French manicure gel Polish

Well groomed female hands will never go out of fashion. Soft, moisturized skin, treated nails make a girl more attractive. Fashionable bright shades coverage are not always appropriate. In such cases, French nail gel Polish save the situation and will last at least 15-20 days.

How to do a French gel Polish

Whatever the technique was not done French manicure gel Polish, it needs to be neat and all the lines smooth. The appeal of the jacket lies in the fact that with the right coating, you can visually make nails longer and thinner fingers. For independent work you need to:

  • she painted part was not the length more than the main light coating;
  • smile line is output symmetrically to the Central axis;
  • the lateral edges of the smile ended in a place where the point of the free edge of the nail.
  • drying of the varnish with a gel component takes place using a special UV lamp.

French nail gel lacquer

Classic French manicure with gel

A classic of French is considered to be drawing the free edge white color using a thin brush. This type of design will fit on the nails of medium length, and short. Beginner at home will be hard to paint it neat, it will take time to feel confident. Detail how to draw a French manicure gel Polish step by step yourself:

  1. To buy and prepare the tools needed for French manicure gel Polish – UV lamp, nail Polish, base, top, brush, liquid Polish remover.
  2. To remove the old coating from the nail plate, if it was there.
  3. Nail file to treat the nail, smoothing the surface, adding shape to the free edge.
  4. Cuticles gently push back the line of growth.
  5. Degrease the nail primer without contact with the cuticle.
  6. To apply a thin layer base for better adhesion of the lacquer to the surface of the nail.
  7. Two layers of coating colored lacquer, each dried under a UV lamp. Color is better to choose close to natural or transparent.
  8. Use the lint-free wipes and cleanser to remove the sticky layer.
  9. Thin brush to carefully draw a picture of a smile at the edge of the nail. Is considered a classic white color. Learn to draw French manicure gel Polish, you can watch the video that is below. Dry under a lamp.
  10. Cover the surface of the nail plate top.
  11. To remove the stickiness with cleanser using a lint-free cloth.
  12. The final chord should be rubbing oil into the cuticles.

Classic French manicure on nails

How to make French manicure gel Polish with a stencil

The beginner at home to make neat, high-quality French manicure gel Polish will be difficult. To simplify the task, you can use stencils, which are sold in specialized stores. Here’s how:

  1. The execution order of the main part of the work up to a two-layer application of the basic bright top coat gel is not different from a staged classical French.
  2. After removing the sticky layer from the free edge of the nail sticky side is attached a strip of the stencil.
  3. The drawing will be with the straight line, since applying gel nail Polish colour-contrast, the error of the rough edges will remain on the surface of the stencil.
  4. Dry under a lamp.
  5. To cause top.
  6. To remove the sticky layer with cleanser.
  7. Lubricate the cuticle and side bolsters oil.

Stencils for the French manicure on nails

How to do French gel Polish for the wedding

Wedding French should not have bright colors. Would be correct if the French manicure is decorated in pink and white colors. Better if for special event design specialist, but practice in advance, you can do at home yourself. All of the first stages of the French manicure identical. Festive nails will give jewelry.

  • Additionally it is possible to make a drawing in white along the smile line. Beautifully will look like a pattern of small sprigs or curls. Do not know better than to paint on French gel-Lac? Use a gel paint brand that was used for the main cover, then the spreading is excluded.
  • Elegant French manicure looks when it is decorated with multiple small crystal stones or drops of glitter. Securely hold they will if you secure the top.

French with rhinestones on nails

How to choose a gel nail French manicure

When choosing paint with gel-based for home use, first is to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the manufacturer brands have to have a good reputation and feedback from experts;
  • texture paint is required to have an average density and viscosity, to be without lumps and of fibers;
  • brush fixed in the cap soft, comfortable width for the application;
  • one-, two — or three-phase with usage of a top and base that differ by the technique;
  • the corresponding color palette.

Photo: ideas French manicure

The use of lacquer-based gel to create the French manicure has become boon for artists and home specialists. Durability preserve the coverage of the nail plate helps hands look neat for at least 2.5-3 weeks when using Biogel period is increased. Photos present various options of using gel nail Polish, shellac. Relevant to perform a French manicure with an inverted back month, an additional pattern, a double band or with the replacement of white around the edge in a bright palette.

Two-tone French manicure

Colorful French manicure

Video: how to do French gel Polish

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