Funds for home lamination hair

What means for lamination of hair is the most effectiveUntil recently, such service as the lamination of hair, You could get only in a hairdressing salon. But today most of the companies specializing in cosmetic products, began to produce not only highly professional products for salon procedures, the lamination, but for home use consumers.

The procedure lamination hair is one of the most popular services in the hair care products. Now we will slightly open the veil of mystery, what actually is this process, what stages it involves and, of course, care products are now in demand.

At the first stage of the lamination on the hair is embedded a certain emulsion essentially consists of a dye that has no color. It consists mainly of soy, wheat and some biological active additives.

photo lamination of hair

After application of the emulsion to the hair, leave to soak for about half an hour, which will allow the hair to absorb all the necessary substances. During this process the hair itself is covered with a kind of a shell which prevents access to it of air. After a thirty minute exposure of hair to wash, but the cuts and pores of the weather at that time is already filled protein composition, and all exfoliation of the skin again attached to the base. In the end, we get a bright Shine and their apparent volume. When used during the lamination of some colors, thanks to the aforementioned film, the color will remain much longer expressive. It is worth mentioning a series for care, already contain the dyes – they will give your hair a much deeper shade.

Readers, of course, ask what types of hair suitable lamination process. The answer is simple – everything. No matter long hair or short, dry and brittle, or conversely, well maintained. But more depressing than the condition of Your hair, the more clear it will look like the result of the lamination.

  photos of hair after lamination in the cabin

Let’s consider the main and most popular products of manufacturers who have in its range of tools for homemade lamination hair.

Funds for home lamination hair

A series of lamination, called Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes. The product includes a huge assortment of colors and shades that will help fans of the lamination refresh the color of your hair and completely eliminate shade of pale after other procedures, such as lighting.

A series of lamination Paul Mitchell is called INK Works Clear. This product occupies the first position of leadership in the list of most popular funds for private use. Another important factor in favor of this product will be a therapeutic and healing effect.

Series laminating Hair Company. This product as popular as the above-mentioned tools, but must withstand a certain procedure that splits the lamination process in two stages: first with cold water the hair open the pores, and then using hot water the pores are sealed.

photos before and after the procedure lamination hair

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The result of any quality for the lamination of hair is a rich color and lasting protection from the precipitating factors, such as hot or dry styling iron.

The main advice before using any means is a thoughtful and careful study of the included manual procedures of lamination to avoid unexpected and unpleasant side results.

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