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what herbs for hair usefulOur hair is daily exposed to a difficult test : laying with the use of various drugs, blow drying, perms, straightening. In addition, the cold and the wind dried them. They were healthy and pleasing to the eye, it is very important to properly care for them. Today on the shelves there is a huge amount of cosmetics to care for them – masks, balms, mousses, etc. it is Very important to use the full range to get a good result. Typically, the whole series will cost you. But there are good natural products that are not inferior to the factory defaults. Is the use of herbs for strengthening and hair growth.

Useful herbs contain healing and nutrients that are beneficial to the scalp and condition hair.

There are several ways of application of medicinal plants:

  1. Decoctions useful herbs for hair. The leaves, stems or flowers are harvested and filled with water, and then this broth rinse clean strands.
  2. Herbal infusions for hair. The collected plants insist on alcohol a few days. Then this infusion is rubbed into the scalp. Thus, improving the condition of skin and microcirculation in the tissues, improves nutrition of the roots.
  3. Hair mask of herbs. Made from pulp from medicinal plants, which are crushed, pour boiling water, then put on the head. To hold from 30 minutes to 1 hour. This method strengthens hair follicles and improves the condition of the skin.
  4. Oil of medicinal herbs. Oil can be rubbed into the roots, brush the strands or to add into cosmetics.

Rinse hair with herbs

This method is the most simple and popular. But there are several recommendations in its application. The decoction is prepared as follows – plants pour a water and insist 2-3 hours. It is best to pour fresh, not dried herbs. They contain more nutrients. But this recommendation can only be performed in summer, in winter you can use dried plants.

They should pour the water boiled, but not hot. The water temperature should be 60-70 degrees. This preserves more nutrients, medicinal substances. After rinsing the hair it is better not to wipe with a towel, just squeeze. It is very important that the moisture is absorbed. They should dry naturally.

What are the herbs useful for hair? Consider what tools you should use in certain occasions.

Herbs for strengthening hair

A wonderful tonic effect on the condition of the hair has a mug. It is possible to make teas, brewing its leaves and make oil and infusions of the roots. A favorite folk remedy of burdock root – burdock oil. It helps to strengthen the follicles, improves the condition of the skin, combats hair loss, normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Restorative effect of infusions of nettle. It improves blood circulation of the skin, strengthens the roots, prevents hair loss.

Grass from hair loss

Baldness and hair loss occurs because of many reasons, which influence the condition of the hair follicles. Stress, Smoking, poor environment, the use of alcohol lead to impaired blood circulation in the skin, poor nutrition and root his death. To recover his power, it is necessary to use such herbs against baldness, like chamomile, nettle, sage, burdock, plantain. Properties of these plants are that they normalize metabolic processes in the scalp. Herbs for rinsing hair can be used both separately and together.

What kind of mask from hair loss you can prepare at home, see the link /maska-dlya-Volos-ot-vyipadeniya/

Herbs for hair growth

Accelerated hair growth is due to the good nutrition of the root. In this case, it is useful to apply masks, oils and tinctures from herbs that strengthen and hair growth: burdock oil, nettle, calendula, infusion of birch leaves. They stimulate blood circulation and nourish the roots.

Additionally, view the recipes of masks, which stimulate the growth of hair on the head /domashnie-maski-dlya-rosta-Volos/

Herbs for oily hair

High greasiness glands of the skin leads to excessive dandruff, and premature hair loss. In addition, oily hair look very messy, they have to wash every day, which they become thin and brittle. To solve this problem you can use infusions of sage, calamus, plantain, marigold, stinging nettle.

Rinse they should be chilled infusion.

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Vegetable broths dandruff

Dandruff is a disease of the scalp. What are the plants to rinse the hair to treat? You will help the sage, mint, burdock root, nettle, calendula, dandelion, yarrow, oak bark and willow bark. You can also RUB burdock oil into the scalp.

The most important thing in the use of medicinal plants is the regularity. If you apply a mask once, it will not give the desired result. To use broth regularly 2-3 times a week. Then the rich force of nature give you health and beauty.

If you liked this article, share it amongst your friends. Also voice your opinion about the use of medicinal plants. If you liked this article, share it amongst your friends. Also voice your opinion about the use of medicinal plants.

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