Women’s haircut cap on short hair

Appearing in the second half of the 20th century, this hairstyle has caused a wave of interest in the party and included in the category of «unisex». Among the most trendy haircuts right now the cap does not fall, but to call it outdated not – with competent work of the master, she will look impressive and modern. Who suits this hairstyle?

The benefits of women’s haircuts hat

Haircut cap on short hair

Short hair is very convenient. They choose active, in constant motion and the lack of time women who do not have opportunities every day to find new ways of styling. Women’s haircut cap on short hair versatile, with the right technique, the stylist always looks neat and impressive. The silhouette has several significant advantages:

  • opens the neck, emphasizing its finesse and length;
  • creates the illusion of thicker hair;
  • has volume at the roots;
  • eliminates the shortcomings of the person;
  • easy to styling.

There are drawbacks:

  • cap, like all short hair requires frequent trips to the salon, because hair grows unevenly, the geometry of the slice is lost;
  • the number of pilings, which can afford the woman is minimal;
  • going to bed with a wet head in the presence of shearing the cap is not desirable – I’ll have to carefully straighten the strands.

To suit hair hat

Women's haircut cap on short hair

Professionals suggest not to attempt this haircut for wavy or curly hair active: they lose any shape, they have infinitely extend, which is not the best way affects their health. There are more universal women’s hairstyles for short hair, and beanie is still very demanding. It will be impressive and stylish look:

  • straight thick hair, which do not need special care;
  • thin, because it will give them the necessary volume in the crown area;
  • smooth, as they will add elegance to the image.

You must remember the influence of the shape of the hair on the perception of facial features:

  • haircut cap on short hair steals the upper part, therefore undesirable when a very wide face, but ideally will lead to harmony is elongated;
  • square or triangular (sharp) jawline is softened;
  • the oval face with this hair cut can be round;
  • cap is able to emphasize his square jaw and shift the emphasis to the lips.

Women’s haircuts for short hair

Professionals believe that any woman can look spectacular and without long hair. Short hairstyles look better than a Hollywood lush curls and even more versatile. With little growth and Stanichno physique, it will emphasize the fragility of the girls, lengthen the neck. At high growth with proper installation will bring all the features to harmony. The main thing – to choose the right style haircut.

Classic beanie with bangs and without it

Haircut cap with bangs

Is a semicircle, where the curvy part at the top, forming a real «cap» of hair. Slice diagonally directed, goes on the front of the eyebrows, the back – on the back of the head. The silhouette makes the face soft, rounded, diverts attention from the forehead and eyes, which are almost hidden under the long locks. However, there is an alternative, when the slice is raised higher so the forehead is partially open. Like all short haircuts with bangs, classic cap allows you to offset the flaws of the upper part of the face.


If you love to experiment with fashion and style, change the angle of the slice or its direction. Creative cap can be obtained with a contrast of lengths of the left and right halves of the asymmetry of the front strands or around the semicircle. For this hairstyle there are no clear laws: the main thing is to keep the main idea of a cap, the maximum diversity of her client. Masters are advised to emphasize the asymmetry of creative colouring. Main options:

  • fashion double cap: the lower section of the middle ear, the upper over it in 5-7 cm;
  • lengthening bangs to chin with one hand;
  • interesting geometric sections, located at the bangs or other areas;
  • the preservation of the original length of the lower layer and the short cap on top.

Haircut in layers

Another classic option in which the slice beanie is raised behind, so it may be almost on the same vertical line of the bangs. Thus the occipital area has a soft transition from very short hair to long, carefully poured into the cut. In this case back to consider clear cap impossible: it looks modern, neat. The perfect complement to her ripped, milled bangs, playing with color within 2-3 levels. This haircut outside the laws of fashion.

Haircut cap on the leg

On the leg

From the classic beanie is cut corner: diagonal closer to the horizontal, the transition back may look like a step. The back is open, not fully-haired, and «hat hair» is at the level of mid or upper tip of the ear. This haircut girls are sometimes called «fungus». Version is not very popular, it must be able to present stylish, not to look like a reminder of the 60-ies. Stylists suggest to try this way girls with skinny model features.

Cap Bob

2 the most interesting short women’s hairstyles linked to 1, with this elegant hairstyle. Cap-Bob implies the preservation of the round cut classic beanie, but the appearance of a smooth transition, making it less ostentatious. The haircut is fantastic for women of elegant age, especially owners of a thin, but dense, light hair. Addition to it may not be a classic, and the cut bangs.

The scheme and techniques of haircuts

The ideal hat that will be nice to lie even without daily styling, can come only from the hands of highly skilled craftsmen. What was cut, never to return. If you want to cut your hair for such a silhouette yourself, very carefully read the instructions and try to work as accurately as possible:

  1. Comb the hair from the crown move them forwards, backwards and sides. You should not be parted – only the Central point from which the strands fall around.
  2. Wet your hair, but don’t overdo it: they just have to go smoothly, to look like a unified mass, get rid of electrification.
  3. A vertical line select the temporal strand width of 5 cm, right. Clutching fingers, make a cut at an angle. The far end of the section must touch the middle ear. Keep in mind that dry hair length top layer will decrease.
  4. The rest of the temporo-side areas to trim this locks, to cutting out a vertical slice.
  5. The transition to the back of the head can be smooth, barely noticeable, but it is possible to make it very clear. The outline depends on the chosen hairstyle.
  6. Lower occipital area, which is under the hood, shorn of vertical partings. Proper technique – one hobby on the fingers.
  7. The latter is the parietal area, the form of which is determined by your desire to have or not to have bangs. Be sure to adhere to the line of a semicircle, even if you decide to cut asymmetric or ragged bangs.
  8. The final stage of the equation and feathering, easily the upper layer and the volume cap.

Hair care and styling methods

The options for styling beanies

A significant disadvantage of the haircut cap on short hair is necessary to maintain a given master silhouette so that the hair looks neat and stylish. Its highlight – a perfectly smooth cut, for which the girls have every morning, or straighten up with a Flatiron or pulling strands of hair dryer. The latter option is much better, and the only difficulty was working in the back area.

Caring for hair is:

  • need to create a daily tidy hairstyle is to assemble the tail on the run will not work;
  • visits to the hair stylist when the hair begins to grow, to keep a smooth cut.

Classic styling for a cap:

  1. Wash your hair, squeeze out excess moisture with a towel. Professionals are advised to walk with him a quarter of an hour, and only then remove the towel will absorb most of the water.
  2. Carefully disassemble strands of carbon or silicon comb massage comb.
  3. In a semicircle above the ear to separate the top mass of hair to collect a clip. The temporal area of the lower layer is laid on a circular comb (ø 29-35 mm), moving it to the roots.
  4. The narrow nozzle on the Hairdryer to direct so that the air flow was along the strands to the tips. To scroll the comb in the same direction.
  5. Go to the next area, moving in a circle along the head. To work with the head it is recommended to put behind a big mirror: it is the hardest part.
  6. When the bottom layer is to be laid, let go of the upper strands in parts, work on the same principle. Brushing for «cap» you can take a larger diameter 45-60 mm

Creative haircut cap on short hair must be emphasized with wax or gel, otherwise the beauty will turn into sloppiness. For that alone stretch out strands with a Flatiron, turning ends to inside and. fingers, in which a powdered touch. Or you can try to create a popular beach curls on short hair:

  • Take a saline nose spray or dissolve in 100 ml of water 2 tbsp coarse sea salt. Treat your hair with liquid so that they become wet. Let dry.
  • Split by areas of the cap makes no sense – choose strands one by one, and wrap the narrow Curling or iron.
  • For maximum volume, you can divide the hair in horizontal layers, backcomb at the roots.
  • After wrapping break the strands with your fingers, usherette.
  • Hairstyle will look spectacular, if you have an asymmetrical haircut.
  • Version of the installation very suitable for hair has had time to grow and lose a clean cut.

Video tutorial: creating hats for short hair

Photo: trendy short women’s haircuts hat

Short women's haircuts hat

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