Hairstyles for prom in kindergarten

Graduation in kindergarten is a milestone event for young children and their parents. Before the first release of the child must be carefully prepared to choose an outfit, appropriate footwear and hair styling. More all about hairstyles for prom in kindergarten worried moms of girls. Because of the huge variety of styles you need to choose the one that will help her daughter to stand out on a fun holiday. Check out the interesting ideas of hairstyles with photos you can perform yourself or with the help of a professional hairdresser.

Ideas holiday hairstyles for girls for long hair

Before choosing a hairstyle ask my daughter if she has their own preferences on this account. The girl will be happy provided the confidence to tell what she wants to see your own image. You will make a great gift, if you will create styling festivals in the kindergarten, as the daughter. Big chance that she will give a really fresh, original ideas.

Choosing a hairstyle for prom should be guided by what the length of the strands. Girls with long hair are lucky, there are countless original versions of festive styling. This may be a classic hairstyles, long hair, beautiful curls, curls, wisps, lumps, unusual styling, for example the bow hair. Popular also all kinds of weaving interesting styling with rubber bands, the hair-wreath. What to choose and how to implement your plan?

Simple braid with ribbon

A variety of braids – a classic hairstyles for little girls graduation party at kindergarten. Parents can create a weave of any complexity depending on your own skills and available time. Will look great braids, made in the technique «fish bone», French braids, braids wreaths around his head, weaving four or more strands. To make the hairstyle for prom look more festive, it is complemented with pins, flowers, ribbons. Here is a description of a simple method of Platania ribbons in the braid:

  1. Well comb hair and collect hair in a ponytail.
  2. Take the tape medium width, hide with the help of the elastic band. It is important that the ends of the tape on two sides were the same length.
  3. Divide the hair into three strands, two outer attach strips.
  4. Whipping a normal braid.
  5. At the end secure it with elastic band, decorate with a pretty hairpin or a bow of ribbon. To braid was more lush, with fingers lightly pull out hair around the edges braids.

Braids with ribbons at graduation in kindergarten

Updo in the style of mods

On little girls looks magically retro-hairstyles – high-Babette, lush hair and loose hair decorated with a ribbon, curled voluminous curls. Such styling was perfect, it is advisable to do it in the salon with a professional stylist, but in practice, every mother will be able to create a hairstyle in kindergarten with their hands. Try to create a styling, popular in the sixties, under the name Babette. For it will need a comb, elastic, cushion, hairpins and lacquer. Here are step by step instructions the creation of Babette’s:

  1. Make a high ponytail at the crown.
  2. Pin cushion invisible to the tail, throwing the locks on the forehead. You can use studs.
  3. Hair spread on the surface of the roller, on top place the rubber.
  4. Left strands hide it, and fold under the cushion.
  5. Secure the hair lacquer, decorate a barrette or ribbon. Stylish Babette is ready!

Beautiful hairstyles for prom in kindergarten

Loose curls with braided

Stylish curls is a good hairstyle for prom that’s easy to implement at home. To create curls you will need a set of large or medium-sized curlers, the perfect replacement will be electric Curling irons. If you want small curls at night you can cheat daughter’s hair on the studs. To hairstyle looked more complex and unusual, use of the weave. Already curly hair, you can for the entire length of slanting braid, waterfall or make the beautiful plait-spike with the left or right side, stab thick, wavy locks on one side.

Loose curls with braid for prom in kindergarten

What hairstyle to make for medium length hair

Girls with medium hair much less options of hairstyles for prom in kindergarten than long-haired peers, but also on the length relatives or barbers can make gorgeous, memorable hairstyles. If you want to create an elegant, touching way, gather strands into a sophisticated chignon or a bun. Little princesses perfect styling with a crown-a diadem, and a delicate, sweet girls is perfect to decorate Greek style. Look at the following options for creating simple, fast, and most importantly beautiful hairstyles at the kindergarten graduation party.

The hair bundle

Modest and stylish at the same time, the hair tuft is very popular: different variations of the collected hair girls wear to work, make for festive and business events – graduations, weddings, conferences. To hairstyle looked more beautiful, her complement of weaves and accessories: bows, artificial flowers, tiaras, ribbon bows, headbands, beaded pearl ornaments. Here is a guide that will help you easy to make stylish beam girl to prom:

  1. Gather hair in a high ponytail at the crown, take tight elastic band, to fasten her collected strands. Separate One – she’ll need for the braids.
  2. The bulk of the hair begin to twist around the elastic, along the way, fixing it with hairpins or stealth. Keep the strands together.
  3. The separated strand (the first step) braid a regular braid or a scythe «fishtail», then twist it around the resulting beam.
  4. Fix the result of high heels. Stylish beam to kindergarten ready!

How to make hair beam to the prom in kindergarten

Children’s hairstyle with a tiara or a crown

Accessories will be a great addition to children’s hairstyles for prom in the garden. Nice girls are different variants of the tiaras and crowns that draw attention and produce a child among others. The little girl is more suitable for a small tiara that will not overload the image. The crown looks great on flowing hair, along with the free neat beam, with the Greek haircut. Along with the tiara worn large, loose strands. View the options of baby bedding, decorated with beautiful accessory:

Children's hairstyle with tiara for graduation kindergarten

Hairstyle in the Greek style

Greek hairstyles are always elegant, graceful, they are an indicator of refined taste. Selecting girl’s the option of stacking for graduation party at the kindergarten, you will not regret it. Greek style perfectly fits the atmosphere of the holiday, the child’s hair will look good on holiday photos. The main features of this method is a gentle, scattered curls, neat braids around her head, Prosobranchia fully or freely collected hair. Adorn this packing accessories: pearls, elastic-headbands, stylish tiaras, hairpins.

Greek style hairstyles for kindergarten

Simple holiday hairstyle for short hair

Although korotkoplodnyh girls not too many options festive hairstyles to kindergarten, this length has a huge advantage: the selected installation will be able to create quickly and without putting much effort. Even though my mom has little free time to practice to style baby hair, there is nothing to worry – Bob or other short haircuts stylish hairstyles are created in minutes. It can be playful curls, unusual weave, ponytails that you can decorate with rubber bands, headbands, tiara.

Hairstyles with rubber bands

For graduation kindergarten perfect hairstyles with rubber bands. For example, mom could make a beautiful contemporary hair with braids. For this it is necessary to separate horizontal parting the hair in the frontal part (6-10 inches). Then you need to add some vertical partings – they can only be in the part of the forehead be at the same time or in temporal regions. Enough 5-6 partings. On the resulting strands needed to braid small braids on the head to the horizontal parting, then fix the small rubber bands.

Hairstyle girls for prom in kindergarten

Light curls with a headband

Small, playful curls – a simple way to make a child’s holiday. To create them you will need small curlers or tongs with a nozzle of small diameter (about 2 inches). That hairstyle is better kept throughout the entire issue, it is advisable to handle wet strands with a special mousse. Then they need to be screwed from the lower nape to the crown. For amount mother can make the child a small NAP. The finished result is to fix the varnish, and the final chord will be the location of the stylish bezel.

Stylish curls with a headband for kindergarten graduation


Little tails will excellent look at the short haircut with bangs. To be done, mom can use two rubber bands (for basic tails) or four (so happens to collect the hair in the frontal zone). And that hairstyle looked festive, the tips of the tails should curl with irons or hot curlers. Smaller curls you can create with pins which bedtime wound strands. Ready ponytails decorate large bows, artificial flowers, small bows of satin ribbons.

Stylish ponytails for prom in kindergarten

Video tutorials on creating hairstyles at home

To hairstyle for prom was perfect, mom can take her daughter to a professional hairdresser. An experienced specialist will quickly determine which hairstyle would suit a girl as well to make her hair type. But if you don’t have to visit a professional, invaluable assistance you will have the training video below. For him, even those who’ve never done complex hairstyles, you will be able to repeat the beautiful styling for your daughter to kindergarten.

Step-by-step video instruction hairstyles bow hair

Bow – a beautiful children’s hair. There are several varieties of it: the bows on every day that are made without the use of nail Polish, and sophisticated styling-bow, which will need more time. To create prepare a rubber band, Bobby pins, a special comb for Stripping, hair straightener wrap hair, clips for fixing the varnish, which will consolidate the result. The end result is a sweet, adorable hairstyle. View the detailed video tutorial below:

How to make a beautiful hairstyle thin hair

When choosing a beautiful hairstyle for girls with thin hair often have difficulty which their contemporaries with thick strands. If you are also in such a situation, use the experience of my mother, who was able to make fine hair looking great. Prepare two elastics for fixing, hairpin, beautiful hairpin, which makes the result. That weave look festive, make more fluffy pigtails, pulling a little hair around the edges. Look at the video, how beautiful to collect hair with the help of KOs:

Photos of trendy hairstyles for prom in kindergarten 2015

The girl looked fine in kindergarten, mom needs to think carefully about the style of her hair. Simplify the task of viewing photos taken in 2015. They will help you to find an option that is not only beautiful but also fashion. View photos selection of original children’s prom hairstyles, decorated with this season’s accessories:

Hairstyles for girls for prom in kindergarten

Hairstyles for prom in kindergarten for long hair

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