Golden manicure – 2017: the most luxurious options

Golden manicure – 2017: the most luxurious options

Gold nail Polish is very good, but a bit boring. However, if it is to complement a beautiful ornament or colored glitter, it can turn into a luxurious manicures.

Frosty pattern

Patterns resembling those paints on glass frost, it is best to appear in contrast, and when using similar colours. Very nice it will look on a gold background brown or bronze nail Polish. But black lacquer is better not to use if you don’t want your manicure resembled a pitiful semblance of Khokhloma painting.

Mirror effect

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do a mirror manicure, now, on the eve of the Christmas holidays, now is the time to do it. And learn you will not have long, it’s quite a simple technique.

Christmas tree

If you are tired of the usual Christmas ornaments in the form of a deer and snowflakes, you may perform a manicure in the form of a triangular tree, which consists of triangles, but smaller. And to support this pattern in small triangles on other nails.

Multi-colored glitter

This gold lacquer in the additional special effects and patterns without need, because of the brightness it will add colorful glitter with the addition of particles of different colors.


This futuristic space ornament can happen if you apply the black base coat magnetic gold lacquer and top seal to the transparent coating.

Golden band

This is a very simple but effective pattern, which perfectly matches the nail Polish color of old gold and deep purple with ornaments in the form of gold stripes on different parts of the nail.

Polka dot

Very simple and elegant manicure, which on the background of gold lacquer are large pea black or dark blue. But there is another option in which peas are Golden.


Manicure with patterns in Oriental style will especially look spectacular, if you make some finger temporary tattoo with such an intricate pattern and the same Golden color.


One of the new and quite popular fashion trends in manicure is a manicure in the form of imitation precious stones or jewelry. Particularly impressive will look imitation cameos, which you perform by using gold foil and lacquer beads on wine color.


Taupe lacquer and gold glitter and three-dimensional applications, despite the abundance of decor, defiantly will not look. It will perfectly complement a little black dress.

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