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Men, like women, tend to care for themselves. Today it is very fashionable to wear a beard, but for sure it need proper care and timely trimming. For this, the smart producers create the most convenient trimmers that allow you to quickly and easily clean up the facial hair and not shave it, as it makes the electric razor.

What is the beard trimmer.

A man shaves

If we consider for cutting conventional cars, it must be said that they are not suitable for these purposes. The size of her blades often large, so it is designed for the cutting head while trimmer for mustache and beard less, and this helps efficiently and safely straighten hair.

What should be a good clipper beard

There are several criteria that are worth paying attention to:

  • cut from a charging battery, because the wires often restrict their activities;
  • the capacity of the device: the harder the hair is, the stronger the need clipper mustache and beard;
  • easy-to-clean knives, set of replacement nozzles for the correction;
  • the ergonomic handle and weight;
  • the vacuum suction system of the hairs;
  • the additional lighting.

If the device you have chosen has all of these features, then you picked the decent option. Although for domestic use are suitable for more simple models, all the same extra functions, like suction hairs, lightness, good power provide better haircut and comfortable use of the device.

The beard trimmer from the best manufacturers

Device Philips

The market offers a wide range of trimmers, among which we can find a really cheap model or a professional, dear. How to choose a beard trimmer? If you look at the model of medium quality, suitable for home use, it is necessary to highlight a few basic top-brands create good devices. Below is a ranking of:

  • Moser

The brand creates a professional devices, which meet all requirements: comfortable handle, high quality blades, replaceable nozzles, wet or dry haircuts, and so on. If care facial is for you daily routine, it is best to choose a model from Moser. So you can always be sure of the quality of the instrument and its operational functions.

  • Braun

Braun offers a wide range of trimmers, so the choice is really great. Braun CruZer 5 Beard is popular among men because it offers quality grooming and a minimum amount of time. Is this device cheaper than the previous brand, so to afford it will be able to almost everyone.

  • Remington

Clippers beard of this brand are expensive and cheap. The Remington MB4030 is suitable for those who do not like to hurry, because the battery can last up to 40 minutes. So keep your head cleansed health. Additional features include self-sharpening blades 18 length options, 2 interchangeable.

  • Panasonic

Clipper beard ER-GB40 remains one of the most popular, as it offers a quality haircut for very little money. Lightweight, comfortable handle, battery powered, 20 lengths. The set includes a cleaning brush blade oil to lubricate the mechanisms. A great option at a reasonable price.

  • Rowenta

Rowenta offers its customers its stylish design and excellent quality. Equation stubble trimmer Beard Trimmer TN3310 will pass smoothly, without damage to the skin.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Device Moser

To buy a car in any big or small hardware store or ordered via the Internet. The price of this device depends on the presence of additional features, material, build quality. The cheapest models can be bought for 700-800 R., but not for the fact that they will delight you with its work. Trimmer for trimming the beard of average quality will cost is already more expensive – from 2 thousand UAH. and above.

Video: machine for shaving beards in home use


Vladimir, 35 years: When I decided to wear a beard, at first I did not realize how hard it is to maintain. Wife gave me a clipper Panasonic. Once a week, always straighten your vegetation. The machine is very compact, take with you on trips. Operates on AC or battery power. During the year there were no problems.

Oleg, 30 years: For me a beard is a part of the image, so I try to always look perfect. Before, I used to go to beauty salons, have not yet decided what I will be able to cut and trim. I bought a Moser clipper, what not regretted. Time is much less than going to the hairdresser, and the result is the same.

Christina, 28 years: I bought my husband a machine brown on February 23. It has long been gathering dust in the corner, but at some point, he decided to test it. After 15 minutes, came out of the bathroom brand well-groomed, handsome man! Now had to care for my beard. The main thing that takes a little time and no debris after cutting.

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