Means and methods of hair removal forever

remove facial hair foreverHair on the body and face, especially in women who carefully monitor their appearance — a real disaster. This unpleasant phenomenon spoils the image of a lady, which, of course, no one can like. For this reason, ladies need to remember several effective methods, and both professional and based on the use of folk remedies, which you can use to get rid of unwanted body hair forever. It is possible to apply at home, not overpaying for the services of a cosmetologist in specialized beauty salons.

The causes of heavy hair growth on face and body in women

The main factor that can provoke this trouble, is the increased amount of male sex hormones in the female body. Most often it is a hereditary phenomenon which is inescapable, but sometimes this condition is due to hormonal imbalance (after pregnancy, severe stress, maintaining a disorderly sex life and the like).

Hair removal forever of folk remedies

Most women is annoying and disturbs the growth of hair on the upper lip, underarms, legs and genitals. However, in severe cases, hairlines appear on the hands and back. It often causes severe irritation of the skin, accompanied by itching, flaking and subsequent cracking, so women who suffer from this phenomenon, you need to seriously think about effective means for hair removal on face and body forever.

What are these methods? And how to use them correctly to achieve the desired result? This will help you advice from experienced women who have already faced this problem, and experienced cosmetologists, who know all the nuances of this delicate matter.

Types of hair removal and hair removal by which to remove hair on face and body permanently at home

Waxing involves plucking hair with tweezers, or removing them using a sticky wax strips. Also a common way of solving this problem is hair removal (laser especially), which, unlike the previous method, removes the hairs along with their roots.

But how effective are they? And will these methods actually remove unwanted hair forever?

Waxing, according to beauticians, is a method with low efficiency, so this procedure is not necessary neither the strength nor the time spent on its execution. After a short period of time the hairs grow back again, because during removing them with tweezers or wax strips hair bulb remains in place.

One of the most effective methods is laser hair removal. It helps to permanently get rid of hair on legs, arms, underarms and intimate places, and on the face (although this method for this part of the body is used not very often).

Effective ways to remove hair permanently

Performing this manipulation is very simple: in places where localized hairs directed laser beam, which directly affects the glands that contribute to the production of hormones responsible for hair. Thus, the work of the glands is blocked, and the hairs are burned. Thanks to this hair removal once and for all relieves women from having to hide his body under a long dress, but the face under a thick layer of makeup. However, there is one caveat: the removal of hair using laser is effective only in case if the girl’s dark hair for light hair it does not work.

In addition to laser, in the beauty (or, if possible, at home) are also the following types of hair removal for getting rid of unwanted hair permanently:

  1. Electrolysis: it involves the use of ultra-thin needle, which serves as a conductor of electric current. She is introduced to the hair follicle, so that the current can directly influence it without causing harm to the surrounding tissues and cells. The maximum effect can be achieved only after 5-7 sessions, however, this manipulation has a big advantage: it can be used not only in the intimate areas of the body and limbs, but also to remove facial hair permanently.
  2. Photo-epilation. This form of hair removal very similar to the one in which a laser beam is used, however it is much better, because it has a high efficiency in removing both dark and light hair.
  3. ELOS hair removal – a set of procedures, which consists of electro — epilation. Thus the hair follicle is completely destroyed under the influence of two mechanisms: light electric current. The main advantage of this method is its absolute painlessness and the ability to remove the hair on face and body forever.

All of the above types of hair removal are, as a rule, in beauty salons or beautician clinics, however if you have good financial ability, you may purchase a special appliance and perform the procedure to remove hair permanently at home.

How to get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body with the help of folk remedies?

How to remove unwanted hair permanently.

Very popular not only special beauty treatments, but also means that probably every woman has. To get rid of hair on face and body forever with the help of such methods.

  1. The juice of the branches of the wild grape: RUB it every day is necessary, and only to those areas of the skin where there is a large amount of hair, from which you want to get rid of. This tool helps to remove facial hair permanently.
  2. Hair removal on arms, legs, and intimate places with potassium permanganate. Crystals of manganese – quite a potent tool, able to burn skin, so use it very carefully. A little dilute potassium permanganate in hot water. This mixture is used for steam baths. The duration and frequency of procedure – 20 minutes each day before bedtime. To use this method you want as long as the hair in the treated areas of the body is completely fall out.
  3. How to get rid of facial hair forever with the help of hydrogen peroxide? A substance such as peroxide, is widely used for various purposes, including for the burning of unwanted hair on the upper lip. The facial skin is very delicate, so easily amenable to such manipulation. To perform this procedure, you need to mix a 6% solution of hydrogen peroxide with liquid soap and water in equal proportions. In mass add 10 drops of ammonia and stir. Oiling excess hair 1 time a week, leaving mask on for 15 minutes. Need to wash it out warm decoction of chamomile. This method has one negative quality: it does not burn the hair completely, but only makes them colorless and invisible.

Hair removal with baking soda is one of the most common methods of hair removal at home. However, it requires careful preparation and has some contraindications, that is why it is necessary to consider in more detail.

If the tool is used for the first time, you need to check on inconspicuous area of the skin. One important condition: before applying the skin should be well steamed. This will help the baking soda to penetrate deep into the tissue and can have a devastating effect on hair follicles.

After the experiment, it is necessary to follow the reaction of the body. If the next day in the treated area there will be no suspicious rashes or irritation, then you can safely use baking soda to remove hair on face and body forever.

Important to know: soda solutions can be used for dealing with unwanted hair on dry and thin skin – it can worsen her condition.

What is the process of hair removal with baking soda? It should be noted that this procedure is completely painless, but it may not give the results which you are expecting. For example, the light hairs soda cleans great, but the dark she just lights (like in the case of hydrogen peroxide). But it all depends on 2 important factors:

  1. The depth of the hair bulb.
  2. The stiffness of hair.

And now proceed directly to the cooking soda mixture. To do this you need to follow these steps:

  1. Boil some water and let it cool – it should be warm, not cold.
  2. Dissolve in water 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  3. Determine the approximate area of skin that needs to be processed, and cut the same size and shape piece of clean gauze.
  4. Wet it in the solution and squeeze excess liquid.

This compress must be applied to the intended area of the skin, wrap a plastic bag and fix with a bandage. If you perform manipulation on the face, in this case, it is advisable to use plaster gauze attached to the skin. If, after the bandage is removed on the surface of the skin will leave marks on the masking tape band-aid, they need to be gently washed off with warm water using the fleece.

This pack will give more effect if its done for the night. If you have dry skin, but you dare to remove hair permanently with the help of soda solution, then in the morning you must lubricate the areas subjected to treatment with this mixture, a nourishing cream.

Hair removal folk remedies in almost all cases, yields positive results, as evidenced by the reviews on the Internet. However, if your skin is very sensitive and it often appears red rashes that indicate the presence of irritation, then it is better to use the services of professional beauticians who are using the above types of hair removal will help customers easy and relatively fast to permanently remove hair on the face and body.

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