Hairstyles without bangs for medium hair

Many women do hairstyle medium length hair, because it is practical and multifunctional. Beautiful styling possible independently at home, to be a hairdresser for this is not necessary. There are many options and techniques by which experienced hair stylists create a new original image of each lady, skillfully hiding some flaws, clearly highlighting all the advantages.

Women’s haircuts 2016 for medium hair

Fashion styling

Has long been popular womens haircuts for medium hair, and in 2016 they are becoming a trend. The average length does not need careful care, she lends feminine sophistication, sensuality and tenderness. Curls to the shoulders or to the shoulder blades, stacked or loose, emit, making sexier and more attractive. Fashion in 2016 quads of steel, Bob and their derivatives. Styling with bangs and without it at a medium length, a ladder or cascade make ladies of all ages. Trend this year is recognized as natural curly hair, slightly disheveled in appearance.

Modern creative hairstyles are no bangs, perfectly combined with graduation – new 2016. This effect aims to provide the conclusion of a lush easy form. Smooth cascading is achieved by layering one layer to another layer. «Waterfall» is a smooth or stepped, with some strands specifically leave short or long. Having selected the calibration, note that it is strictly not suitable for fine or curly tresses.

Haircut Ladder

Ladder Miranda Kerr

Relevant and very popular still is the haircut ladder for medium hair, because it gives the necessary form dense and even thin strands. Hairstyle is in demand due to its versatility and variety of styling options. With its help it is regulated by the pomp, not only straight, but also curly tresses. This idea for a hairstyle without bangs for medium hair is the best to create the illusion of density.

Stowage of ladders is not complicated, but she always looked attractive, it must be done daily. For these purposes, use a round comb, curlers or Curling irons. Making a ladder, always know that with frequent styling strands require special protection. Dyed your hair is natural or you’re blonde or brunette, in either case, the strands further processing means.

Haircuts for medium hair in the shape of a square

Options an elongated square

This year fashion is not just a square and asymmetrical with an oblique parting, and even as an option – with bangs. Hairstyle this shape without bangs for medium hair, probably, will never cease to demand. Every woman can and should make changes to its styling, making it more voluminous or sleek, short or elongated, with curled up ends or extending the individual strands – whichever way is more like it. Thanks Kara corrects the facial contours: round visually elongated.

Elongated caret will have to face not only the girls who have straight strands, but also those who they are wavy. Therefore, women with any curls will always look great. Young ladies often choose a stylish hairstyle, asymmetrical shape, with progresiva strands partially or completely. Color can be any bright, blue, red, green, pink. Beautifully laid curls give the girl a flirtatious and playful. Kare — a very interesting hairstyle for shoulder-length hair.

Cascade to medium hair

Cascade Jennifer Aniston

Haircut cascade to medium hair considered the most fashionable in 2016 among representatives of the gentle and beautiful half of the population. Strands strikeouts in several layers in the form of a cascade, each of different lengths, and the top turns red. So the hair becomes more hair looks healthy, and thanks to its free form, do not require installation. The length can be left up to the shoulders or below, everything is solved individually by master and client. The range of cascade wide – ragged, graded, frozen, double.

The Bob Haircut

The Bob haircut for medium length hair is shaped like the classic Bob, where are the curls, cropped back and front long. The tips of the Bobby executed a milled ladder, so the hair takes on an unusual texture. It makes strands of lush, visually extending the neck, hiding some of the shortcomings of features and oval face. Bob is in a variety of options, such as front, back or side left, asymmetrical strands. Original, individual result get the highlights and coloring.

Photo: haircut medium length no bangs

Trendy hairstyles of Hollywood stars

Pictures that show haircuts without bangs for medium hair, allow each woman to consider an example to clearly understand whether she wants one for myself. The lovely ladies will be able to take a printed photo to consult with the hairdresser. Perhaps you have chosen haircut for medium hair without bangs will not look so perfect on your face shape. With pictures you will understand how you can graduate the strands, how it looks visually. Having the example, to choose a future laying is much easier than to draw it in the imagination.

Video: how to do Ladder hairstyle

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