Hair removal resin: advantages and particularities of the procedure

Hair removal resinToday, there are lots of ways of hair removal wax, depilatory creams, sugaring, epilators, the conventional shaving. In the previous article we have already discussed how to do sugar waxing at home. Each woman chooses their own, but not each of them is comfortable and painless. Let’s talk about this method as hair removal with resin, or in other words, firepelace.

The composition of this resin includes honey, walnut and pine oleoresin. Honey makes the skin softer, toxins and wastes. Walnut extract effectively slows hair growth, additionally, the crushed walnut acts as a scrub for the body, thereby solving the problem of ingrown hairs. Pine oleoresin freezes well on the skin and adheres to hair, making them easy to pull out from the follicle. Hair removal resin is most suitable for people prone to allergies, and those who are not recommended or contraindicated ultraviolet radiation.

Resin for epilation it is possible to buy and use it at home. You can turn to the experienced technician in the salon. But if you remember history, this method was developed long before the advent of beauty – namely, Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used a special mixture of honey, subjecting it to heat treatment and getting a thick resinous mass. Her recipe was known as early as 1070 B. C. e.. for many years and centuries it was used not only in Egypt but also in the middle East.

Description of the procedure and differences from waxing

Epilation resin very similar to the procedure of hair removal using wax. The heated resin must be applied to the desired areas of the body, top to impose a fabric or paper strip and separate it from the body. But resin is better to wax because the hair removal process is more painless, but the end result will delight longer – at least a month. Plus resin penetrates the skin and remains on the surface like wax. Hence the pain of waxing, when abruptly removed the strip. Also after the procedure, the skin appears redness and irritation.

Advantages of hair removal resin

  • If the proper procedure, you will not feel pain. Pain is what pushes many women in the choice of a particular method of treatment;
  • Since the hair is removed along with the follicle, your legs longer remain smooth. Long the effect is guaranteed. And grow new hairs inconspicuous and soft;
  • Thanks to the walnut effectively massages and revitalizes the skin, does not damage the hair under the skin and reduces the likelihood of allergies;
  • No need of complicated pretreatment. For example, you can remove the hair on a tanned and damaged skin;
  • Delicate and gentle hair removal, therefore, the resin can be used for bikini area, and armpits, and even face. Often the resin is removed wide eyebrows that much better than plucking and mustache above the upper lip.

Opt for hair removal with resin, you will not regret it. Try it, and a positive result will tell for itself. Be perfect!

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