Hairstyles for medium hair at home step by step photos

For a cool evening or drying or hairstyles for medium length hair do not have to look for an experienced hairdresser, to perform it possibly at home. More simple options suitable for every day. To create such styling takes a minimum of time and effort: simple hairstyles shell, tail on weekdays and original braid or fancy beam in the holidays will decorate the image. To help in learning the basics of creation of masterpieces of the medium hair will help the instructions with photos, which are presented below.

Simple hairstyles for each day with your hands

Girl needs to look beautiful every day. Leaving home, you should take care of the beautiful make-up, harmonious, neat outfit and original hairstyle. This will help the girl to look irresistible even in simple roles that will give her confidence. To make everyday styling each girl home alone, it is not necessary to get up several hours early, or to undergo special courses of the hairdresser.

Simple styling, classic braid or gathered curls in the tail will help to give the image of perfection. To create this hairstyle you need to prepare the special care items and accessories that will help you work:

  • comb (a normal comb is a round, smooth – kind of depends on the created stacking);
  • elastic bands, hair clips, headbands, headbands;
  • means for fixing (mousse, gel, sprays, mousse).

To learn how to create true masterpieces on your head every day, read the step by step instructions with photos.

The collected curls

Easy way to make neat cute hairstyle is to collect all the hair, e.g., pony tail, bun, braid. Such options are ideal for everyday work, going to meet with friends in a café. Easy hairstyle will complement the image, making it romantic or simple, enigmatic or business, depending on the occasion or situation. Consider several options for creating hairstyles that are suitable for beginners.

«Two beam» – easy installation, which can handle every girl. Do my hair, preferably freshly washed hair, it will give her a slight negligence, and the image of sophistication and mystery. You’ll need a brush, paint and a few small pins. If desired, you can add decorative elements to give the finished result of originality and sophistication.

Step through the beam at home with pictures:

The bun on medium hair

  • Hair wash with shampoo, dry them well with a towel and then a Hairdryer.
  • Comb hair vertical parting to divide them into two parts (identical), slightly twist the Curling iron.
  • One half of the hair twist in the harness, from twisting from the forehead and to the tips.
  • Ready harness to twist the bun and secure with pins (can be invisible).
  • Same to be manipulated with the other hand. To be sure commit to sprinkle the varnish.
  • Exquisite hairdo created at home, ready.

A romantic hairstyle is an easy way to create a stylish image for a few minutes. Step through with pictures:

Romantic hairstyle for medium hair

  1. Clean, pre-washed hair, comb, to collect in the tail at the bottom, a bit to the side.
  2. Cheat curls with a Curling iron, so they were slightly crispy.
  3. Each strand should be taught at the base of the tail, forming a flower. For fastening of the strands is better to use hairpins and Bobby pins.
  4. To give her hair a uniqueness, it is necessary to decorate a cute barrette.
  5. Simple but elegant everyday hairdo is ready.

High hair bow

Original and interesting looks hair bow for medium hair. To create such an unusual masterpiece possible in their own home, thereby hitting others with its magnificent appearance. To create the bow you will need: elastic band for good fixation of the tail (the experts recommend to choose the attribute without ornaments and decorative items to match the hair), Bobby pins or studs. This option is perfect for any occasion: a romantic date, hanging out with friends, going to work.

Step-by-step creation of a stacking-bow at home step by step with photos:

Hair bow for medium hair

  1. The hair must be carefully brushed with a soft brush.
  2. Gather hair at the crown into a high ponytail, not holding the last round to end. After manipulating the end of the tail should remain in the front is necessary to complete the hairstyle.
  3. To divide the loop into two parts (possibly the same), parting hair on opposite sides. If necessary, the hinges should be secured with Bobby pins.
  4. The remaining end of the tail is thoroughly brushed in to throw across the middle between two eyelets of the future bow. The tip of the pin with Bobby pins, in case it was too long to hide it at the base of the bow.
  5. The gorgeous hairstyle is ready, and to create a festive or romantic way to decorate a beautiful bow barrette with rhinestones.


Fashionable and simple hairstyles for medium hair is considered to be a shell. Looks stylish and helps a woman look mysterious and magical, in the office or while shopping or visiting friends. This option is suitable for gala evenings, if you add some hairpins with rhinestones or beads, but instead of a suit to wear fancy dress. The creation of hair girl will spend a minimum of time and effort, but it will look stunning in any life situation.

Gradually create the hairstyle at home with pictures:

Shell hairstyle for medium hair

  1. Before cutting the hair to thoroughly wash, dry. To hair become more manageable, it is necessary to use a special spray.
  2. To add volume on the top of the hair should be lightly backcomb. The sides also need to do a little shaggy, but no need to worry about its accuracy, slight negligence will give the image of sophistication and elegance.
  3. With the help of small elastic bands to gather the ends of your hair, but it should be done a bit to the side, to tighten, the sink is centered.
  4. Chopsticks to grab the prized tail and roll the hair in the middle, to get a shell. Don’t worry if not everything will turn out perfectly the first time – after several attempts, every fashionista will be able to create a beautiful hairstyle.
  5. Secure the hairstyle with pins, invisible. When the commit is done as efficiently as possible, you should take out chopsticks.
  6. Interesting, modern design of the hair ready.

Difficult casual hairstyles for medium hair

For girls who are not afraid of difficulties, ideal casual hairstyles that require a lot of effort, and perhaps skill. The average length of the strands provides an opportunity to experiment with a variety of options for their design: large curls, perms, various braids, which statistically occupy the leading place in popularity among the fair sex.

French braid waterfall crosswise

Look feminine, elegant to help original hairstyle – French braid. The creation of a masterpiece requires some knowledge in braiding braids, which will help to ease the process. Everyday hairstyle will look stunning in any situation – in business negotiations, meetings with relatives and friends or a small celebration. To create this hairstyle you will need a comb and elastic band the same color as the hair.

Step-by-step scheme of weave French braids-the waterfall photo:

French braid waterfall crosswise

  1. The clean hair must be sprinkled with spray to remove excessive fluffiness. In order to make the braid bulky, should do light fleece on the sides.
  2. On the top you need to separate strands, which will be braiding it. The rest, if desired, may be slaughtered or tie.
  3. Next, you should start weaving: to separate the three thin curl, the left strand to spread to Central and then to the right center.
  4. On the left side to do everything the same way: the previously engaged strand to leave and take a new one.
  5. The main condition during the weaving of the strands should be as the same thickness this will make the look more tidy, nice, causing the admiring glances of the opposite sex.
  6. After. as the braid is woven, it is secure a small rubber band, and the rest of the hair is to dissolve or, conversely, to gather all in one bundle.

«Mermaid braid»

Hairstyle «Braid mermaid» is not only interesting original title, but also looks unique. To weave a braid on medium hair you can at home no matter, straight tresses of the girl, wavy or curly. To give volume to flat hair is slightly tighten the first strands with a straightening iron or Curling iron.

Lesson weaving braids mermaid on medium hair with photos:

Braid mermaid

  1. Thoroughly brush the hair so they are not confused – this will greatly facilitate the work.
  2. To move the hair one shoulder and to separate the two strands of hair on the sides. Secure them with small elastic bands.
  3. The tip of the strands is passed through a hole above the rubber band twice.
  4. Next separate the two strands and to engage in similar manipulation.
  5. To create the hairstyle are no rules, it all depends on personal desires and fantasies.

Hairstyle in the Greek style with bangs

Greek style in the modern world is very common in clothing and hairstyle, the interior. There are many options that depend on the haircut (with a ladder, cascade will be more difficult to style it with a bandage), thickness of hair, use of additional accessories of the rim. Consider everyday a classic version of Greek hairstyles with bangs.

Step by step how to do Greek hairstyles for medium hair at home:

Hairstyle in the Greek style with bangs

  • Good hair to comb, so they are easily distributed on the hair strands.
  • To wear a headband to get bangs, so beautiful, lying under him.
  • Take turns to tuck the strands under the rim with one, then with the other hand.
  • The back to tuck the strands under the headband and secure them with Bobby pins.
  • Decorate with pins with beads, if you want to give unique design with accessories.

Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece step — by-step instructions with photos

Get a good hairstyle that will give the appearance of mystery and glamour, you can use fleece. This is a quick way to obtain additional volume (particularly girls who can not boast of thick hair), to create a cute casual styling. To get a good lesson on hair styling with fleece every fashionista, see step-by-step diagrams with photos.


Many girls really go hairstyles in the retro style, they give the image a certain zest, elegance and sophistication. This hairstyle is perfect and goes well with business style, but no less harmonious it will look in tandem with a simple outfit at a party with friends or with an elegant dress on a thematic holiday. The creation will require a minimum of time and effort, and the finished result will be amazing.

Stepping retro hairstyles with pictures:

Fashionable retro hairstyle with a bouffant

  • First of all, you need to separate at the back a section of your hair, twist it into a bundle and stab each other in the form of a beam. The basis for the fleece ready.
  • Separate a not too thick strand from his forehead and comb it well. It is important to consider the NAP should completely cover the beam.
  • The upper part should be to comb the strands at the temple is to stab under the fleece, using Bobby pins.
  • For better fixation and preservation of brushing its shape, is to fix the varnish.

Openwork beam

With fleece you can make a beautiful openwork beam. Hair will give the girl femininity, mystery and elegance, will feel like a real beauty. Such a conclusion can serve as a casual or be used for festive events. Women’s accessories (hairpins with rhinestones) will help to refresh the hairstyle, giving it a unique look.

Step-by-step creation of hairstyles, pictures for medium hair:

Openwork beam

  1. From the forehead to separate the small strand which in the end will help complete your hairstyle.
  2. Remaining hair carefully brushed and put in a high ponytail at the crown, spreading the strands in a circle over the location of the bands, secured with Bobby pins.
  3. Rollers for hair to be perpendicular to the base of the tail, securing it with hairpins.
  4. One strand should be mounted horizontal shaft in a staggered manner, locking every lock invisible. To repeat the procedure with the rest of the hair around a circle.
  5. Separated in the beginning of the strand to comb and attach to the roller, hiding the tips of the pins.


Hairstyle Babette is known for many years, but its popularity has not waned and is only growing. A distinctive feature is the volume on the crown and back. Masters hairdressing improve the process of creating the installation, using special cushions, fleece or other wisdom. In order to give her hair highlights, you can use satin ribbons, a small clip or hairpin.

Stepping Babette at home for medium hair with photos:

Babette medium hair

  1. Good hair comb, to collect on top in a high tight ponytail.
  2. Divide hair into 2 parts: one should be good backcomb and twist in a roller. Secure with pins and well to fix the varnish.
  3. The second part is slightly backcomb and beautiful, with a maximum accuracy, wrap around a makeshift cushion.
  4. Secure the strands to hide the ends, well splash all varnish.

Video: how to make a hairstyle of two braids yourself

Wildly popular among the beauties of the past few years, use of braids, weave are possible on the hair by yourself at home. Ideas of hairstyles with braids are often used for special occasions, are popular among brides. This option is ideal for every day, and after experimenting with variations of weaving, design and decor, you can create your own unique masterpiece. View YouTube video below to learn how to make the original hair style for medium hair on the basis of two braids:

Tips for creating hairstyles for medium length hair

To do hair styling medium length easy enough, but in order to create hairstyles gave pleasure and perfect result, you must follow certain guidelines and tips:

  • To get your hair to be clean, fresh hair, but in this case it will look beautiful.
  • Should you choose the conclusion under medium hair, focusing on the fact, straight hair, wavy or with slight waves.
  • For better fixation you should use additional tools – varnish, gel, mousse.
  • If you have a desire or need at home to create a festive hairstyle, you have to work out to celebration day avoid unnecessary disorders.
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