Recipes fruit peels in the home

peeling with fruit acidsEvery woman deserves to be beautiful, attractive and charming. To maintain the beauty of your skin is one of the main keys to success in achieving the perfect image. You need to take care of skin every day, for years to preserve her youth and charm.

In modern cosmetology is a very large number of different services to rejuvenate, restore, cleansing, nourishment, and even skin lightening. Especially popular is the procedure of peeling with fruit acids. After a course of such events it is possible to achieve deep cleansing, moisturize, saturate cells of epidermis with oxygen, and also increase elasticity. But don’t always have the time, money and the desire to visit special salons. Have you ever thought about the fact that all funds for professional care are in your kitchen and you can spend a lovely fruit peel at home for face and body. Interested? Read and take note.

What is a fruit peel and thereby achieving the effect?

Service fruit peeling occurred in beauty salons are relatively new, but women since ancient times used the healing and medicinal properties of fruits for your skin. Study of the effects of ANA-acids on the skin started about 20 years ago, and today every self-respecting beauty salon has the services of this procedure. But, there is always an alternative, which can be performed at home, without special financial and time costs.

Fruit acid peeling at home has another advantage in front of the salon sessions, because at home self-cooked medium concentration of active ingredients is not as high as in the professional drug, which means in case of an error or an unexpected skin reaction, likely to cause them irreparable harm is very small.

In peel, as active substances are used special acids, which are produced synthetically, but also in some fruits. These AHA acids work on the upper Horny layer of the skin, remove all unwanted cells, contamination, and reduce the PH (acid-alkaline balance of the skin. The composition of the peeling is better to choose based on skin type and on the basis of individual tolerance of a component. Often uses the following acids:

  • glycolic, acid, is rich in many natural products, but especially a lot of it is contained in sugar cane and sugar beet. It promotes the rapid elimination of dead cells and the skin becomes fresh and new girl.
  • lactic acid works great as a moisturizer, contains almost all dairy products, as well as in tomatoes and blueberries.
  • malic acid is extracted from sour apples and other synthetic counterparts. She actively fights and removes old cells, promotes rapid regeneration of the skin, it tones, lightens and removes all imperfections.
  • lemon, in turn, is particularly necessary for people with problem skin, with prelimi rashes and pimples, but the citric acid also helps the skin to produce large amounts of collagen, which significantly increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The maximum quantity of this substance is contained in all citrus fruits, and pineapples.
  • tartaric acid contained in grapes and those responsible for natural products. It is a great stimulant to improve blood circulation and improve sebaceous glands.

So, if the right to choose for themselves fruit acids for face and regularly with them peeling, then after a few treatments, the skin will start to blossom, to acquire a beautiful and solid color, becomes velvety, silky and more elastic. To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to combine the action of different acids in mixtures. The uniqueness lies in the fact that fruit peels for the face suitable for every skin type.

How to do a peeling at home?

Just want to clarify that to achieve a really noticeable result, you need to spend about 5-10 sessions, depending on the condition and needs of the skin. Further, between courses is recommended to do weekly breaks. Before you select a peeling composition, refer to the fact exactly what you want to achieve and what is the problem.

Before proceeding to home peeling with fruit acids, check out some of the rules of training.

  1. Remove face makeup, clean your face from dirt and grease using a tonic or another means.
  2. Prepare a container for the preparation of the composition, cotton pads, toothbrush and a clean towel.
  3. Peeling and mask with fruit acids need to be prepared immediately before use, because over time, natural acid lose all their healing properties.
  4. It should be noted that to get involved in the procedures is undesirable, and carry out no more than once a week.
  5. Face peeling with fruit acids not intended for use around the eye area, so this area must be avoided during application.

When everyone learned the rules, it remains to choose the active ingredients for its skin care products and we are ready to tell you some recipes for home facial peeling.

Tropical exfoliation for beautiful and fresh skin. Take 1 peeled kiwi, 150-200 g of pulp of pineapple and 1 banana. Beat with a mixer or chop all these fruits and apply on cleansed skin with light movements and leave for 15 minutes, then gently rinse with cool water.

Strawberry acid peel at home. In the summer, don’t forget to please the skin this type of cleaning and saturation, and it will answer you in your radiant color and a velvety texture. Chop a few strawberries, add a spoonful of honey and massage into the skin.

Lemon peel off mask. Mix the juice of a squeezed lemon with a little warm olive oil (1 table. boxes.). Apply with a brush or special sponge on your skin for 10-12 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Berry a peeling. Prescription skin care products came to us straight from the garden. You need a handful of black currants and half a glass of wine-producing grapes. Crush berries and apply the mask on face for 7-10 minutes.

When you go to the kitchen to eat an Apple or a banana, every time you remember about your skin, after all, she also needs vitamins, it requires constant feeding, hydration and recovery. Face peeling with fruit acids prepare and use is quite simple, and the effect will manifest itself very soon.

Take care of your skin and be confident in its appeal!

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