Causes and treatment goose skin

goosebumps photoGoose skin on the hands and feet often appears as a reaction to cold, fear or strong emotions, it is a little rash. Usually we call this phenomenon «goosebumps», but what if they don’t disappear from the skin for a long time, and how to clean a goose skin on the hands? In this case, we need qualified treatment. In this article we will understand what are the causes goose skin and treatment methods.

A disease in which the goose’s skin does not disappear with the skin is called follicular hyperkeratosis. The education of this skin defect are practically unlimited: there may be goose pimples on the legs, buttocks, neck and even under eyes. In fact, the effect of the pimples is created not because of the skin, and after compaction and raising of the hairs on it.

Why do I get goose pimples on your body?

The main «culprit» of education goose skin pilomotor reflex, which works in the following way:

  1. The spinal cord sends a signal
  2. Peripheral nerves, receiving the signal, stimulated by the
  3. Declining smooth muscles of the hair follicles
  4. The hairs stand up
  5. The impression of the pimples or goose skin

Earlier this reflex was necessary to man in order to stay warm in the upright position hair (especially if a lot of them) better retain the oxygen and therefore delay the heat. But now it has become superfluous, so that modern man sees in the goose skin some defect. Causes follicular hyperkeratosis may be the following:

  • Cold;
  • Strong emotion;
  • The deficiency of vitamins;
  • The metabolic disorders;
  • Dry skin;
  • Poor hygiene

On the surface of the skin is keratin, which needs to be washed. If not, it can start to fill in the hair follicles from which they grow and take the form of pimples or goose skin.

  • Genetic predisposition.

It is believed that in the latter case, there is no way how to get rid of the goose skin, but it is not so, with constant care, it can be mitigated and even disguise.


goose skin on the hands photo
Before you deal with goose bumps, it is recommended to consult a doctor, as a comprehensive treatment involves not only external but also internal influence.

  1. Vitamins

Perhaps goose bumps are caused by deficiency of vitamins (usually A, E and C), after tests and examinations the doctor will prescribe the necessary complex and dosage of vitamins.

Also, don’t forget to consume daily foods rich in vitamins: carrots, grapes, oranges, spinach, blueberries, sauerkraut, seeds, homemade cream and butter, eggs, tomatoes, etc.

  1. Peels

In the treatment of follicular hyperkeratosis effective fruit and salt peels. In addition to getting rid of the goose skin, they will ensure the removal of dead cells of the skin, moisturizing, softening and nutrition.

Salt scrub is designed for a strong impact on rough areas. It is not suitable for sensitive skin as it can worsen the condition and cause wounds. Can just dial in the palm of salt and RUB her goosebumps, and can prepare a homemade scrub:

Mix marine or even a regular table salt with the yogurt, and gently RUB the place with goose skin like a scrub. The less you pre-grind the salt, the softer will be the resulting scrub.

If you are concerned about crow’s the skin under the eyes, exfoliating should be even softer. For example, almond.

So how to get rid of goose skin using peels only after the course of treatments, set up yourself to do the peels three times a week (but not more than for three weeks.

  1. Wrap

goosebumps on legs picturesIf you don’t know how to clean a goose skin on the buttocks and legs, use the seaweed wrap. It will saturate the skin with vitamins and elements, so that the skin will quickly return to its normal state. In addition to algae, effectively cranberry or chocolate body wrap.

  1. Massage

Vacuum, anti-cellulite hand and body massage in the absence of contraindications will lead to tone not only the skin with the phase of follicular hyperkeratosis, but also raise the body’s immune system.

  1. Steaming

Hot tubs are well razmarivaet the skin and improves blood circulation. If applied on a steamed skin scrub, mask or peeling, it will be even better influence.

How to get rid of goose skin on the buttocks or legs? Regularly visit a bath, it promotes the excretion of toxins, improves the immune system and smoothes the skin.

  1. Douche
  2. Hydration

Don’t forget to moisturize the problem area creams, it would be better if the butter and cream is full of vitamins.

  1. Useful baths

the photo of follicular hyperkeratosisAdd the water 8 cups cereal of oatmeal and take her bath. Steamed goose skin, RUB with a dry or damp oatmeal, depending on its sensitivity, wash off the flakes and take a contrast shower. This sample procedure, the regular use of which will help you to smooth and soothe areas with goose bumps.

Add to the bath decoctions of herbs, such as chamomile, succession, celandine, thyme. You can start with this procedure even if you do not know what to do with gooseflesh on the legs.

Folk wisdom recommends that you add to the bath a mixture of coniferous extract (50 ml) and potato starch (half a kilogram), a bath should be taken after you washed it in the shower with gel or soap.

  1. Masks for skin

Goose bumps on buttocks requires extra hydration. So pay attention to the mask with the following components: honey mixed with egg yolk and apply onto the skin, the glycerin add the lemon juice and leave on the skin, 0.5 tsp. spoon of nutmeg pour a glass of warm water and apply to the priest for half an hour.

  1. Tan

Although tanning can confidently be attributed to treatment goose skin, he hides it well, so if you have a nose an important event, which should not be noticeable skin defects, Solarium will hide your drawback.


  1. Add in all used cosmetic products vitamins a and E.

They are sold in pharmacies in the form of capsules and are not expensive. One tube is enough one capsule. It is recommended to check for skin allergic reaction, causing the back of your hand a drop of vitamin.

  1. Use a stiff sponge.

Even if you have no time for a homemade scrub or a salon peel, your skin will always be in tone. By the way, the easiest peeling, which you can make yourself at home is to pour a spoon of baking soda on a washcloth and RUB it.

  1. Pay attention to hydration.

Creams, lotions and gels for the body is only half the task. The body should be wet not only from the outside, but the inside, that is to drink enough water.

Before you treat yourself goosebumps, verify with the physician that it is not caused by a fault in the internal organs or the spinal cord. The most difficult to cope with hereditary goose bumps, but in any case it will be less noticeable on tanned body.

Ask questions and leave opinions about how to get rid of goose skin in the comments.

Be healthy!

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