Haircut Cascade of long hair

Find your style difficult, and experiments with the familiar hairstyle does not always end in a good laugh. For long strands it is advisable to choose classic models, which are the Cascade and Bob. These hairstyles are very popular, besides, perfect adult women and young girls.

To suit Cascade for long hair

Hollywood actress

For thicker strands, the ideal is the cascade, which looks flawless as with bangs and without her presence. The main feature of this hairstyle is its versatility, as the ladder looks great on all types and length of hair, there is no reference to the shape of his face, his ovals. For young girls you can diversify your way or torn oblique bangs, adult females fit a strict model with an open forehead. This element is a highlight of the selected style, make it unique, catchy, unique.

Difficult ladder for long hair with bangs

Graded model does not require straight lines and strict adherence to form, in this case welcome youth recklessness, casual styling, creative. Accentuate the female face, the bangs, the main thing is to pick the shape and style thus to fit in the everyday life of the image, to feel as comfortable as possible. Options for whom especially urgent haircut Cascade of long hair, a few:

  1. Owners of round faces side-swept bangs is suitable as an element of asymmetry. The volume and layered hairstyles with excessive pretentiousness will be inappropriate, it is recommended to focus on the effect of smoothness.
  2. Oval face shape, you can cut stairs with long bangs. If it’s a ripped model, it looks original, if the ends of the bangs slightly to tighten, split into two parts. A striking example of this stylish image is a unique Jennifer aniston with her eternal style.
  3. Full face will fit ragged bangs and a cascade of long hair, it is recommended to graduate to medium length back, as if raising his head. Such sharp items removed volume, give a person a kind of awkwardness, visually make the legs slimmer.

Drabinko s SUBCOM

Haircut ladder for long hair without bangs

Cascade open forehead also looks impressive, but is not for everyone. It is perfect for narrow and oval faces, as you can make the volume, fluffiness. To hair looked harmoniously, the first rung of the ladder you must start from the jawline, gradually increasing the length. The owners of broad forehead this is not an option because of the massive features it is better to masquerade as the individual elements of the chosen hairstyle.

Technology haircuts for long hair without bangs and with bangs

Before you cut the cascade, you need to get acquainted with the technique. Otherwise, you can completely ruin natural hair, and your mood. It is important to remember that the hairstyle is absolutely contraindicated in thin, too thick, curly tresses, because even a professional installation will expose all the shortcomings of its structure. Technique corresponds to the following scheme (sequence):

  1. To find the center of the parietal region, choose a test strand and pull it up and cut according to desired length.
  2. To carry on the head horizontal partings, dividing the strands into «zones». A haircut is convenient to start with the parietal, gradually moving to the temple and ending the occipital area. Gradually pull the strands of these zones to the control strands.
  3. When the necessary length and the form are fulfilled, it only remains to arrange the piping that is to comb all the hair down with scissors to trim visual defects.
  4. When in the occipital area is not long enough to become flush with the reference strand, then cut out the back of the head is recommended using a different technique – the «strand by strand».
  5. The last strands after cutting must be placed parallel to the floor, and then pull the strands from the nape.

Drabinko without the toupee

How to lay extended Cascade

After the haircut, the face becomes bright and youthful, there is internal confidence. To the hairstyle to stay beautiful and presentable on the new strands, it is necessary to take care of its proper and high-quality styling at home. At hand, you must have a Hairdryer, round brush, styling mousse and nail, but may also need to «pad». Women’s haircut Cascade is formed in such a sequence, which is not recommended to keep:

  1. After washing the hair should be dry long hair, to distribute on their surface a small amount of mousse.
  2. Then the damp strands to enter into the palaces, to fix, to give a little to dry and then use a Hairdryer and round brush.
  3. Visible areas of the cheekbones, temples when blow-drying you need to cheat inside, and the other strands – just towards the back of the head.
  4. After the final drying and the resulting forms remain only lightly sprinkle the strands with varnish to give them the desired volume, to remain presentable, to fix.

Video: the technology of haircut Cascade

Photo cascade haircuts for long hair

Photo cascade haircuts for long hair


Inna, 31 years:My way – cascade for long hair with bangs. For a long time does not change the haircut and master, each time happy with their appearance. Hairstyle looks elegant and very feminine. Look like in 20 years less my age. The high forehead was hidden under bangs and no inferiority complex there.

Marina, 41 years:To extend the back of the head, do yourself a cascade without bangs for long hair. Came ripped model with a large number of lengths. Haircut young, doesn’t look provocative and vulgar, gives confidence. Fits perfectly under any style in clothes, with make up too, no problem. So all owners of long strands strongly recommend.

Ilona, 37 years:Now I have short hair, but before only did a haircut Cascade. Probably, all the time, because at one point I had this model just outgrown, no longer feel comfortable. Now choose a shortened version, but still admire the girls who have the haircut Cascade of long hair.

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