French on short nails

A woman must be perfect in everything. Comprehensive care requires not only the skin, hair and nails. French is the perfect solution for all occasions. It looks perfect, blends in well with any styles of clothes, gives its owner femininity, sophistication, quickly done.

French manicure on short nails at home

Multicolored manicure

To put in order the fingers in this way can each: the materials are inexpensive. The technique is also simple, it provides for the performance of such acts:

  1. applying the base color (selected color should be light, close to the color of their plates or tips);
  2. the allocation of regular white matte finish region in the form of a smile (a form of «edge» modern French manicure on short nails can be any square, triangular, concave).

What tools will be needed in order to make a classic nail art:

  • universal saw;
  • Polish Nude, white;
  • strips or a special stencil.

Many stores offer buy ready-made kits. If you want to make it more modern, trendy, bright, can be used for decorating sequins, richer in contrasting color to highlight the edges of red, black, hot pink. Gentle, interesting, a light jacket worn in conjunction with rhinestones, moldings, ornaments and other decor. Understand, what coverage is recommended. Allowed the use of conventional or special gel nail Polish. The advantages of conventional coatings the following:

  • reasonable price;
  • a wide selection of colors;
  • easy application;
  • quick drying.

The disadvantages of the usual paint can be attributed to short-lived resistance. Unlike analogue of the gel coat lasts up to 14 days. It is a choice of a wide range of colors, it requires the use of a UV lamp, no light which does not dry up. To remove the gel coating from the nail plate is possible only by special means. Using gel Polish, the original, popular shellac that looks stylish on nails of any size, especially on a long.

Options for French manicure

It-art print

What would be the French? Classic, winter, summer, Christmas, colorful. The classic French manicure on short nails, stylish, gentle, winter or summer. The latter is often a combination of warm and cool shades. New year – festive, unusual, colorful – a perfect example for a fun, unpredictable, energetic women. There are other varieties of French manicure on short nails. They allow all conditions to feel confident, look flawless.

Popular manicure with glitter or a pattern. Nails for a French manicure can be very diverse, ranging from geometric patterns to complex elements. To please yourself is figures, abstractions, or with the opposite effect – the art of painting. Standard classification of drawings is this:

  • aquarium;
  • art;
  • volumetric design short nails.

How to make French

Create the perfect manicure without strips for summer, winter holidays, classical or any other within the home with your own hands can be a gel or conventional coating. No matter what material is used, it is necessary to carefully handle plate, then create a base to draw a «smile», to fix the result with a special compound.

Gel Polish

The picture of the gel composition involves the use of ultraviolet light: its radiation helps to dry out the base. To choose the appropriate design gel Polish on short nails is desirable. The material is applied in one or two layers evenly, the tip is covered with a part white. To do French gel Polish can be sequined, pattern, sequins.


French nail Polish – it’s simple, inexpensive, fast. It provides for the preliminary preparation and the process of applying selected shades of nail polishes. The coating is preferably chosen so that they harmonize with each other, complement each other. In this case, manicure will look beautiful – luxurious, subtle or stylish. French nail Polish does not require the use of any special materials.

Video: how to make a beautiful manicure on short nails

Samples of how to do a French manicure below in the videos. Want nails with «smile» and with rhinestones? Then you – the first video. Owners of very short nails will be useful for another video. It is not only explained in detail about the technique, but examples of unusual nail designs. If you are interested in the idea of the coloured jacket, then you – the third video with a detailed lesson on how to do it better. Some new and turn yourself.

With rhinestones

On very short nails

Colored French manicure

Photoidea manicure on short nails 2016

Lace pattern

Option gold accents

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