Gradual gel nails

If you grow your own long nails does not work, and no money to strengthen them does not help, you need to use the new technologies of modern nail industry. Phased nail gel will instantly transform your hands, will only have to choose the right design to make a stylish manicure for the new, long, strong nails.

Features gel capacity

The use of polymer coating, gains the strength under ultra-violet light, became the basis of new technology manicure. Quality materials do not cause allergies, and the new marigolds indistinguishable from the real thing. The procedure is not time consuming, does not cause discomfort, can be performed independently. You only need to buy special materials, tools, build plates, and then carry out their systematic correction is properly maintained.

Types of gels for nails

The process of building, modelling is carried out in two main ways (with one or three phases), each of which is a composition of a certain type:

Gels for nails

  1. Single-phase thin coating. Perfect for beginners, contains all three layers, has a liquid consistency.
  2. Three phase material for professionals consisting of a base, sculpted, protective coating.
  3. Sculpting polymer use of camouflage, hides the defects of natural plate.
  4. Gel-gum is applied on the computation of the natural lengthening of the plate, the consistency more like clay, easy to create colorful stained glass manicure.
  5. Resin – a type of modeling material, has high durability, price.
  6. Faber-glass – the material used in the auxiliary equipment.

Popular brands of gels, which are used in the nail industry:

Gel nail Nubar

  • IBD – allergenic material made of natural components.
  • Ezflow – easy to use composition with a pleasant texture.
  • Nubar – material, convenient for home use.
  • CNI is one of the newest tools for professionals.
  • Global sculptural material medium degree of viscosity.

Technology gel nail

Gel extensions can be of two main technologies: on tips, forms, three, two and single phase method. The choice of method depends on the desires of the client, the state of his nail plates. In any case, extensions gel nails require correction, as when regrowth becomes visible boundary between natural and polymer plate.

  1. Three-phase technique is more often used in professional manicure is carried out in three stages with the use of basic sculptural, protective gel.
  2. Two-phase technology provides the Foundation application and simulates a polymer layer.
  3. Single-phase procedure is carried out in one stage with the use of a universal gel that acts as a base, sculpted and protective.


Nail extensions on tips

Ready artificial nails, which are glued to natural and then processed by gel, are called fixed tips. They recommend the use of growth plates short or irregular shape. The procedure is performed in one, two or three phases, includes the following main stages:

  • preparation of the hands;
  • bonding tips;
  • the zapilivanija (modeling the length and shape);
  • treatment gel;
  • design.

On form

Nail extensions on forms

Gel modeling is only suitable for long native mistletoes. In this astipalea technology uses a special stencil (shape), which is applied to the natural plate covered with a layer of gel and let it harden. In this way increasing the length of the natural plate, without using any other artificial solid lining. The procedure is performed in one, two or three phases, includes the following steps:

  • preparation (zapilivanija, degreasing, matting);
  • overlay stencil;
  • treatment gel;
  • withdrawal forms;
  • processing of artificial turf;
  • design.

The necessary materials and tools for building

For professional or home gel manicures need the following tools and materials:

UV lamp for manicure

  • the ultraviolet lamp;
  • gel or a universal base kit, sculpted finish polymer coating;
  • tips and/or the form (disposable, reusable);
  • the glue;
  • abrasive nail file for natural and artificial nails;
  • primer;
  • guillotine for tips;
  • disinfectant;
  • towel;
  • polishing buff;
  • a nail brush.

Step-by-step description of the procedure

If you want to master the process of gradually gel nail, then stock up all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions:

The gel nails at home using forms

  1. Antiseptic treatment of hands of the master and the client.
  2. Treatment of the nail plate. A special blade is moved over the cuticle, nails matiauda (removed the Shine), are degreased.
  3. Bonding tips, or pin shapes (stencils). The procedure is performed for each individual finger.
  4. Polymerization. On the nail plate to apply the layers of gel every cure with ultraviolet light. Handle turns all the fingers.
  5. Modeling of nails. Cloth nail file and remove all the excess adjust the length and shape of extended plates.
  6. The nail design.

Care of gel nails

The procedure of nail little hands to look carefully: such exquisite beauty it is necessary to maintain proper care. How to keep synthetic nails, something to fear, no rules to follow? Let’s see:

The means to care for gel nails

  1. Correction twice in the first month after build, in the next one.
  2. To protect nails from sharp blows with discretion to use clasps, safety pins, press buttons, etc.
  3. Rasp polymer nails only melkoabrazivnymi tools, not to use metal files.
  4. To use the special base coat.
  5. To remove the regrown cuticle softening oil or other special means.
  6. Use of varnish and a liquid to remove them without acetone.
  7. When you use detergents, wear rubber gloves
  8. Protected from very hot air and water.

Video tutorial on the nail

Even painted on the steps of the process are often unclear. To completely understand step-by-step nail gel watch the video about professional procedure gel manicures. Process, starting with treatment of hands with an antiseptic and ending with nail design master is accompanied by a useful commentary for each move.

Find out in what sequence you need to treat the nails, how to use the forms, to apply a polymer coating, how long to dry it under the UV lamp. View of the extent to which abrasive to use nail files how to remove nails with a glossy sheen, and what motions to file artificial nails how to apply a decorative lacquer.

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