Hairstyles with weave

Different kinds of braids in drag, do not lose their relevance, so having skills with them to every girl. The article offers lessons in basic techniques of braiding and hair styles based on them: from everyday to Bridal or baby.


Beautiful hairstyles with weave

Regardless chosen technology, the hair need to properly prepare. Any completene is performed only on clean hair, otherwise the roots of greasiness will instantly appear, and the hair is devoid of volume. Work strands is recommended in the process ironed and spray moisturizer spray or with clean water to remove the electrification. Curls it is advisable to straighten, otherwise the elements of weaving are hard to see.


Popular option hairstyles for the beach long blonde hair, which is made of 2 strands, but requires a lot of concentration and patience. Carefully review the gradual instruction and practice on other people’s hair, or begin to braid the side braid to see each step. Without control action, a high probability to get lost at the very beginning.

  1. Gather hair in a ponytail behind the ear.
  2. Divide in half, each part with the outer edge of the head is very thin (1/3-1/4 of the thickness of the little finger) strand.
  3. Cross them in the center, meeting place hold your fingers and do the strands print under the main mass of hair back by swapping. The one on the right will appear in the left half, and Vice versa.
  4. Again, select a thin strand from the outer edges, is slightly lower than the previous one. Similarly, the cross in the centre, mix with the main mass of hair.
  5. Repeat these steps, not forgetting to hold fast to each new point of contact of the strands.

French braids

French braid the girl

There are several variations of this simple hairstyle, familiar to many from my school years when mom and grandma made us a festive braids from her temples with bows:

  1. Thesite cloth hair back, Central parting, divide in half. At the temple take a triangle, divide into 2 parts.
  2. Put the right strand on the center, swapping them. Then put your left leg over the center.
  3. In the next stage, when labour again becomes law, add to it a strand from the loose mass of hair around.
  4. Repeat the steps until the color on this half. Bring the weaving of the braid to the end, commit, repeat for the other side.

There is an alternative – «inverted» or «reverse» method, which is often called the Danish. Braid is more volume, so this method is used for thin, not thick hair. The weave pattern identical to the original, so step by step is not given. The only difference is that the strands start to each other and not superimposed from above.

Openwork braids

Beautiful, delicate, complex weave. At first glance, to create hairstyles with braids such a plan can only high-level masters, but it can be learned independently. If you study a master-class in pictures, or look at a photo, you will notice that technology is often used standard – for example, a braid of 3 strands. The highlight of the artwork.

  1. Weave braid like you used to, but do not make it very tight. Please note the links: they should be the same throughout its length.
  2. Picked up with the fingers the outer edge of any part, pull gently to the side so that it is evenly stratified. Repeat for each section of the braid, from the top downwards.

How to weave braids for long hair

Hairstyles with braided for long hair

These initial data have a place to go: you can choose any option and sharpen hairdressing skills to victory. It is recommended to start with a classic performance of KOs. Subsequently, they can collect in bunches, knots, bows, rotating around his head like a wreath or crown. The only thing – it is desirable that the cut was a clean cut, otherwise the netting will look untidy.

  • Interesting hairstyles with braids for long hair – to perform the classic netting of the 3 parts of each link to pull a very thin strand. Then, on the basis of these strands in the same statement to repeat the work: get the «spit on the spit».
  • Braided harness around head braid, too. To do this, take two thick strands at his temple, each of them go clockwise, turning it into a tourniquet. Wrap them around each other 1 time, but against time. Then add a new strand of free weight, turn clockwise, add the total harness.
  • Very popular is the braid-waterfall, based on a classic French weaving. The trick is that the braid is placed horizontally, and the strand reaches the bottom, release. The addition of a new section of hair is only on top. Finish the hairstyle soft curls from the loose mass of hair.

How to weave braids for medium hair

With inadequate length (to the shoulder blades or higher) to do complex weave no sense, because will not be disclosed to their beauty. Professionals advise you to pay attention to the low beams, which are plaits from the temples. A perfect example of hairstyle with braids for medium hair can serve as braided in the back with tails openwork braids, collected in the volume node. High covers are advised to avoid because of the lower short strands they are often lost, making it appear sloppy.

Trendy hairstyles of braids

Wedding hairstyles

In the last year the main trend was natural, therefore, women’s styling is very sloppy, very simple, the weave has faded into the background. If you are running braid for everyday life, at the end of them derive separate short strands. If we consider with braided hairstyles for a night out, braids are only an additional element, accent.


The selection of hairstyles for the bride often is due to not only the style of dress, but a decision on wedding veils. If present, perform a complex weave of the original does not make sense – it would be hidden by a veil. For such cases, masters are advised to make a bun, and a braid if you need to add on the side. In the absence of veils you can choose any hairstyle, with braiding, without forgetting the need for compliance with style.


Often ceremonial hairstyles with weave are combined into a common block, where fall and wedding ideas and options for a simple evening out. According to professionals, the difference between them – all you need to start from the outfit. Dress, covering the neck, and demands to remove the hair up to make your «wreath» from KOs or «crown» in 2 rows. For dresses with open back will fit Greek weaving: curly hair, collected in a braid.

Hairstyle with weave for prom


Graduating from school or University marks a farewell to adolescence, the girl at this age is delicate, and the image should be easy. Note the airy weave with ribbon or flowers. Leave a few strands drop down freely. You can do curls, braid in a weak plait on the side and pull the strands to the side. Hairstyle is simple to implement, does not overload the image.


You can use any types of braids, from classic to chess, but if you chose a hairstyle with a weave, not add to it with accessories. For the office dress code (which applies to educational institutions) is bad form. Stay on simple hairstyles: for example, a high ponytail, the base of which is wrapped a scythe. Or side plaits from the temple, United in a low knot or twisted tail.


Girl with pigtails

Hairstyle young ladies is often different from an adult level of difficulty: the child can do simple weaving, decorating a funny clip or tape to get a holistic and harmonious way. It is important not to abuse the opportunity to demonstrate the ability of the master: hairstyle for girls must meet the requirement of practicality, because the child is very active. Best braid «dragon» or «crown», taking bangs.

Video: hairstyles of braids

Even step by step instructions in the photos do not give a complete picture of the braiding process, because professionals necessarily suggest to check the detailed video tutorials on the technologies you are not familiar. You will be able to understand how to weave beautiful braids in different techniques and avoid common mistakes beginners. The following online videos reveal hairstyles for different length hair a few levels of difficulty.

Weave braids for medium hair

Beautiful braids for long hair

Wedding hairstyle with braids

Braids for every day

Photos of holiday hairstyles from KOs

Festive hairstyles from KOs

Options agrokos

Formal hairstyles of braids

Formal hairstyles with weave

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