Causes and what to do if hair fall out

how to stop hair lossEvery day human hair is falling out at a specific amount. Experts say that when the hair loss is equal to 100 pieces per day, it is quite a normal process. Thus there is a natural regeneration of hair, that is dead and weak hairs are replaced by healthy and strong. But if the loss of hairs is more than 100 pieces per day, it is the first sign of sickness in the human body.

Any means against hair loss aims to strengthen the roots and activate your hair follicles. But all these manipulations will be useless if you do not understand the cause of hair loss and to get rid of it.

What hair fall out?

In the case where there is a strong hair loss, the person should immediately contact the appropriate specialist. If there is hair loss, to what doctor to address? This problem deals with a qualified doctor-trichologist. This specialist is both a dermatologist and a therapist. What kind of doctor treats hair loss? Also, this function is assigned to the trichologist. The designated doctor after the initial inspection I will make the passing of the relevant tests applied to the patient, and after receiving the results of laboratory studies to identify individual and timely treatment.

You should always keep in mind that all treatment depends on the cause of the problem. In some cases, the patient enough to get rid of provocateur of the disease, to stop hair loss.

Consider, why is it that people have seen hair loss?

  • The lack of fortified chemicals in the body. What vitamins are not enough if hair fall out the link to read /vitaminyi-ot-vyipadeniya-hair
  • Violations of hormonal levels caused by pregnancy or lactation. The same reason occurs during menopause or menstrual irregularities. In the treatment of hormonal drugs or while using hormonal contraceptives is also possible to observe this malady.
  • Stress in the body.
  • Disorders of the digestive system.
  • A decrease in immune protective forces of an organism owing to chronic inflammatory or infectious diseases.
  • Rickets.
  • Wearing the wrong headgear or apocrita head in cold temperatures. Hair loss may also occur due to constant exposure to the unprotected head of ultraviolet rays.
  • The excessive use of different means with temperature hair styling (hair dryer, hot curlers, straighteners and the like).
  • Inappropriate use of the funds for cosmetic care of the scalp and hair.

As you can see, some of the problems specified disease seem utterly ridiculous. When getting rid of the root cause can effectively recover the activity of the hair follicle.

Means against hair loss

why hair falls out
Once people get rid of the root cause of hair loss, you can use an effective remedy for hair loss, in order to establish the activity of the hair follicle. How to stop hair loss in women?

  • Proper nutrition. Everyone knows that a balanced and adequate nutrition can work wonders with the human body. Depending on the diet of the person may have any defects in health or, conversely, to possess a strong spirit and vigor. Why does hair fall in autumn? The fact is that the body is a deficiency of nutrients in this season of the year, which negatively affects the beauty of a person. In nature, there are products for hair loss, usage of which it is possible to establish the activity of the hair follicle. These foods include: honey, vegetable oil, milk, asparagus, beets, cucumbers, whole-wheat bread, strawberries, parsley, green salad. In addition, virtually all fruits and hair have miraculous feature that helps to strengthen hair follicles, due to the content in any of the mineral silicon. Preferably all fruit and vegetables to eat together with the skin, so the benefits will be much larger. Since ancient times it was believed that beer for hair from falling out is unique. This is indeed the case. The composition of the drink contains beer yeast, which contain a group of vitamins, and these substances, in turn, help hair become strong and thick.
  • Teas and tinctures. Effective to stop hair loss in women is possible if you regularly use people’s recipes. Great property has rinse hair after washing decoctions of herbs (chamomile, nettle, calendula, St. John’s wort, and others). Effectively and RUB into the hair roots extracts on the basis of these medicinal herbs.
  • Mask. How to save your hair from falling out? To hair has always admired, it is enough once a week to use cosmetic masks. The basis of the masks are natural remedies that nourish and strengthen hair follicles. As a basis for masks, you can use dairy products, juice, vegetables, essential oils, bee products, etc Read how to use burdock oil against hair loss.

Any homemade recipes for hair loss will be most effective and efficient when used in accordance with the type of hair.

How to strengthen your hair from falling out?

What to do if hair is falling out on your head? Of course, you must immediately take the necessary action.

remedy for hair lossFirst, we need to strictly review your diet. It needs to be composed only of the useful products and dishes. A menu should be no dishes that make the body only one negative, it refers to the salty, spicy and canned foods. In the human diet must be meat and dairy products, cereals, vegetables, greens and fruits.

Secondly, the head massage from hair loss is a great way to look beautiful and nice. Massage treatments are well-establish process of blood supply to the scalp. The massage is performed with gentle, circular movements clean hands. For more effect before massaging to lubricate the head skin firming lotion.

To strengthen hair roots while hair loss is produced and the right kind of makeup. This applies to used shampoos, conditioners, various masks and other cosmetic products. It is important to remember that all of these funds must be matched in strict compliance with the type of skin on the head. Available for sale, and professional products from hair loss, they also selected only in consultation with a specialist. These funds belong to the cosmetic and therapeutic at the same time, so my head can and treat related problems.

What folk remedies effectively used to strengthen the link to read /kak-ukrepit-volosyi/

How to treat hair loss?

Doctor-trichologist in each individual case, assigns each patient their own treatment of hair loss. Basically when you assign the appropriate treatment used vitamin substances or drugs external use.

In many cases the patient is discharged nicotinic acid from hair loss. This is a vitamin B3 or vitamin PP. Enough his presence in the human body helps to deal with many problems of hair. Nicotinic acid is available in pill form, which are available in every pharmacy and are distinguished by an inexpensive cost.

Folic acid is also the dominant value for the whole body. It is proved that the reduced folic acid from hair loss not only affects the thickness of hair, and the silkiness and growth. Folic acid is a vitamin B9 which can also be purchased in the pharmacy at a competitive cost.

The hair loss treatment folk remedies recommended even many medical specialists. Natural remedies is unique in its effect and virtually harmless.

  • A very popular onion mask against hair loss. Need fresh onion to grate, squeeze out the juice and with this mixture wet the hair roots. After that, the head is insulated, and the compress is kept on the head for about 3 hours. For the effective recovery of inactive follicles required to carry out the procedure twice a week for 2 months.
  • A decoction of burdock root — one more magic tool to solve this problem. Burdock roots are boiled in normal water and then the resulting mixture is rubbed with massage movements in the scalp. Recommendations for use: similar to above.
  • Another unique tool — mustard. The dry powder dissolves in water or milk and applied on the head for 15 minutes.

If you are experiencing hair loss in women, treatment of folk remedies — this is a panacea to this problem. Share with us your recipes from folk healers to restore hair.

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