Hairstyles for long hair at home with your own hands

Not every owner of long hair can afford to visit the hairdresser. But all women, without exception, can learn the basics of hairdressing and to do hair yourself at home. Long hair open more possibilities for creating fashion images, than short, so a little practice, the girl every day will create a new installation in just 5-10 minutes.

Tips for styling long hair

For spectacular styling for long hair at home women tend to use Styler, hair dryer, rollers, cone or a regular Curling iron, diffuser, frame brush, a comb, a round brush and various styling products: lacquers, mousses, gels, waxes, sprays. To not only permanently fix the hair, but also protect it from thermal effects, foams and mousses should be applied to wet strands, however, remember that an excessive amount will make the tips of the hair like icicles.

To home to make a spectacular hairstyle for long hair, you need to remember some simple rules:

  • any styling will last longer in just washed hair;
  • before using the Hairdryer, the hair will need slightly dry with a towel, as wet strands are easier to damage;
  • the drying process will be faster if you use the nozzle of the condenser;
  • to create curls, use a nozzle-diffuser;
  • to align strands of the Hairdryer should be kept close to the brush;
  • after hair is completely dried, you don’t need to go out, and it is better to let them cool for 10 minutes;
  • to give her hair the volume you need by using a skeleton brush to lift strands at the roots against their growth and drying with a hair dryer;
  • for straightening locks Styler is desirable to start with the lower zones gradually moving to the upper, and carry out hair hot «iron» only once.

How to make hairstyle by yourself: step-by-step instructions with photos

Owners have long hair always want novelty, but not always there is inspiration, so the streets often meet girls with a simple pony-tail. We picked up a few interesting hairstyles with step by step guide that is easy to do at home in just a few minutes. Most importantly, a little practice, performing all the instructions step by step, and you will look fabulous every day.

Hairstyle in the Greek style

Hairstyle in the Greek style on long hair

Any woman would like to become, albeit briefly, a Greek goddess, and married the mythical beauty. In our time it is easy to do if you start with the hair. Greek sloppy hairstyle will add mystery and sophistication, and the options for its there are many. The most common and easiest method is braid with a headband, which is made in the following way:

  1. Hair wash, dry, put on a head bandage.
  2. Two sides twist the wires, wrap them around the headband in the back
  3. Of the remaining hair down the middle weave volume spike.
  4. Fix the hair any locking means for the hair.

Another version of Greek hairstyles for long hair:

  1. Do with styling crimper bead around the entire length of hair.
  2. Gather the top hair into a ponytail, tie a rubber band.
  3. Separate one strand from the ponytail and wrap its base to disguise the elastic band, secure with a pin.
  4. Beautiful satin ribbon or a long necklace wrap for the entire length of the surround the Greek tail.

Voluminous bun with bangs

Beam with bangs for long hair

Stylish negligence long hair can provide volumetric beam, and especially a good hairstyle can look with short bangs. To make this version of the installation is easy if you strictly follow the instructions:

  1. Tie tight the tail, which should be placed a little above the ears– this will allow the beam to look bigger.
  2. Divide the hair into strands, each necesite comb with fine teeth. This procedure will help to make hair visually dense when forming the beam.
  3. Comb gather hair into a ponytail, wrap it with a bagel. This should be done carefully so that the strands do not fall out.
  4. Fix surround a bundle of multiple rods, sprinkle with hairstyle varnish.

The assembled ponytail with a knot

Pony tail for long hair

Ponytail is perfect for girls who have no time to create complex hairstyle, and if hair is not in the best condition. This simple styling is universal – it is suitable for women of all ages and for all occasions: for walks, for the gym and even for publication. Ponytail looks equally good on curly, straight or curly long hair. To create the hairstyle of in several ways, but we consider the most common variant with the node:

  1. Comb the hair with a normal comb.
  2. Separate from the face two strands, then tie the tail low, and do the commit with a rubber band.
  3. The separated strands spray with hairspray and tie in a knot.
  4. The ends of the hair, hide, podrachivaya under the horse’s tail.
  5. Fix them with pins.
  6. Again sprinkle hairstyle varnish.

French braid

Weave French braids

To braid a French braid with your hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. This popular hairstyle will be suitable for creating romantic, gentle image, equally stylish and will look great at a business meeting, and in the Park. Technician captivity French braids a lot: zigzag fishtail, cone, waterfall hollow, and we will consider the simplest version in the style of Provence:

  1. Separate a strand of hair from middle of head to left ear.
  2. Divide it into three parts.
  3. Put on the middle part of the first left and then right as in a regular weave, then add to the right strand of the hair.
  4. Braid so the braid, aiming slightly obliquely, each time adding the hair from different sides.
  5. Not doplatit spike to the end of the half, tie with a rubber band.
  6. From the tail separate strand, divide into 3 parts, braid a thin pigtail.
  7. Wrap it around the base of the spikelet below the elastic band was not visible, cut the tip invisible.

Laying A «Crown»


Hairstyle «Crown» came to us from the middle ages, when women could not walk bareheaded even with long braids. They wrapped around the head of hair into the shape of a crown and decorated them with pearls, flowers, beads and other decorations. Now this hairdo is a sign of femininity and elegance, so it is very relevant to Dating, going out to a restaurant or for office work. Cheat «Crown» in their own home even the woman is far from hairdressing, if you will take the following sequence of actions:

  1. Crown better will remain for long wavy hair, and she did well to direct the spinning wheel, before laying apply a foam or mousse.
  2. Braid braid through the crown of the head, one strand divide into three parts, and when knitting in a circle add one strand at a time, then left, then right.
  3. The pigtail should include all hair, therefore, make sure that they are not hanging around the edges.
  4. Each strand is a little pull to get natural volume.
  5. When the braid is finished, wrap it across the head, secure with pins inside, sprinkle lacquer.

The lush shell without bangs

Pishna bug without the toupee

Hairstyle «Shell» deservedly occupies a leading position among the classic hairstyles that are considered universal. At first it was used only as an evening option, but modern women make «French beam» for business meetings, a wedding, and work. The name of the hair were due to the similarity with sea shell and running it on straight strands, so before performing hair, it is desirable to straighten the «pad». The technique of three-dimensional «Shells» with their hands:

  1. Apply to slightly damp strands, foam or mousse, then blow dry.
  2. Separate a wide strand in bangs, clip away invisible on one side.
  3. Stabbed the weight of the hair should be carefully combed to the «Shell» was magnificent.
  4. With hair roll up the harness, pulling the strands to the right, secure it with pins.
  5. Hide the ends of the strands in the middle of the hair.
  6. To secure styling spray it with lacquer.

Easy and fast formal hairstyles yourself for 10 minutes

Dressed-up feel impossible, even with the presence of chic evening dresses, if there is no corresponding point, a beautiful hairstyle. What to do if a hairdresser does not have time? Then come to the aid of our tips that will help you quickly do it yourself formal hair style in just 10 minutes. From long hair to easily create Hollywood curls, and wrapping will take very little time. Or the effect of wet hair, with styling products, or even a few options that we offer to consider.

Loose curls with braided

Loose curls with braided

Hairstyle based on braid is very easy to create, and owners of long tresses can quickly build an elegant styling for any gala evening. We offer a step by step plan for creating hairstyles with your hair down and braid «French falls»:

  1. If your hair is not naturally curly, it is hard to achieve natural waves easily through the hair with a round nozzle. Curl all the hair.
  2. Take a deep side parting on the head. Take a section of hair in the front side, divide them into three equal strands.
  3. Starts braiding like a regular braid, only the bottom strands are not weaves.
  4. Braiding hair in a circle, move from one ear to the other.
  5. When you are finished braiding, secure the last strand with invisible elastics and repeat «waterfall» on the other side.
  6. When you get to the second braid, connect the last two strands and tie together with a rubber band. If the joint will be invisible, your evening hairdo for long hair will look great.

Elegant hair styling on the side

Styling long hair to the side

Curls laid on its side is a quick and elegant hairstyle for an evening out, choose even Hollywood stars. This version of the installation in retro style with their hands to do not difficult. Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Wash your head, dry your hair.
  2. Apply mousse over the whole surface to preserve the curls, then heat protection spray, protects from drying and overheating.
  3. Highlight on the head side part, and clip away most of the hair barrette, leaving a few strands at the nape.
  4. With the help of the hair Styler curlers or curl hair in any chosen diameter.
  5. For the formation of hairstyles find a few hairpins and invisible.
  6. Gather the curls in the right direction, fix with Bobby pins and invisible, open the varnish.

Wavy curls

Wavy curls for long hair

At home to make wavy curls in several ways, for example, screwed, long curls on the bobbin and leave on your head for the night. Or use a small Curling iron or Styler. We offer romantic curls quickly create the following method:

  1. Dip the rollers in hot water and wait until heated.
  2. Screw long hair, leave on for 20 minutes.
  3. Remove the rollers when the time ends, comb the curls have collapsed.
  4. Place the curls with hands so that the waves were smooth, fix the paint.

High bun with swirls

High bun with swirls

Based on high beam the girl can build a gorgeous evening hairstyle that will be suitable even for my own wedding. No matter what is selected the beam: wavy, vintage-inspired or smooth – you will definitely feel like a goddess with this hair, especially if you complement her beautiful long curls. The scheme is the creation of styling:

  1. Divide the hair into 4 areas: parietal, 2 temporal and lower.
  2. To make equal temporal area, the teeth of a comb to hold from the center of the ears to the head.
  3. Strands parietal areas do the basal layer-by-layer fleece to make 4 layers.
  4. A comb with large teeth smooth the top layer of fleece.
  5. Top the strands with fleece collect in the tail, slightly twisted in a plait, fasten invisible.
  6. The remaining hair put together, except for a few strands, twist clockwise up, fasten invisible.
  7. The resulting tail necesite in layers, starting from the bottom, creating volume at the roots.
  8. Smooth comb a bun and secure underneath with Bobby pins.
  9. Left a few strands behind a little curl with a Curling iron fix hairstyle varnish.

Stylish hairstyle with headband

Stylish hairstyle with headband

To make a beautiful evening hairstyle with headband yourself in just 10 minutes. To do this:

  1. Hair comb, divide parted in the middle.
  2. Put stylish bezel-rubber band, secure it to the head with Bobby pins on all sides.
  3. A strand behind the ear is put behind the bezel, do the same with the remaining strands, until you reach the other ear.
  4. There is another quick option – first refuel under the rim of the strands of the temporal region, and then completely twisted the whole rear end.

Flowers from KOs

Flowers from KOs

The world of hairdressing is not its existence without floral decorations. At all shows, we see the model with new styling, decorated with flowers, and the latest trend of steel flowers made out of hair. To make a rose out of KOs easily by yourself at home, if you know the nuances and the stacking sequence.

  1. If you want to make a hairstyle with curls, we first divide the hair long on the horizontal parting from one temple to the other, then the upper part of the clip on the back of the head, and the bottom curl using tongs.
  2. Then curl the top and sprinkle the curls varnish for fixing.
  3. Separate the curls with your fingers to create volume at the back make an easy fleece.
  4. Take a small strand from the temporal part of the head and braid, classic braid and secure the end of invisible rubber bands.
  5. Do the same with the other side.
  6. For more volume pull the braid link with the weave.
  7. Secure both braids at the nape with a rubber band in the color of the hair.
  8. The rest of the length of both to weave a braid into one braid, then twist it around its axis to get the flower.
  9. Secure it with a pin from below and secure use another pin, which will cross first.

Video tutorials: how to make a beautiful hairdo

Imagination to create hairstyles for long hair should be enough even for fashion styling fit bundles, braids, plaits, tails, which are ideal not only in everyday life but also for the prom, going to prom or corporate party. The main thing is to arm yourself with patience, any hair will you. watch the video master classes for creating hairstyles for long hair at home.

Hairstyle «Babette» with cushion

Three options of simple hairstyles for each day

Office hair strands ripple over 5 minutes

Beautiful weaving braids of four strands around the head

Master class: hairstyle of gum on the triumph

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