weave braid of three strands

  • Safesite hair back, divide in the zone of the nape of the neck into three equal parts.
  • Run your fingers along each of the strands. Then the fingers will serve you «bookmark» that will not be to give the hair together.
  • Rotate around the Central strands of the left and right, displacing it to the right and to the left. The first 5-10 turns keep hands behind the neck, and then loop the hair over the shoulder for convenience.
  • Knit until until the tip of a length of 10 cm and Secure with a rubber band, barrette, or ribbon.

Spit «Fish tail»

Beginners braiding itself should start with a simple version of the «fishtail». This hairstyle is lagging easy, and the result is unsurpassed. There are two techniques to weave this braid: first make a pony tail or start the forehead across the head. If you start with the tail, the hair will not crumble in the hands, so the strands it is easier to control. For weaving the necessary Bobby pins, a comb with fine teeth, gum or bows, ribbons, pins, two mirrors, one of which mounts on the back and another in front. Step by step instructions:

How to weave braid fishtail

  • Take the strand that will be the beginning of a fishtail. Comb it thoroughly, divide into two equal width.
  • Crossed the left and right strand to the right on top of him. Fine comb, separate small sections of hair on the left side add to the right strand. The thinner will be added hair pieces, the more interesting and sleeker it will look finished hairstyle. That did not work «cocks», pull strands.
  • Separate the section of hair to the right, shift to the left arm.
  • Add alternately with one and other new strands, translate in the opposite hand.
  • When you get to the hairline, secure the braid with a hair clip or continue to braid to the ends without it.

French braid

French braid in the classic version is woven of hair, with captured even bangs. It is close to the scalp. The method of weaving differ from the usual braids. Hair length must be at least 12 cm. Hairstyle remains neat for a long time. This versatile French braid is perfect for work or an evening out. A phased master-class:

How to weave a French braid

  • Comb all the hair to separate in the middle of the strand, divide it into three.
  • The right loop through the center, then do the same with the left.
  • To the right and left strands add some of the loose hair. Take the same size pieces, then braid will look smooth, neat. For tight use fine strands, romance and poorly braided – wide.
  • Continue to weave by the described technique until the braid is not woven into the whole mass of hair.
  • The end secure with a rubber band or twist into a bun, knot, secure with pins.

The method of weaving «Cone»

Spike looks very nice on the head of any girl. Prior to weave braids yourself, you should be prepared: make a small bouffant at the roots or ripple special Curling iron, then comb along the entire length of the brush. So the finished hair will look more voluminous. But if you have thick hair, the bouffant is not required. Technology step by step:

The weaving of spikelets hair

  • Start with the top of the head, separating three small strands. Close the left strand middle, then right.
  • It is also necessary to capture a little of the remaining hair with your thumb near the strand, to which you do add. With the other hand hold the other two strands of the three main.
  • Cross the most, to which you have added to the average.
  • So weave a plait in the left part.
  • Repeat the above steps until the end of the hair where the roots grow. Make a tail or complete laying ordinary scythe.

How to make a braid headband around the head

As yourself make a braid headband? This is one of the varieties of French that is woven around her head, crowning it like a crown. To do it easily, you may want to add tape to hairstyle looked bright and festive. Step by step instructions:

How to weave braid headband

  • Comb the hair parted in the middle along the line of growth from one ear to the other.
  • The rest collect in the tail. Start braiding French braid from the left ear, weaving strands of medium thickness.
  • Continue to braid to the right ear.
  • When hair for weaving ends, secure the left rubber band. Leave a tail or continue to do an ordinary braid to a short tip, hiding inside, securing with a hair clip or a rubber.

Bulk braid of the five strands

How to braid bulk hair? Not all women can boast lush and thick hair. Some believe braided braid itself is very thin and never repeat that experience. There are small tricks that make your hair more voluminous. For this you will fit the braid of the five strands. Instruction step by step:

  • Divide the entire mass of hair into five equal strands.
  • Further act on the algorithm: the extreme left, move to the opposite side, passing between the Central, so she braided them like a snake. Do the same with the next left.
  • Knit yourself a braid under the scheme. When you reach the end, secure the hair elastic.

The Greek side braid

Greek braid is a chic, trendy hairstyle, which is considered one of the leading in popularity. It goes for almost any type of person. Halo braid adds a sense of romance, femininity, turning you into a goddess. Instruction step by step:

The Greek side braid

  • Divide over the left ear a strand of hair direct hair parting, dividing into three equal parts.
  • Begin to French braid your hair tight, holding tightly to the head. Weaving is carried out by adding to what is on top of the additional strands.
  • KOs will go diagonally. You have to add new strands as long as the hair is not going vertically. Then braid his hair blond herself ordinary braid.
  • At the base and secure with a rubber band, spray varnish.

The weave pattern of the usual braids waterfall

The waterfall braid is a stylish and magical interpretation of the classic French technique where the piece curls falls freely on the back, like dripping down the glass the rain or jets of water. She gives the girl a fabulous, romantic, gentle way, as evidenced by photos of celebrities with this hairstyle. Spectacular braid looks wavy hair, so pre-wind the curls with a Curling iron or curlers. A phased master-class:

The scheme of weaving braids waterfall

  • Comb the hair. Separate the strand at the temple, divide into three. Start braiding a regular braid: the first cover should go from strands from a person, put it in the center, repeat with the bottom.
  • The top strand will be at the bottom, where it should remain. Instead take the new total mass of hair. Continue weaving: connect the hair on top, like a French horn, put in the middle. Do the same with the bottom.
  • The top strand will be at the bottom, leave and replace it with a new one.
  • Continue weaving the above-described technique, reaching the place where you want to stay. Complete a General oblique or secure the end with a hair clip, rubber band, decorative barrette.

Step-by-step video tutorial of braiding myself

Any girl is proud of her long luxurious hair, because since ancient times it was considered not only the chief ornament of the virgin, but also her strength. We all remember the red girls from folk tales with beautiful braids. Modern fashion favors this hairstyle, so it always remains in trend. Particularly relevant unusual braids, which is a complex design of interwoven strands. How to braid braid itself? In the following video you will see the visual process of creating different braided hairstyles.

Technique of weaving braids on the contrary with ribbon

Tape is a great accessory for the hair. Can choose openwork, multicolor, satin. Braid on the contrary with this accessory looks fresh, original. It will harmoniously complement the image of any girl, becoming the main decoration. On the contrary braid looks very voluminous. Hair length for such netting itself should be not less than 20 cm should Not braid too tight, as current trends dictate fashion on shredded, sloppy braids. How to weave braid on the contrary with the tape itself, you will see in this video.

Wide braid with rubber bands

In the following video you will clearly see the process of creating a broad spit itself with rubber bands. This is the original method of weaving, which will be the highlight of the image. It will help even a modest amount of hair to make gorgeous voluminous hairstyle. Gum make an oblique reliable, so the styling will last a very long time, and you will not have to worry about what she may be disarranged. The method of weaving this hairstyle itself is very hard to call, but with a little patience and skill, you will get an excellent result.

Round 3-D braid of 4 strands

The following technique is one of the varieties of braiding itself of the four strands. Its main feature is that you will get a voluminous effect. Do not be afraid, because the netting is light. If at first you will not understand, then review the suggested video lesson for beginners again. A little practice, you can create this hairstyle yourself within a few minutes without any extra effort.

How to braid beautiful braid bangs

Braid on the bangs is able to revive and give originality any hair, making feminine, romantic. In the following video demonstrate the process of creating this installation. The first time you may not get a beautiful braid on the bangs myself, but with a little practice, you will succeed. This hairstyle is relevant if you are growing your hair or don’t have time for styling. Can experiment with accessories, weaving it into a braid ribbons, decorating her small flower buds.

Openwork braid in the shape of a flower

Openwork braiding the hair itself became very popular. It is found in everyday life and on festive occasions. Thin strands form a pattern of indescribable beauty, making your head a perfect composition. In this video lesson you will learn how to weave myself openwork braid in the shape of a flower. This hairstyle is complex, so you have to practice. It is perfect for special occasions.

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