Hand care: masks and folk remedies

Skin care of hands at homeHuman hands require special treatment and care. This part of the body is more susceptible to adverse environmental or direct contact with hazardous substances. To keep hands young, tender and attractive, they need quality care. Regular hand care at home will provide them with getting rid of dryness, roughness, sagging, but will add beauty, softness, attractiveness and healthy appearance. Following the basic but simple tips on caring for your hands, it is important not to forget that the nails and elbows also require attention.

Care for your hands

Any skin care of the hands is performed in several stages. Some actions are preferably done daily, and other means must be used very often. How to implement proper care of hands?

  • Cleaning. We often wash our hands, but by the rules of beauty and health this procedure is done three times a day. And when washing your hands you should only use fat tools that do not dry the skin. After washing, the skin is carefully wiped with a soft towel. This procedure will also protect the skin from excessive dryness and damage. How to care for dry skin of the elbows, see the link /suhaya-kozha-na-loktyah/
  • Mask for skin care of handsHydration. At home every woman have to be care hands moisturizing action. These drugs are always applied after prolonged contact with water, as well as in chapping of the skin. Care of the elbow also includes the mandatory use of drugs with a moisturizing composition. A great tool in this direction is warmed olive oil. Than at home to moisturize the skin read here.
  • Power. Mandatory rules for the care of hands included regular use of a nourishing and softening mask. The use of these funds it is advisable to repeat twice a week, the composition of the masks depends on the type of skin.
  • Protection. This item is especially significant when it comes to caring for hands in the fall. The skin protection is the use of special protective equipment when cleaning, the Laundry, working with chemicals etc. in the Autumn of hands need extra protection because unprotected skin has an adverse effect cool weather. If after the summer you have discovered dark spots on the elbows, find out how to bleach them in this article.
  • The nail care. Anyone caring for hands and nails almost similar. The skin around the nails also requires cleansing and moisturizing, and the nails require hygienic cleanliness and protection. Read more at the link /domashniy-uhod-za-nogtyami/

See the video of hand care at home:

You can use hand care in the beauty salon. In this place, You will offer various options for the recommended procedures. Most popular in this period, Spa-care for hands. This useful procedure helps the skin to recover, to regain the softness, beauty and grace. The only drawback in using the services of beauty salons — is a high price to pay for the procedures used.

It is important to remember that at least qualitatively useful and can be done at home skin care of hands and nails. Plus treatments is their accessibility and naturalness.


All used folk remedies for hand care at home quite effective and natural. The merits of folk drugs weight and damage they have no.

  • the eye hands photoCarrot mask. Using this tool, perfectly cared for hands and feet. Carrot mask nourishes the skin and relieves it from dryness and tightening minor defects in form of cracks. Fresh carrots rubbed her mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon fat sour cream (yogurt) and olive oil (you can substitute sunflower) oil.
  • Potato mask. Excellent tool in the fight against skin damage. Boiled potatoes are crushed and mixed with a small amount of warm whole milk and vegetable oil.
  • Yolk mask. The product has emollient and protective qualities. Raw egg yolk mix with a small amount of vegetable oil.
  • Oil mask. Care for dry skin is simple. Recommended daily at night to RUB into the skin linseed oil.

What to do when the flakes elbows here.

Any means and actions for the care of hands, elbows and nails will bring positive and effective results only if they are used regularly. Does Your kitty tested recipes with the most effective care for your hands? Share with us your secrets.

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