Hairstyles for prom for medium hair

Girls look forward to prom, to manifest itself in all its glory. Dress and shoes purchased, however, to complete the festive look you need to decide on hair. For medium length hair there are many different options of evening hairstyles that will decorate young graduates. Solemn laying will give the image of romance, tenderness, charm and accentuate the natural beauty of girls.

Ideas of festive hairstyles for medium hair photo

What hairstyle can be done on the exhaust? First determine the image you intend to create for the gala evening. Your hair must harmonize with the style of dress, and chosen jewelry and accessories. All these elements will complement the festive look. If you’re staying in bright, magnificent dress, richly decorated with various elements that hair needs to be restrained. Otherwise, the choice of classic dresses, styling should be more expressive, bold.

When choosing hairstyles for prom for medium hair don’t forget that it must fit your type of person. Even bangs can completely change a previously created image. It can be laid on its side or write direct, and the Barber on your request bangs will make it more liquid or dense. To create some hairstyles for medium length, bangs lift to the other – smoothly laid.

As accessories you can use various barrettes, Bobby pins, headbands, floral wreaths, bows, headbands and ribbons. Hairstyle for prom can decorate a gorgeous tiara that is attached to the hair. This accessory is perfect for styling with curls or a bouffant. However, for strands of medium length do not have to choose extra accessories, they can serve as a decoration. For example, curls can be braided into a beautiful braid, which will play the role of the rim and will make the image a hint of romance.

Simple voluminous side braid

For medium length hair a great option prom hairstyles will be different variations of KOs. Such reports often contain the basis of netting «fish». This braid possible to braid it, not only as the main element of hairstyles, but as a Supplement to it. Braid-the fish is usually wrapped beam or braided diagonally around the perimeter of the head and secured with rubber bands. Before netting any KOs make radical fleece, then locks will look lush and voluminous.

Spit in the technique of fish

Easy hairstyles with a tiara or a crown

Beautiful easy hairstyles with your hair down look no less impressive than difficult fleece, «cold wave» or «shells». Curls easy to do even at home using curlers or Curling irons. Except for elastic curls from the middle of the hair, a win-win option for prom will be easy, casual waves, adorned with a diadem or crown. This option is suitable for a sensual image of a modern graduate.

Options easy hairstyles for medium hair

Romantic hairstyle Malvina with netting

Stylists advise graduates to emphasize the femininity, using a hair loose weave. Very popular images, combining different elements, for example, the top of the hair used to create weave with cross-strands, the rest curled and collected in a high ponytail or a bun. Malvina is not only a children’s haircut, which was done by mom to little girls. A modern interpretation guaranteed to attract public attention to its owner, emphasizing its original style.

How to collect the hair in Malvina

Flowing hair with fleece on top

If the teenager wants to make a quick and elegant styling, you should get the option of loose hair with shaggy back. But with this haircut the girl’s face will be visually elongated, so graduates from the elongated nature of the shape of the face better to make the bouffant all over the head and at the roots. Decorate loose strands can flowers or hairpins with imitation pearls. Her hair will look great tiara or headband.

The image of the graduates: long hair fleece

High bun style hair for prom

On the medium length hair is not difficult to build a hairstyle for prom, even your own at home. You can use the classic version bumps or unusually decorated high beam. The higher will be tied-back hair, the more interesting it will look. If the length of the strands is not enough to create a lush beam, use a special cushion, which visually add hair volume. Such elegant styling you can decorate openwork weaving.

Options of hairstyles for prom

The gathered curls at the top

Large strands gathered at the nape and framed free bulk braid, looks like a wicker basket. This presentation is most effectively looks on the hair coloring or highlights. Very freely and tenderly looks hairstyle with light curls, gathered back. As highlights there may be a thin neat braids, extending from the forehead to the back of the head over the hair.

Big sloppy strands

Greek hairstyle with flowers or headband

There are several options for the establishment of the Greek styling. This hairstyle can be done not only on long hair and medium and even the short. The beauty of your styling will largely depend on the selected accessories. Often Greek style use a variety of headbands or headbands, but look beautiful on medium length hair flower buds. Greek hairstyles are perfectly combined with dresses of any style and harmonize with different jewelry.

Ideas hairstyles in the Greek style

Original hairstyles with bangs for prom

Solemn laying with bangs look adorable. Beautiful, original decorated bangs has many advantages. Would it be possible to hide small defects of appearance and to underline the cute facial features. The choice of the bangs must be based on the kind of girl. Options prom hairstyles for medium hair are many, so to find a suitable will not be difficult. Follow your own preferences and the advice of a stylist.

Styling for graduates with bangs: medium hair

Video tutorials on creating evening hairstyles with their hands

Medium hair allow you to create unusual and interesting hairstyle for prom. With decorations is easy to set stylistic accents. For example, the hair decorated with flowers will create a gentle and romantic image of a young girl. Tiaras or combs graduate will give a chic and solemnity, headbands elegance. In 2015, the actual area in hairdressing is an artistic mess on the head, but it is important not to overdo it, otherwise slight negligence will turn into chaos.

The instructions for performing the beam of lush bundles

Girls, who prefer to see themselves in an elegant the original way, you should try to collect the unusual beam of volumetric wisps. This conclusion blend a perfectly smooth silhouette and bold lush locks on his head. This option festive hairstyles perfect for medium length hair with smooth or cascade haircut. Watch the video below to step through the original styling.

How to make a turtle at home

Classic shell looks great with a business suit for business ladies, and evening dress of young graduates. If you make the least bit of coquetry and slovenliness, the turtle will be the perfect option for solemn events. Decorate your hair with bows, flowers or ribbons, the girl will look very gently and gracefully. Perfectly matched with accessories and carefully selected a few strands of hair hairstyle will make the graduate of irresistible in the eyes of their peers. View the video below for a detailed description of its implementation.

Photos of trendy hairstyles for prom night 2015

To create hairstyles for medium hair for prom in 2015 no any restrictions. The main requirement is that the installation should look in the final image of the graduate. When it is selected should take into account the style of dress, length and density of hair. Not to miscalculate, the stylists suggest to stay at one of the options hairstyles for medium hair with the weave that never lose their relevance. It is a French cone, fish tail, braids mesh, «waterfall» and others. Look at the photo, as it looks nice:

Photos of stylish hairstyles for prom 2015

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