Hair oil: which is better?

If Your dry, brittle and split hair do not help, no masks, no air conditioners or balms, it is then necessary to resort to folk remedies – essential oils. During the month of such oil treatments You will see great changes.

Which oils to choose for hair restoration

Will quickly help to restore a healthy Shine to hair jojoba oil. It is by its composition similar to the composition of sebum, so the hair can easily absorb it.

Apricot and coconut oil for hair is also perfectly restore damaged hair.

For thick and curly hair will suit olive and almond oil.

How to use the oils?

In a clean, dry hair starting at the roots, then smooth transition to the rest of the hair, we RUB it suitable for You, warm oil. Well then comb the hair comb with rare teeth.Then massaging your head with your fingers for about 5 minutes.

Oil can be combined. Then Your mask will be more effective.

The use of oils does not depend on the length of the hair, as they suit everyone, especially those who have dry and brittle hair.

If you want to increase hair growth, use rosemary oil.