Hairstyles with bangs for medium hair

Medium are the hair length 15-25 cm (the lower boundary up to the shoulders). This haircut is the most convenient and practical to care for her a lot, she looks feminine and stylish. Your attention is invited to a great review, hairstyles with bangs for medium length and you will be able to restore them if I work out a little.

Types of bangs

I direct the braid forelock

Girls and women are doing such a Bang:

  • KOs. Cropped strands with a braid from temple to temple. The master varies the length of such bangs and the shape of the slice. The last is slightly curved or straight. Haircut softens the sharp lines, reduce a large chin, lengthen a round face.
  • Video. Classic image hair reaches the eyebrows or slightly higher. Looks good on girls with oval face, but with a square shape is not necessary to choose a Bang.
  • Torn. Adds a bit of hair negligence. Brightens oval face and short, slightly lengthens the chin.
  • Short. Ends on the median line of the forehead. Very suitable for girls with a little round face as it helps to make it more open. However, this option is optimal only for owners direct perfect forehead and eyebrows.
  • Semicircular. Suitable for almost everyone, except for square face (note the heavy chin). Particularly advantageous is such a Bang for the lovely ladies with a triangular or oval face shape.

Options casual hairstyles for medium length hair with bangs

Women the majority of want to spend the least time on my hair strands. With medium length it is quite possible, especially if you have already tried your hand. Haircuts will help to make the process even shorter. You will only learn the basics of working with a hair dryer and a round brush, hair iron or Styler, and 10-15 minutes in the morning enough to look fresh and charming.

Styling Bob


This option opens a list of hairstyles with bangs for medium hair as the most common and always fashionable. Astrosaurs strands at an angle, i.e. they are shorter in the back than the front, and cut parallel to the line of the cheekbones. Looks very nice wavy strands. This simple solution stands out to the eye, accentuates the beauty of neck. Elongated front strands in combination with oblique bangs smooth massive chin and visually reduce the nose. Styling takes a minimum of time. You can simply straighten your hair or curl it slightly, giving hair negligence.


Classic this version – the clean lines, the rigor and accuracy. The most simple everyday hairstyle for medium hair for Kare – volume hair style made with a round brush and Hairdryer. A Curling iron with a large diameter can be curled playful curls and gel – to emphasize the structure of the hair. Want to make an image of the hitch? Parting zigzag or pick up front strand hairpins. A lover of lightness and volume often stacked hair Curling-ripple. Try to comb your hair back (if you have bangs) and space to enter into them.

Elongated quads


Superstrike for ladies who do not have the extra time. Well suited to owners of round, oval face and thin, volume-lacking strands. Choosing a haircut cascade, you can make these hairstyles with bangs for medium hair:

  • Laying with curled out tips. Eat them in turn the Hairdryer and the round brush is also suitable for this purpose iron. In the end, treat each section of hair with styling gel to structure hair. It will expand an elongated and narrow face.
  • Curled inside the hair. Hairstyle soften the hard lines of his chin.
  • Short strands at the face curled inside and long outside. A good example of the hairstyle of a young Rachel green in the television series «Friends».


This retro haircut is popular among women of all ages. The basis of the caret, but astrosaurs strands at an angle. The characteristics of the hairstyle is gradual, very gradual lengthening of the hair (from short bangs, to long at the back), rounded structure with twisted ends inside. This is a great option for girls of medium height with an oval face and smooth, symmetrical features. Casual women hairstyles for medium hair in this case is reduced to careless packing, processing iron, light curls.

Stylish formal hairstyles for medium hair

To visit some important celebrations do not always have conventional styling. Want to create a special way to look irresistible. Especially popular now surround netting, variations of the French braid, randomly twisted bundles of strands, stabbed curls and not only. Some formal hairstyles for medium length hair easy to handle at home, while others are so complex that without the assistance of a professional can not do.


The options for styling shells

The hairstyle is better to make the owners of straight hair, curly girls should be aligned strands (but this is optional). Bug equally advantageous looks and with her and without her. Manual step-by-step creating hairstyles:

  • Dry hair apply a small amount of styling tools.
  • Good comb strands, form a low ponytail. However rubber band to fix it is not necessary.
  • Twist ponytail harness, then make it a loop. Tail tip hide inside the shells.
  • Clip away the hair pins. Optionally decorate the shell hairpins, flowers.
  • To make the hair style with bangs for medium hair celebration, make on top of the volume.

Braided bunch

Fast this option is not called, and it requires some skill. However, what a result! This hairdo is not ashamed to be seen even on the great occasion. Ways to create a braided beam set:

  • On the basis of the French braid. On both sides of the head to knit a voluminous braid, and then a free-hanging ends of the loop and secure at the nape.
  • On the basis of the tail. Gather a ponytail at the nape, divide it into several parts. Braid each braid, and then in a free manner their loop, secure with pins.
  • Voluminous bun with a bouffant. You will need a sock or a rubber. When you wind the beam, leave a small strand of hair, which the weave a plait and wrap it around the bundle.

Curly curls

Lightweight and elegant option for all occasions. The easiest way to create a playful wave from the evening to braid the braids on slightly damp head. Beautiful curls work if you use a Curling iron with an average diameter. Bangs to leave straight or too little twist. If you want a good amount of, take thin strands. With a hair dryer and the nozzle diffuser you get the stylish wavy chaos.

Greek styling for medium hair with bangs

Greek styling

To create this image uses ribbon, headband, or double (triple) wrap. Greek hairstyles with bangs for medium hair favorably distinguish delicate facial features, neck and chest. Basis – curly strands. The easiest option is to wind the hair on the head to put on a bandage-elastic or cloth tape. Girls really like to fill strands of the rubber band headband. Styling chic and dark and light hair.

The most beautiful wedding hairstyles with bangs

The bride wants the wedding day to look as good as ever. Girl wants to have her beauty appreciated by female and male audience. Hairstyle in this case is an important component of a holistic image. At medium length with bangs is easy to create a very delicate, romantic look. Options are many, the main thing – to trust the professional who will create sustainable beauty.

With veil

If you have straight bangs, you can safely wear a veil. This combination makes the image a festive, celebratory. The hair is often left loose and placed to one side. Having oblique bangs, stop your choice on the curls neatly at the crown, or on a large tuft of hair. Do not leave the curls of a person, pick up all the strands. Do not make too complicated styling with lots of elements. Elegant simplicity is the best choice.

With tiara

Options with tiara

All of the above options are suitable for image with a tiara. Very nice high volume hairstyles, for example, Babette. Asymmetric options long oblique bangs keep the look casually romantic. Using diadem, you can leave hair loose or experiment with braids, covers a variety of bundles. Looks very nice asymmetrical bangs, laid on its side.

Video: beautiful prom hairstyles for medium hair

Trendy hairstyles for medium length hair with bangs – photo 2016

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