Haircut cap on short hair

Those who decided to completely change the image, cutting off his gorgeous locks, the modern beauty industry offers a huge variety of options. So the image turned out perfect, you should consider several factors: face shape, hair texture, personal preference. A popular model among women of all ages is a haircut cap on short hair. After getting this hairstyle, the curls are lush, light, and obedient. Variations of this haircut, there are many, so you can read them in more detail below.

Features women’s haircuts hat

Cap found its recognition in the distant 60-s, when at the peak of popularity was all bright, creative, extravagant. Since short haircuts were a symbol of femininity, style, and ingenuity and never out of fashion. Won this hairstyle the hearts of half mankind, due to the following features:

It looks like the haircut cap on short hair

  • Owners of long neck have an excellent opportunity to demonstrate his sexy, short cut hair.
  • Hair care in terms of design hairstyles minimized: they do not require complex pilings. Women through this save a lot of time to create the perfect image.
  • If the appearance bored and want something new, it is always possible to change the haircut: uneven trim the ends, leave in some places, long strands, to make oblique bangs.
  • Hat gives any woman that special something and creates a lively, uncluttered style.
  • Visually, the hair removes years and increases growth.
  • The downside is that fit a specific type of person.
  • Recommended for those with manageable hair with a smooth structure.
  • Is the optimal solution, whose hair is heavy, thick.
  • It is important to ensure that the hair did not grow back, regularly visiting the hairdresser to correct the regrown hair and the contours of the haircut.

To whom will this haircut

Haircut cap on short hair will not every woman. It depends on several factors, to see which you can further.

Embodiments of the cutting cap

  • Girls with delicate facial features, are particularly interesting if their hair short under the hood.
  • Owner long neck and beautiful head will be able with dignity to wear such a hairstyle.
  • Elongate a person acquires charm, grace, if a girl gets a haircut hat.
  • Stylists recommend this hair for those who has thin, sparse hair. So their image looks neat, stylish with extra volume.
  • For those who have a round face shape, it is better to abandon this haircut because they risk to increase the visual face.
  • Rectangular or square shaped face is also not an option because of the fact that highlights all the rough features of a contour of the face: chin, round cheeks.
  • If you have a pear-shaped face, the hat will help you to find the proportionality hairstyles with volume.

Options for short hair

Not to be monotonous and to vary their own style, you can choose among available interesting interpretations trendy haircuts cap. They differ by adding details, such as bangs, «feet» at the back, asymmetric length, add layers. All this and more will help you become irresistible elegant lady with a stylish haircut. And to understand how to look for these hairstyles, check out a detailed description of each of them next.

The classic version with bangs and without it

Photos of haircuts for girls with bangs and without

Beanie a classic if it is done with bangs of any length. Then the idea of the hairstyle perfectly reveals the essence of the name cap is as follows: the ends around the entire circumference are placed inside, forming a layer similar to the hat. However, the bangs are not all prefer, so I can make a version without it. In this case, the hair is stacked in a side parting or in the middle, with the tips bent inwards too.

Both options are considered to be traditional suitable for any image: romantic, austere, playful or sporty, depending on where and what you are going to go. Smooth hair using a flat iron, take medium varnish non-rigid fixation in order to look neat throughout the day. If the evening will have a cheerful meeting with friends, just shake your hair, apply the foam, shake their hands – and a mischievous girl ready.

Asymmetrical cap

Stylish asymmetric haircut cap

Asymmetrical haircut cap recently gaining popularity due to its diversity, functionality. This hairstyle you can style every once in a while, but you’ll always look new. Play with your images and my eyes in humans. Check out the options of different asymmetrical haircuts cap:

  • Different length of hair at the sides of the face. In this case, the line clippers moves smoothly from one length hair to shorter.
  • Geometrically uneven haircut. When the haircut has smooth lines, and strictly cropped with sharp corners, for example.
  • Double hat. Here the hair is shorter can walk to the earlobes, and shorter to his head.

Due to the asymmetry you can easily remove any imperfections, and you can adjust your oval. Try colouring in an interesting bright color to complement the image of eccentricity, extravagance. Asymmetrical haircut under a hat doesn’t create any difficulties in everyday life, it is very easy to fit: just use a Hairdryer and iron.

Haircut layers

Haircut cap on short hair with layers

Hair that look bad due to lack of volume with length below the shoulder blades, it is easy to give additional splendor, not cutting off the curls. In this case the top or bottom of a stack hair cut in a cap. It looks very interesting, allows you to change the image, adding flavor, without changing the length of the hair. The layers help to achieve the effect of lightness, if you have heavy hair to disguise split ends, different ways to style the hair.

The cap on the stem

Short haircut cap on the leg

Haircut cap on the stem is used in a very lightweight options that open up the back of the head. In this case cut out the upper layers to the required length, and the lower left. From the outside it looks like a leg, which keeps your MOP. Here you can improvise with the front part of the hair and leave the long curls of a person (an elongated square style), cut out the bangs from the crown, to use other variations.

Technique and execution scheme of a haircut

The technique of shearing the cap is easy to learn. Step-by-step description, which you will find below, the implementation of a cap on their hair with their own hands in front of the mirror can not get out, however, to contact a friend never hurts. So, where to start:

Technology run-haircut cap on short hair

  1. Carefully comb the curls. Start from the top and gradually move down.
  2. Proceed to the division head with partings on the strand in the area of the temporal lobes. Draw a horizontal line to brush your hair from temple to ear – so you divide the temporal lobe into two parts.
  3. Draw a line with the comb from the parting downwards in front of the ear, remove the back hair behind the ear. The curl that goes from the temple, cut on the bias lines.
  4. Continue to cut other strands, sucesive them to the already cut hair.
  5. Extend the previously obtained horizontal parting of the hair on the back of the head, and obligate these curls. Mow, using the method of thinning out hair with special scissors.
  6. Then select the parting of the frontal-parietal and upper occipital part of the head.
  7. Carry out the movement from the forehead towards the middle of the head, cut the rest of the hair. Iterate curls first to the right and then to the left. Reference lengths of all the strands is the one that is above the ear.
  8. At the final stage of comb the hair and inspect each hair must be cut exactly to correspond in length to each other, so as not to break the overall symmetry of the hairstyle.
  9. Adjust all the small bumps and, if you want, profile the tips of the bangs with an asymmetrical cut.

Ways of styling hairstyles

Many after the euphoria of the first stunning impressions of own beautiful haircuts panic: how to style such short hair? However, everything is simple and not as scary as it may seem to some. So, learn in detail how to style a haircut cap at home:

  • To make it easy, use a Hairdryer with a round brush and flat iron to smooth out any minor imperfections.
  • While drying hair with Hairdryer lift with a comb them from the roots and direct the air into the hair. So you will achieve more volume.
  • After applying the hair dryer, take a pad, and straighten your wavy locks that fall in the wrong direction, give your hair the Shine effect and perfect smoothness.
  • Upon completion, use a varnish medium hold that does not stick hair. Spray directly onto the ends of the strands, lifting them. So your perfect hairstyle will last throughout the working day, effectively emphasizing your perfect image.

Video tutorial: step-by-step creation of a cap on short hair

Any haircut, especially short – the case of the hands of the professional. However, stylists claim that such is not born, but becomes, filling his hand and getting years of experience. Everyone starts from scratch and learn how to perform certain basic elements of a haircut. Not for the sake of curiosity and to expand their horizons, examine the following video. Here you will find step-by-step create a beanie for short hair that runs the master of a beauty salon, and a small recommendations for process optimization.

Photos of haircuts under the hood – front and rear

Haircuts under caps look very nice, plus they give their owners the opportunity to look different than others. Looking at these women the impression that they are aristocratic, graceful and elegant, easily change your look and look perfect in any situation – at work or on a walk in the Park with the dog. To see for yourself, look at the photos attached below with the front and the back. Perhaps these portraits will inspire you to start experimenting on his own image.

Trendy short haircuts under the hood

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