Of properties for what is needed and how to apply glycerin for face

glycerin for the skinTo maintain smooth, beautiful and radiant skin requires constant hydration. Often, moisturizers used glycerin, many of you have seen it in many cosmetic products, or used as the main component in the manufacture of home creams and ointments. Have a lovely property of glycerine — the ability to absorb moisture from the air, as well as maintain water balance in the epidermis. Well, of course, the great advantage of this component is its availability and low cost, the finished product can be purchased at the pharmacy or beauty salon for only 10 rubles. The use of glycerol in the home is very popular among women, because it can be used to solve many problems with skin without much effort and large expenditures of time and money.

The benefits and harms of glycerin for face

Glycerin is an organic compound of a class of alcohols with active functional groups through which the substance can accumulate around moisture. It is extracted using chemical treatment or fermentation of vegetable or animal fats, as in the manufacture of glycerin sometimes use vegetable oil, especially such a component is needed for natural and organic cosmetics. When buying a bottle of glycerin, you need to pay attention to the degree of purification, the more the better. In addition, the composition of the product should not have any impurities or harmful chemical additives.

Glycerin for skin when used properly can serve as an important and effective component to maintain moisture in the epidermis, and for normalizing the entire dampening system. And if the skin is saturated with moisture, and wrinkles on this face will appear much more difficult. So what are the benefits of glycerin for skin, what useful properties it has?

  1. Moisturizes. The first and undeniable advantage of glycerin is its ability to saturate with moisture the upper layers of the skin. Thus, it reduces dryness, eliminates peeling, makes soft and silky immediately after applying. Especially needed are essential and glycerin face mask during the harsh winter months.
  2. Feeds. Glycerin helps the skin cells in the diet and regeneration processes.
  3. Smoothes. Over time, due to excessive dryness or due to age-related changes in the skin wrinkles and cracks. Glycerin is capable of filling them, making the skin more smooth and smooth.
  4. Protects. Many cosmetologists say that the use of glycerine the best way to create the skin’s protective barrier from germs, pollution, various harmful substances or external negative factors. Because the upper layers, the intercellular matrix and microscopic cracks of the epidermis is always filled with water so the risk of penetration of bacteria is minimal.
  5. Treats. Many studies have shown that glycerol copes with the treatment of some skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis. In a matter of days, with glycerin to heal chapped, cracked, bleeding lips. Glycerin with vinegar is used against corns on the feet or cracked elbows and knees.
  6. Clean. Often use glycerine from acne, it perfectly solves the problems associated with inflammatory diseases of sebaceous glands, prevents the appearance of pimples and blackheads. Women oily skin types often replace their cleanser soap with glycerin.

There is the opinion that glycerin pulls the moisture from the deeper layers of the epidermis, creating the illusion of hydrated skin and actually dry it. This statement is only a small fraction are true. Glycerin can dry the intercellular space in the skin, provided the air is too dry. So in the winter when indoor air is dry, glycerin in its pure form it is better not to abuse, and to combine it with other components, such as vegetable oils, or to drink more liquids to the lower layers of the skin never needed water. Also, use glycerin with caution, if you do not want your skin was several shades lighter, as it easily washes away the melanin and color pigments.

What glycerin?

Thanks to the diverse properties of glycerin, it has found application in various industries. Most are familiar with the alcohol and met him on the labels of many cosmetic products: masks, creams, lotions, soap bases, etc.

Glycerin in cosmetics is a good fight with dry skin, so it is used to restore water balance and quality anti-aging agents.

Some women prefer to use glycerol directly, and not as expensive component of the purchase money, because the cost of pure glycerine in the pharmacy is very small.

For example, a hobby like soap-making is not without glycerin. As with any cosmetics based on chemical compounds the benefits and harms of glycerin soap mixed. On the one hand, it moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin, on the other hand, it is believed that glycerol Vice versa pull the skin from the deep dermis, thus accelerating the aging process. It should be noted the fact that the production of glycerin is not justified that the penny value, which we see in pharmacies, so it is usually glycerin «for 10 rubles,» but the most valuable substances enriched with various impurities and additives.

In addition to the purely cosmetic effect of glycerin has the ability of antiseptic to use glycerin in pharmacology, but rather for the preparation of medicinal creams, ointments and gels.

Glycerin can even be taken internally! He is able to help with the cough, internal pressure (skull, eyes), constipation. Of course, it is the application of glycerine should be agreed with your doctor.

Even the food industry has not been without this chemical compound. Glycerin is used for flour and alcoholic beverages. He is known as «stabilizer Е422» and is used to increase the shelf life and to establish some consistency.

In General, glycerin is used in many other spheres of human activity: in agriculture, textile, military, paper industry, for the preparation of tobacco, etc.

But most likely you are interested to learn about how you can use glycerin in cosmetics, so let us look deeper into this issue, beginning with consideration of various recipes of masks based on it.

Facial mask with glycerol

A homemade mask is a universal remedy for all skin types. By varying the components included in the masks, you can achieve amazing progress in no time.

As mentioned above, glycerin deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, so its use is particularly indicated to owners of dry and normal skin.

  1. Mask with honey, milk and oatmeal

Oatmeal the best pre-grind into flour, so the mask will become more thick and dense the structure and will be applied on the skin.

Honey, oat dust, glycerin and milk mixed in equal proportions (e.g. half a teaspoon). If the consistency is very thick or liquid, the composition components can be varied as you wish.

Wash and cleanse the skin, apply the mixture on your face and leave for up to 20 minutes. Then wash off the mask with warm water.

  1. Mask with vitamin E

Glycerin and vitamin E for the face are considered essential components for youth. In addition, vitamin E can be included in your diet with the review power, it can be used in pure form for masks with glycerin. It also is freely available in the pharmacy and costs, as well as glycerin, a little bit.

Mask with glycerin and vitamin E should be prepared in the ratio of 10 ampoules vitamin 50 mg of glycerin, mix well and apply for half an hour on the skin. After that, the mask is washed off any cosmetic oil or a mild lotion. If desired and time allows, you can leave the mask on your face for an hour.

  1. Facial mask with glycerin and egg yolk

All components can be found in the first grocery store, of course, assuming that you already have glycerin.

1 chicken yolk mixed with 10 ml of glycerol, a small amount of grated lemon zest and teaspoon of cream. The mixture becomes quite large, so you can either decrease amounts, or use it on two.

Apply the mixture on clean skin for 25 minutes and wash off with water.

  1. Facial mask with glycerin and gelatin promotes intensive moisturizing, make the skin more elastic.

Pour 1 tablespoon of gelatin 100 g of cold water, give it time to swell ( 15-30 min.), melt jelly in a water bath. Add one teaspoon glycerin and one egg white. Apply the mask on face and neck after half an hour, rinse and apply your usual cream.

  1. Face mask with honey and glycerin perfect for all skin types, enriched with nourishing and light exfoliation effect.

Mix 1 spoon of glycerin and honey, mix 3 tablespoons of cool boiled water. The product is applied to a quarter of an hour.

Many of the reviews of women indicate that glycerin is a wonderful, inexpensive product that leaves skin moisturized, fresh and smooth. It’s time for you to experience the glycerol funds for himself and to shock with its brightness, beauty and health!

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