Methods of hair extensions

2394Need a lot of time to grow long your own hair. So now there are artificial ways of increasing the long hair that would quickly and radically change their hairstyle. Important point, the length of your own hair must be at least 10 inches. There are two methods of hair extensions are cold and hot. In a cold way is no thermal effect on the hair, and when a hot is present.

Cold hair extensions One Touc

For instant extensions strands are attached to hair with a special adhesive Scotch tape. The same way to increase hair, you can not make a special effort or equipment. Scotch-tape treated with a special compound that hair is not harmful and is removed for the correction with the help of special liquid.

Hot hair extensions

Italian hair extension. The Italian way of building encapsulated hair is carried out using a special device for heating keratin capsules. Natural hair strands with keratin based capsules are attached to your own hair. Keratin is very safe, as it is close to the composition of human hair. The advantages of this method of building is that hair with keratin capsule undergo careful processing and special staining resistant.

This technology uses capsule hair extensions. Read more, see video:

Other technologies of hair extensions:

The English method of increasing do with organic resin and glue gun. Capsules made of organic resin is more flexible, allowing you to not feel discomfort and do not wring hair. It is the most gentle method of hot hair. You can wear them for about two months. Capsules made of organic resin are removed very easily.

There is also another hot fusion hair extensions. Its principle consists in melting the keratin in a special furnace, while maintaining the temperature that is acceptable for creating capsules. In this technology keratin capsules can be formed in two ways, oval, torsional silicone harness, and flat, made with tongs.

Methods of hair extensions
Korean technology building is done by using micro RING STAR rings and special equipment for removal and attachment of the hair. Micro-rings can not be removed by chemical means and is quite harmless. In this method, use the hair in tressa and significant.

Spanish technology RUEBER suggests the hair extensions using a glue with three components. Spanish capsule is very small, which makes it easy to comb hair. The glue when applied to coloured and natural hair.

Hair extension sew, is a root weave braids over the entire head or partially, they are sewn hair pieces. You can still build up tress with rings RING STAR. And capacity removable strands, this mount tress to your own hair with the help of special clips.

Tape hair extensions

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